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October 13, 2022

The Voice of Breakthrough

A couple of weeks back, shortly after the hurricane, Holy Spirit focused my attention on Florida. I shared a prophetic word from Miriam Evans regarding the fires of revival beginning at the southern tip of Florida and spreading all the way up the East Coast to Maine. This week He has focused our attention on Michigan; Two trusted prophets have sent me words regarding this state. Gina Gholston sent the following:

“On October 7, while in Michigan, I heard a question in my spirit: ‘Who is this that I see coming out of the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?’ (From Song of Solomon 8:5)

“Then, I heard the answer to the question: ‘It’s the remnant warriors in Michigan who have not forgotten Me, and they have not forgotten My promises. They have set Me and My word as a seal upon their hearts, and they have not relinquished their faith in Me! Now, I am leading them out of the wilderness place! Their path is becoming brighter, clearly revealed as in the brightness of the noonday sun!’

“Then I saw the name, Michigan, and other words were being added. They formed this sentence: ‘Michigan will see Me again!’

“I then heard the Lord say, ‘I am coming in power to visit this land. I am releasing, even now, through My awakened body, a flow of unstoppable power that will set things in motion to reveal and uncover, then to revive and recover!’

“Then I saw the entire state of Michigan, and the Lord showed me, in its center, water bubbling up out of the ground. This water looked like a geyser ready to erupt. He said, ‘There is the swell of an underground current rising up out of this land, and it will burst forth and form into a wave of justice that will impact the nation. My roar will be heard from this land.’

“Then He showed me a wave that would be built from the geyser. This wave had a face of a lion, and the wave was cresting. I could hear a mighty roar coming from the wave. And the Lord said: ‘Where you were once muzzled, I am giving you back your voice. I am making you My mouthpiece, and out of you, I will release My sound, My roar, like the sound of many waters, and it will reverberate throughout the nation.’

“The Lord then reminded me of a word He gave me on February 9, 2020; it was as if He was saying it again, this time over Michigan: ‘My power is twirling. It is an unstoppable spin breaking the surface, in order to relieve the pressure from the “swell” of My manifested glory.’ (It was a swell in the sense of a collection of waves that formed one long, massive, continuous wave!)

“‘Reformation is pushing forth! The die has been cast and cannot be stopped! The geyser is ready to be released!

“‘What has been “concealed” will now be “revealed”! Watch it gush forth and release the pressure of the swell, revealing the river of My prevailing glory!’

“Then, I saw Michigan on a map. However, I didn’t see it as the shape of a mitten - I saw it as a boxing glove! And the Lord said, ‘I am about to deliver a knock-out blow from this state. It is an unexpected and fatal blow to a major agenda that has been at work in this nation! My intercessors have been lacing up the glove with their prayers, obedience, and intercession. Now I will put My hand in the glove, and I will strike the blow. From this upper state, I will deliver a shocking uppercut, and a giant will fall.’”

Two days after receiving this word from Gina, our friend Barbara Yoder, an influential leader in Michigan and the nation sent the following word and exhortation, which she had released:

“Several years ago in 2004, Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets came to Michigan during their 50-state tour. They prophesied that Michigan was a voice to the nation. On Sunday, October 10, 2022, God released this voice. He moved powerfully on behalf of the state of Michigan in our service. We were led first to release Michigan’s voice to our state, then to the nation! Steve Swanson wrote a song and released it for the first time in the service, a song of repentance and crying out for mercy.

“We are in a critical breakthrough moment in the state of Michigan - a kairos window. God has orchestrated a strategic moment in which we can turn the battle at the gates. When a kairos window of opportunity opens, we must release the word of the Lord as a declaration for the moment. Then we must take action, grasping hold of that moment strategically, while continuing to speak into it with apostolic, declarative authority. This is such a moment! And we are releasing THE VOICE from Michigan.”

Barbara then prophesied:

“The portals of heaven have opened as they did for Jacob when the angels ascended and descended. There is a heavenly defense coming to America now from the north to the south, east to the west. There are companies of angels being released on assignments right now. For what has been shall not be. For we shall recover a nation that honors the babies. We’ll recover a nation that honors justice; we’ll recover a nation that has liberty and honor for all. Regardless of gender or ethnicity, we, the people of the united Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ stand together in unity. We declare that the angelic portal has been opened, and Michael and Gabriel are on assignment. There is an heir force that has been loosed in this nation…

“We will be a people who will lift others up into the fullness of who they are, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or age. For we are one people, united through the blood of Jesus, shed for all of us. In Ephesians 2, Paul said we are one new man. For He has called us out of every nation, every tongue and people, and made us to be kings and priests on the earth. And I say to you that today, there is even a new movement of God regarding one new man in this place, and we will allow for nothing else. For there is a King who sits on the throne, and He has already established justice through the blood of His Son. We lift up our hands and declare that Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, is our King.”

Let’s join ourselves in agreement with our Michigan brothers and sisters today. Let’s decree that they will see Almighty God again! Ask Holy Spirit for the spiritual geyser spoken of to erupt and burst forth into a wave of justice in our nation. Ask Him to release His voice and deliver a knockout punch from there.

One issue we can pray into specifically today is a radical, pro-abortion proposal being voted on in just a few weeks, on November 8th. According to the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Proposal 3 would:

  • “Allow abortion up until birth;

  • Allow minors to pursue abortions and sterilization without parental notification or consent;

  • Exempt abortion facilities from basic health and safety regulations;

  • Allow anyone to perform an abortion, even if they don’t have a medical license;

  • Protect abortion providers from penalties for killing or injuring a woman during an abortion;

  • Repeal or drastically alter dozens of state laws.”(1)

Let’s agree with Michigan for the fulfillment of this incredible word, and also for the stopping of this evil legislation.

Pray with me:

Father, we lock arms in the spirit with our spiritual family in Michigan. We declare with them that they are a voice in this nation, a voice of justice, unity and strength. I remember well when You said in 2004 that Michigan had given away their voice, but that they could recover it. You are now saying this has occurred through the prayers, faith, and obedience of Your people there.

Thank You for these words of encouragement. Thank You for our brothers and sisters there who have persevered. You stated clearly that You are now answering them. Thank You for causing their voice to be loud. Thank You for the geyser, the wave of glory that will be launched from there to the nation. And thank You for wearing them as a boxing glove, and striking a blow of defeat to evil forces in our land. Defeat this evil legislation, Proposal 3, and give Michigan righteous governmental leaders.

Send the greatest outpouring of Your Spirit to Michigan that they have ever experienced. Level 10! Rock the entire state with the power of Holy Spirit. Save millions of people. Transform families, schools, governments, businesses, churches, inner cities, young, old, every race - explode into Michigan!

Lord, as we highlight parts of our nation today, we also continue to lift up Florida and those who have suffered such loss there. Restore and heal. We are also aware that numerous people in our nation are struggling under adverse weather patterns. We pray for breakthroughs in their areas. Send rain where rain is desperately needed.

We pray and decree these things, which we know are Your will, in the holy name of Your Son, Yeshua. Therefore, we know we will see them accomplished.

Our decree:

Michigan shall be saved, and its voice will be loud!

Click on the link below to watch the full video.



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