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November 16, 2021

Fire Word Decrees

Holy Spirit gave my brother, Tim Sheets, a strong word with a unique phrase: Fire Word Decrees. In the word, these are decrees made by the church, which Holy Spirit releases as fiery arrows. It seems clear from this word that Holy Spirit is shifting us into a season of great victory over His enemies:

Tim says, “Recently as I was praying over our nation I received a vision from the Holy Spirit. I believe this revelation and prophetic insight will give us discernment of our times and strategies to implement.

“I saw a vast army of angel warriors. Each angel was carrying a bronze bow and the lines of angels stretched in all directions. They were moving away from a huge warehouse and I knew they had been inside the building. The sign on the warehouse read ‘Arsenal: Fire Word Decrees.’ I then saw the angels raise their bronze bows in unison and release flaming arrows. Each tip of the arrow was ablaze and the angels were firing them as quickly as possible. The sky was filled with these arrows; they were targeted at enemy positions the Lord allowed me to see. When the arrows hit the target they exploded into greater flames like fire balls. I was then given an aerial view and saw that the barrage of arrows were devastating the positions of our enemies. I heard Holy Spirit shout, ‘Behold the “fire words” of the King’s ekklesia! Empty the arsenals, shoot at the strongholds and hell’s princes will fall.’ I then saw the front gate of a stronghold beginning to fall forward. As it fell I could read the sign over it, which read: ‘Camp Evil.’

“After praying about this, Holy Spirit revealed to me it is time for a move of God that will destroy strongholds in this nation. Angelic warriors are going to empty arsenals filled with the ‘fire word decrees’ of the ekklesia. Holy Spirit has stored these decrees up for an appointed time, just as Revelation 5:8 describes, stating that the prayers and decrees of the saints are stored in golden bowls. These ‘word seeds’ have now grown and matured, and angels are assisting in bringing them to pass.

“As the voice of God thunders across America through the mouths of His sons and daughters, demonic princes that have ruled territories with their dark agenda will be dethroned. Holy Spirit and His armies are now beginning to tip the bowls, emptying the prayer and decree arsenals of King Jesus. America is going to be saved and camps of evil, along with its leaders, are going to fall.

“This revelation from the Holy Spirit reminded me of a previous prophetic word the Lord gave me: You are moving into the explosive era of Holy Spirit. My dunamis will activate prayer decrees causing explosive energy to come forth. I will now reintroduce Holy Spirit to the world. He will be revealed in new ways to and through My people, and will be seen as the Mighty One of heaven who fills My heirs with power. You are now entering a glorious season of a Holy Spirit planned campaign. It will be seen and felt, invading the earth with My prevailing might. You have seen natural incendiaries; now watch incendiaries in the spirit realm. I am bringing fire and activating dunamis. You are entering a time of My Kingdom fireworks.

“You have seen the fireworks of your adversary, now you will see the Holy Spirit’s fireworks. You will also see the firepower of the ekklesia. It will not be fireworks of grandeur in the sky, streaking and falling to the earth in a show. It will be fireworks of explosive spiritual power, decreed by My ekklesia, raining upon thrones of iniquity. My fireworks will explode against demonic princes, preparing the way for My Kingdom to invade the earth. My power will explode against rulers of darkness. They can run and scatter but they can’t hide. My warriors will find them. I am coming to explode against and destroy the works of hell. This has been decided by the determinant council of the Godhead. I will not relent.

“Take courage, says the Lord of Hosts. I have now released weapons of war reserved for your time, new weapons in the spirit realm. Hear the sound of angel armies prepared for battle. I will activate the armories, energize the ‘word missiles,’ fuel and empower the ‘word bombs’ of My ekklesia. I will fuel the ‘decrees’ of the King’s ekklesia with explosive power to demolish demonic blockades. For as surely as fire rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah, I will rain My fire on entrenched iniquity that has raised itself against Me. The combatants aligned with the forever loser will feel the explosive power of My might. For this day I am releasing angels of war who will raid and confuse the camps of My enemies. Watch, says the Lord of hosts, as the enemies of My Kingdom begin to fight one another. Friendly fire will come into the camps of My enemy. I will divide their language and they will tear down their own towers.

“I will not be mocked. For I have heard the decrees of My faithful remnant who have released what I say. My Holy Spirit has filled their mouths with decrees of faith, which will now explode against the strongholds and schemes of evil, the hidden enemies of My Kingdom. The prevailing nature of Jesus is now filling the hearts and mouths of My heirs. Bold determination is filling them. The warriors of My Kingdom will now march and activate, through Holy Spirit power, ‘word bombs’ from My glory realm. ‘Verbal missiles,’ launched under Holy Spirit command, will hit the mark. Verbal, prophetic missiles, targeting Holy Spirit-planned attack points will destroy demonic strongholds. My ‘word bombs’ will explode, for a season of Holy Spirit power, released through the King’s ekklesia, has begun. A season when angel armies join forces with Father’s heirs and their ‘fire word decrees,’ has come. Power that brought a mud ball [earth] to order will now be seen on the planet again. Angels of fire and glory will be commissioned to help finish the plans of heaven. They will assist a flourishing finish.

“The Lord’s present word to us is that He will use the ‘fire word decrees,’ stored in Kingdom arsenals, to set off kingdom fireworks.

Tim concludes by saying, “We have planted millions of these seeds across this planet; massive crops of them are growing everywhere. The greatest harvest in all of history is now due. Hell doesn’t stand a chance.”

Pray with me:

Lord, we align our voices with Yours in order to take down the powers of darkness. We decree that Your voice will be heard through Your ekklesia as our voices align with Your Words. Activate Your voice onto this planet. Activate the “fire words” of the King’s ekklesia across this earth.

Come, God, and reshape America. Reshape the nations. Let the brightness of Your glory reveal the darkness in this world. Loose the warriors of heaven and the arsenals filled with the “fire word decrees” of the ekklesia. Loose angel warriors to empty the arsenals, releasing flaming arrows that devastate the positions of our enemy. Release your angels of fire and glory.

We thank you for the promise of Holy Spirit that “word seeds” are being activated to produce after their kind. We pray that this entire planet would receive these fire arrows, along with the prayers that have been stored up for this appointed time. Loose Your voice through Your heirs, throughout America and across this world.

Thank You, God, for the release of angelic assistance and the power of the Holy Spirit now being released. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Our Decree:

Our voices are aligning with heaven’s plans, to help produce the greatest harvest of the ages.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim here.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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