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October 14, 2021

Stay Informed

As the fallout from Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan continues, scenario after scenario of tragic consequences emerge. The mainstream media has moved on in order to cover their political party, liberal women’s groups say nothing about the oppression of the women there, and liberal politicians could care less - they are having too much fun spending trillions of dollars and saving the planet.

The latest tragedy to surface involves the 220 female Afghan judges who are now running from the murderers they put in prison. These murderers were released by the Taliban and are now seeking their revenge. So the judges, along with their families, are homeless, on the run, and in hiding, hoping at some point to escape the country. Perhaps the woke pastors and Never-Trumpers could let the judges know all is not lost: we have had no mean tweets from Biden. Lies, yes, but at least spoken kindly.

“‘It was midnight when we heard the Taliban had freed all the prisoners from jail,” said one judge. “Immediately we fled. We left our home and everything behind.’” According to neighbors, the Taliban arrived shortly after they left. When hearing their description, she knew immediately who it was.

The judge had ruled in a case investigating a man’s brutal murder of his wife and sentenced him to 20 years in prison. When the case was over, the criminal spoke to her and said, “‘When I get out of prison, I will do to you what I did to my wife.’” (1)

When released, the man took all of her information from the court offices and is now looking for her in order to kill her. The homes of all of these 220 judges have been visited by the Taliban since they fled. Their neighbors and friends have been questioned about where they may be. Of course, the gentler and business-like new Taliban leaders, do not approve of all of this. One would have to wonder, then, why they released wife-murderers from prison. The reality, according to Human Rights Watch, is that in Afghanistan, an estimated 87% of women and girls will experience some form of abuse during their lifetime.

According to Afghan judge Marzia Babakarkhail, who now lives in the UK, “Many of these judges don’t have a passport or the correct paperwork to apply to leave. But they cannot be forgotten. They are in grave danger.

“Several countries, including New Zealand and the United Kingdom, have said they will offer some support. But when this help will arrive or how many judges it will include is yet to be confirmed.

“Judge Masooma (not her real name) says she fears such promises of help will not arrive in time.

“‘Sometimes I think, what is our crime? Being educated? Trying to help women and punish criminals? I love my country. But now I am a prisoner. We have no money. We cannot leave the house. I look at my young son and I don’t know how to explain to him why he can’t talk to other children or play out in the hall. He’s already traumatized. I can only pray for the day when we will be free again.’”(2)

Concerned Parents Are Now Terrorists

Another shocking and appalling development for Americans under Biden’s administration is that parents who speak out at school board meetings are now considered domestic terrorists. The National School Boards Association sent Biden a letter stating that our nation’s schools are under the threat of “domestic terrorism.” They are asking that “federal law enforcement and other assistance” be sent to school board meetings, to address the “growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the nation” by parents protesting what is being taught to their children and the requirement to wear masks and receive vaccines. “These heinous actions,” the National School Boards Association said, “could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”(3)

Terry Schilling, president of “The American Principles Project, defended the parents by stating,

“Parents are not domestic terrorists, period. They are perfectly justified in being upset over the awful state of public education in so many communities. Children are being taught that biology doesn’t matter and that they can ‘change’ their gender. They are being taught to judge each other by skin color and that the country they have inherited is irredeemably racist. And too often, the subjects they actually ought to be learning are being taught ineffectively, or sometimes not at all. In a sane world, under a sane president, the Department of Justice would be investigating public school officials for a complete dereliction of duty in adequately educating and forming the next generation of American citizens. Unfortunately, it is now clear the current administration is anything but sane. Parents should ignore this latest attempt at intimidation and continue to respectfully and vigorously engage in the political process on behalf of their children. There is no more important issue we could be involved in,” Mr. Schilling said.”(4)


The audacity and arrogance of Biden and the school boards is insane. If you don’t realize this is the state declaring they have more authority over your children than you do, you are worse than asleep. They don’t believe you have the right to a voice in what your children are taught. The state will decide. Critical Race Theory - judging by skin color vs character, the evilness of America, prepubescent anal and oral sex, transgenderism, mocking the values of Christianity while extolling other religions - this is all fine. Speak against it and they’ll place you on the terrorist watch list.

Speak out against the propagandizing of your children, the public schools’ failed curricula and outcomes, ask schools why they’re not adequately teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, and grammar while leaving the belief system to mom and dad, and you’ll hear from the feds.

Those in America with conservative biblical Christian values need to stand firmly. The government controls, laws, censorship and more should have made it clear by now that they have every intention of silencing us and fully removing our influence. They want and are determined to have complete control of America and transform it into a secularist, globalist and humanistic nation.

We must act! And we must pray. Pray with me:

Father, we will not forget the people of Afghanistan. You have not forgotten them, nor will we. We lift them to You asking that the power of the gospel invade that land with incredible strength in this season. Save the nation. Strengthen the church as they witness for You, and protect them from evil.

We pray for the women of Afghanistan. They are hated by the spirit that controls the Taliban. We ask You to turn the tables on the murderous, violent spirit in control of that nation and free the people once again. We pray for these judges who, along with their families, are afraid for their lives. Please protect them and deliver them.

And we pray for our children here in America. We ask You to give us victory over the indoctrination and propagandizing of them toward immorality and lies. We ask that the back of an evil system in this nation, a system that undermines the family and seeks to destroy our children, would be broken. Deliver and save those involved in promoting this evil plan if possible, deal with the others as You must. But please deliver us from this evil. And send revival to the children and youth of America. In Christ’s name we ask this, amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the kingdom of God, the rule of Jesus, is coming to this nation and the nations of the earth.

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