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May 4, 2021

The Lightning of God

I am becoming more and more aware that the Lord has raised up a remnant company of believers in this new era who know their God and will do great exploits (Daniel 11:32). I have spoken before of how the Lord has changed the Body of Christ since the 1990s, teaching us to pray. Back then it was hard to get a handful of people to a prayer gathering. Today, multitudes are praying, and doing so effectively. Our prayer gatherings have gone from a handful, meeting in churches once a week, to hundreds of thousands praying together via electronic means. Many of us are involved in multiple prayer meetings, some daily, like Give Him 15. Many more are praying together on a weekly basis. Millions are living lifestyles of intercession now, talking to the Lord as they go about their day.

We are quickly becoming a people who know our God. And we are beginning to do great exploits. One cannot find themselves talking to God all day long and not be changed. As we pray in power daily with a faith-filled Body of Christ, our understanding increases, our faith grows, and we are motivated by Holy Spirit to act on the conversations we have with Him.

Brian Simmons said, “The season of God's mighty power has arrived! A new day has dawned, and with it emerges a new breed of believers.”1

This new season will involve an incredible season of signs and wonders. They always accompany and confirm the gospel when God’s word is acted on; even more so during seasons of great revival. The following story is a wonderful example of what is coming.

“Hearing Jun Mon’s cries of grief, the neighbors in this slum district outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia, knew that her husband, Khev, had died. It came as no surprise, as his health had been steadily deteriorating, and he had been unconscious for the last few days. The witch doctor and herbal medicines - all the family could afford - had not been able to revive him, and now he was gone.

“A couple of weeks earlier, a Christian house church group had brought some hope. They had observed the wife's despair as she sat outside her tumbledown one-room home, and upon learning that her husband was about to die, Theavy had led them in prayer for her. After hearing the gospel message, Jun Mon and her sister gladly accepted the Lord and were encouraged by the words of the Bible they received.

“But now Khev was dead. Late that night, while sitting with Jun Mon and her sister to comfort them, Theavy felt led to pray and to share Scripture passages with them about Christ’s victory over death and the grave. After she left this young believer, Jun Mon continued to read about Jesus’ miracles and then knelt by her husband’s body. For three hours, she and her sister wept and pleaded with God to restore life and health to Him.

“Although they had been praying for this miracle, they were shocked when Khev suddenly sat up in bed and declared he was alive! And also healthy and hungry! After eating he shared with them what he had experienced. Evidently at the same time that he stopped breathing, two men in black came and escorted him through darkness to a wide river. On the other side was a man with two books, one containing names of people who had died and the other holding names of people about to die. Khev was questioned but then told to go back home. As he began his journey home, he realized his escorts were gone and that his spirit and steps lightened as he went. Suddenly he came to a fork in the road - darkness on one path and brilliant light on the other. In the background he could hear voices debating which way he would choose. He chose the path of light and, as he stepped onto it, he heard a door slam. The next thing he remembered was suddenly sitting up in his own bed.

“When Theavy and others came later to help Jun Mon, they were ecstatic to see Khev alive and walking. Rejoicing at the resurrection power of God, they shared with Khev about Jesus Christ, and he committed himself to the One who had restored his life. Not surprisingly, the home church grew from 4 to 32 in just a short time. Khev, healthy and strong, is a walking testimony to the grace and power of God.”2

Amazing power can be released through intercession. A powerful verse in Job pictures this. “He covers His hands with the lightning, and commands it to STRIKE THE MARK” (Job 36:32, emphasis added).

The phrase “strike the mark” is translated from paga, the Hebrew word for “intercession.” When light or glory flashes from God’s presence, striking the desired target, this pictures intercession.

Have you ever seen a tree struck by lightning? If so, you’ve seen a picture of intercession. I love to pray in forests and woods. At times I come across trees struck by lightning. The lightning is so hot, it literally changes the molecular structure of trees and twists the trunks until they look like the stripes on a candy cane. The temperature in a lightning bolt can reach 30,000 Celsius (45,000 degrees Fahrenheit), hotter than the surface of the sun.3 That’s hot! And God uses that to exemplify the power of intercession!

Habakkuk 3:4 also speaks of light flashing forth from the hand of God: “His radiance is like the sunlight: He has rays flashing from His hand, and there is the hiding of His power.” The Amplified translation is also very descriptive: “And His brightness was like the sunlight; rays streamed from His hand, and there [in the sunlike splendor] was the hiding place of His power.”4

Our prayers are actually used to release this power, causing both God’s judgments and blessings to be brought forth.

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for the power of Holy Spirit. We thank You for the great honor of being filled with this power and of being allowed to partner with You in releasing it to people. Your Word makes it very clear that in times of revival, awakening and outpourings of Your Spirit, this power is released in greater measure to perform signs and wonders, pointing people to Christ.

We ask for this increase now. Bring it forth to convince people of our good news message. We pray for boldness to come to the church, confidence to pray in the name of Jesus for people needing miracles. Awaken Your people to renewed faith in Your promise that You will confirm Your word with signs and wonders.

And Lord, one more thing. Just as we did yesterday, we pray regarding the audit taking place in Arizona. We pray for truth to prevail. We pray for those working there, that they will operate at the highest levels of skill and integrity. We pray that their equipment will work well. We pray that all of the volunteers needed will be available. We ask you to release your lightning against every attempt to sabotage this audit, including fear and intimidation, violence or lawsuits. And again, we ask You for the financial provision needed to finish it fully. We thank You for this and ask this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the power of God will accompany the preaching of the gospel, and be released exponentially in the earth.


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Dutch Sheets, Intercessory Prayer (Ventura, CA: Regal, 1996), p 80.


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