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November 3, 2020

Election Day 2020!

This is one of the most critical days in the history of America. I am not overstating that fact. Let’s start by taking a look at the current state of the praying Church and get to what we need to do today.

The Holy Spirit has brought the Church to a point in history where we understand what it means to be the Ekklesia. We understand the five-fold anointings He has given us. We understand that there are more than the pastoral, teaching, and evangelism mantles. We know now there is a prophetic mantle also, and an apostolic mantle of government in the earth. We now know how to represent the government of the King. All five are alive and well and have been given to the Church! Do you realize that these anointings were given to us to partner with Him to save the world?

See, the Lord has been busy these last few years revealing all this to us, because He has determined He is going to have a Church governing on earth. We are going to be an extension of His Kingdom authority. We are going to legally bind on earth what He has determined must stop functioning against us. We are going to legally dissolve some ungodly contracts, as well. We are going to decree the loosing of all things that would hinder the expansion of His Kingdom and the salvation of those who need Jesus. He determined a long time ago that we would use the keys He took from the enemy. It has just taken us this long to fully teach it and learn how to operate in this level of authority. Now, the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church!

I know that some of you are discouraged and tired. He said we would not be prevailed against, but we have been. Until this point in history, the efforts of the gates of hell have prevailed against the efforts of the Church too often. God had to restore a few things. He had to restore the revelation of things like binding and loosing, declaring and decreeing, and the five-fold anointings. He started about the 1960s, but He has only recently brought it all together for us. We are beginning to get it and walk in it. We are seeing how the Ekklesia “governing” in the spiritual realm affects the natural realm. We fast, worship, find His heart, then decree His Word as if it has already come to pass. Then, we, or those we have been interceding for, take action in the natural realm and everything changes. The enemy is routed and God’s Kingdom is advanced!

So, we come to today. This is the most significant election of our lifetime. Believers around the world are praying for us, because they know it too. The future of our nation will determine the future of many nations. Darkness is becoming darker, but the light is shining brighter. There is a separation that is helping us see where God is moving and where the enemy is holding ground. We can see the swamp and the creatures in it. Here we are. We have warred, declared, and decreed. Now, we must act. We must vote. There is a weight on the vote this year that is very heavy. It is very significant.

The Church will have the government it deserves. If the Church stays home today on Election Day and allows evil people to vote in evil candidates, then we will have an evil government. We will have a socialistic, godless, government and we will need to raise our kids and our grandkids in that nation. We will need to explain to them why we allowed that to happen! Ekklesia of God, we cannot let that happen! Voting is a spiritual act of stewardship. If you haven’t voted already, go out today, understand your candidates, pray, and then VOTE! Through your vote you will bind the plans of the enemy and loose God’s plans of Kingdom advancement in America. We will have a nation where we can share the love of Jesus, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons. We will see our spiritual covenant with God and our spiritual heritage restored. Freedom will reign and God will be honored in the U.S.A. America will glorify God!

“Let your Kingdom come. Let your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10; NHEB)

Points for Prayer:

  • Consider for a moment how the Lord has been preparing the Church for this era. Think of all He has had to teach us and do in us to get us ready to be His governing Body in the earth.

  • Pray that the Church would understand and steward its spiritual obligations to be that Ekklesia, including to properly vote.

  • Pray that the Church would vote in ways to elect quality candidates that reflect God’s values.

  • Pray that God’s kingdom would come on earth today, just as it is in heaven.

A Prayer You Can Pray:

Lord, You have brought us to a significant moment in history. We are amazed at the journey You have had us on. You look at us and see that we have been a wayward nation. Like Abraham’s weaknesses, our weaknesses have been no match for You. You have mercifully led us into wave after wave of deep repentance. You have been patient with us and spent more than 50 years preparing us. You raised up evangelists to save us, teachers to teach us, and pastors to heal us. Then You revealed Your prophets and apostles and showed them how to uncover the covenants our forefathers made with You. You used them to restore the broken foundations. Now, here we are at a very significant, defining moment for America.

We bring our personal and national sins before You. For abortion, for slavery, for sex trafficking, for treating the first nations people horrifically, and many other sins, we say, “The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness.” As You forgive us, we bind every effect of these heinous sins on our country.

We loose the opposite! We loose the honoring of Life, and safety for every baby in the womb. We say that we respect those who first occupied this land, and we desire to see our Native American population honored and restored. We declare freedom and healing from all historical and current effects of slavery in America on its decendants. Lord, show us how to walk together in love and honor and unity. We must see the pain healed. There is so much more.

We will decree and declare the future of America to be what You have always desired it to be, Jesus! We will declare it as if it is fully done. We will educate ourselves on the issue and the candidates, pray, and vote. We will not accept an “America” of the enemy’s design. We say, “No,” to socialism, communism, and any other God-less system of government. We will see Your Kingdom reign in America. We will see Your Kingdom advanced from these shores as our forefathers covenanted with You to do in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s Decree:

We are renewing America’s covenant with God as we vote today, November 3rd, 2020!


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