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November 10, 2022

Further Thoughts on the Mid-term Elections

I want to talk about the elections in one more post before moving on. Many need encouragement and hope; we all need instruction. I have four points to make.

First, disappointment isn’t the same as despair, and determination isn’t denial. Paul said, “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair” (2 Corinthians 4:8; KJV). The Passion Translation renders this and the following verse, “Though we experience every kind of pressure, we’re not crushed. At times we don’t know what to do, but quitting is not an option. We are persecuted by others, but God has not forsaken us. We may be knocked down, but not out.”

I AM somewhat disappointed; I’m NOT in despair…or denial. Yes, I wanted a broader victory. But I am encouraging myself with God’s Word, ways, and promises. Remember that we are on a journey. We are in a spiritual war - not just a battle - for the soul of our nation. Tuesday was only a battle - which we won, by the way. The turning of a nation is a marathon, not a sprint. Intercession and faith require perseverance, not speed. We are making progress. Evil is being exposed, millions of Americans are waking up, we are closer to a great awakening than we were a week ago. Weep if you must, grieve if necessary, take some time to regroup if needed, but deny your soul the option of despairing or of quitting.

Secondly, remember that the left is celebrating “a lesser defeat” while we are mourning “a lesser victory.” Let that sink in. The pro-abortion party is excited that they didn’t lose as badly as they expected. Conservatives, the pro-life party, took back the House, stopping some very evil agendas. Do not forget this. It is huge. And the pro-life party may yet take back the Senate - that has not yet been determined. We must keep praying and working for the complete turning of Congress toward righteousness.

Notice my language: I am not praying for the Republican party. I am asking for righteous, God-honoring, pro-life leaders to be placed in our government. Yes, at this point in our history, that primarily means Republicans. The Democrat party has chosen to support abortion and unbiblical ideals. But the issue isn’t political to me, it is spiritual and biblical.

Thirdly, we must learn the lessons and analyze the takeaways of this election. I am not speaking of political strategies and tactics. Those things are important, and others should look at them. However, I am referring to assessing the spiritual climate/condition of our nation and what we must do through prayer and spiritual activities to address what we discern. One of the takeaways for me is just how much certain groups have been allowed to polarize and divide our nation. God hates this, calling it evil (Proverbs 6:14, 19).

What could be more despicable than fomenting racial disharmony, distrust, and hatred for political gain? This is diabolical. Doing the same thing with the issue of life and death - the abortion issue - is also abhorrent and evil. These are now common political practices in America. We must pray that God judges this evil and delivers us from it.

Perhaps the most horrifying takeaway from this election is this abortion issue. It energized the left like no other. Some of them are now saying this will be a strategy in 2024 - having abortion referendums on the ballot in battleground states in order to motivate more of their base to vote. Think about that: the most hideous issue of our day is the most energizing issue of the left. History will say of today’s Democrat party that their most energizing cause was killing babies in the womb. Can you think of anything more shameful?

And lastly, a very important reminder from this election is that nothing can save America other than a Third Great Awakening. I mentioned this in yesterday’s post. Government cannot save us, education cannot save us, and noble plans and wise strategies cannot save us. Too many in our nation have seared consciences and deceived minds, which only a transformation of the heart can change.

This doesn’t mean we don’t organize, vote, work to change the education system, etc. It means none of those things will be enough without millions of Americans being born again. Their consciences must be resurrected - brought to life - and their minds must be influenced by Holy Spirit. A generation has been completely programmed that the pleasing of self is what matters most; abandon or destroy anything that opposes this. They have been told that we are our own god, can make up our own rules, do as we please, and that God is either irrelevant or nonexistent. Only Holy Spirit, from the inside out, can change this.

God’s promise regarding the restoration of America as His instrument and the coming worldwide harvest hasn’t changed. This is our calling and cause. We must not waver. Hell opposes us, but its gates - schemes, plans, actions - won’t prevail over us. Our Leader is King, Lord, Creator, and Owner of the earth. His authority is above all, His power is limitless. His Spirit is with us, His angels are assisting us. We always triumph through our Messiah and King.

Persevere, church!

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for the fruit of endurance You have given us. Galatians, the fifth chapter, tells us You placed this ability in our spirits. We tap into that now. We are more than conquerors, always overcoming through the greater One who lives in us. We will not back up or relent in our determination to see Your promised great awakening and the restoration of America back to Your divine purpose.

We ask You for awakening in the church of America, a fire from Holy Spirit that will cause us to burn with passion and zeal. We ask for this passion to ignite our pulpits, spread to the pews, and consume our hearts. Follow this with the greatest season of miracles the church has ever experienced. Save millions of people in our nation, and many more around the world.

We pray for Your strong rod of authority to bring justice to our government. May the plumbline of heaven fall over our nation. Root out evil, tear down demonic structures, uproot corruption, and dismantle ungodly systems.

We pray especially for our children. Save them from the evil that has been unleashed against them. Rescue them with a strong and unstoppable revival. May they become passionate worshippers and great spiritual warriors. Do something so profound in and for them that it becomes known as the greatest outpouring of Holy Spirit in America’s history. We believe we will receive these things because we ask for them in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We declare that the church of Jesus Christ will not falter and will not fail. Through Him, we do valiantly!

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