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May 15, 2018

The United States Moves Its Embassy to Jerusalem

“We have no better friends in the world. You stand for Israel and you stand for Jerusalem. Thank you. Today, the embassy of the most powerful nation on earth, our greatest ally, the United States of America, today its embassy opened here. In Jerusalem, Abraham passed the greatest test of faith and the right to be the father of our nation. In Jerusalem, King David established our capital three thousand years ago. In Jerusalem, King Solomon built our Temple, which stood for many centuries. In Jerusalem, Jewish exiles from Babylon rebuilt the Temple, which stood for many more centuries. We are in Jerusalem and we are here to stay. Exactly 70 years ago today, President Truman became the first world leader to recognize the newborn Jewish state. Last December, President Trump became the first world leader to recognize Jerusalem as our capital. And today, the United States of America is opening its embassy right here in Jerusalem.”1

“Jerusalem! What a magnificent city! Buildings so close together, so compact. God’s people belong here. Every tribe of the Eternal makes its way to Jerusalem—just as God decreed for Israel to come together and give thanks to the Eternal. In Jerusalem, justice is the order of the day because there sit the judges  and kings, the descendants of David.” (Psalm 122:3-5; VOICE)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Rejoice, rejoice for a miracle has occurred in Jerusalem—the United States has moved its embassy there! Friends and allies displayed covenant with one another there.

  2. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  3. Bless President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and all those who work diligently to make this moment a reality.

  4. Mr. Netanyahu said that  truth and peace are interconnected.1 Pray that truth, peace and justice will be established in Jerusalem between our two nations.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, what a magnificent day! What a day for rejoicing! What a day to watch Biblical prophecies come to pass! What a day to celebrate the covenant between the United States of America and Israel! We know the enemies of Israel will not be happy about this. However, they are people you love, as well. So, we ask for peace among all those living in Jerusalem and all the surrounding area. Only You can bring that level of peace, Jesus, because You are the Prince of Peace. We bless President Trump,  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and all those who made this happen. Let Benjamin Netanyahu’s words come to pass, and let truth and peace intertwine with one another, regardless of what any foes think. May nothing come between America and Israel, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s decree:

I decree an everlasting covenant between Israel and America. We will be friends forever!

1 Excerpted from “Full text of Netanyahu’s speech at the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.” Times of, 5/14/18. Accessed 5/14/18.

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