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March 21, 2022


God often used allegorical pictures in Scripture to present a truth or concept. From referring to Christ as a lamb or His Word as a seed and sword, Holy Spirit frequently used the physical realm to picture spiritual truths. He still does so today and recently gave my brother, Tim, an interesting word regarding boomerangs and highways. I believe you will be encouraged by the following word.

We are in days of shaking and change. Hebrews 12 tells us that everything which can be shaken will be shaken. It also says we are part of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken. The shaking will set believers free to be the true New Testament church - an Ekklesia that rules and reigns with our King.

“Holy Spirit gave me a dream a couple of weeks ago in which I saw a large division of angels. The angels were wearing breastplates and helmets made of silver. Throughout scripture, silver represents redemption, truth, and the purchasing of a slave’s freedom. In the book of Leviticus, a slave’s freedom was purchased with silver; the price for males was fifty shekels and for women, thirty. Interestingly, this sheds light on why Jesus was sold for thirty pieces of silver. He wasn’t redeeming Himself; He was redeeming His bride. I knew this dream was about truth, freedom, and redemption.

“In this dream, the angels were throwing something towards certain nations, cities and regions. They were also doing so toward what appeared to be power stations with electric grids and gas, and power plants. I knew these places represented evil - there was a gray shadow surrounding them as if they were in a dark cloud. The angels were throwing something at these places, causing freedom to be experienced and truth to be revealed. In the dream I was trying to see what was being thrown, but could never see it. I awakened not knowing what the angels had been throwing.

“Upon awakening I began to pray in the Spirit and ask for revelation. Holy Spirit’s response was, ‘They were throwing boomerangs. You are moving into days of things boomeranging back on My enemies.’ A prophetic word was then downloaded to me by Holy Spirit.

“The Lord says, ‘A Boomerang effect is being caused by My angels upon strategies of darkness, just as My Ekklesia has asked. Evil plots, plans, and schemes of dark government will boomerang back on My enemies. Efforts that were meant to destroy My plans will boomerang on those opposing Me. Plans of destruction will come back upon them. And the King’s redemption shall be seen.

“The Lord of Hosts decrees that in these days angels, in alignment with declarations of the King’s Ekklesia, are activating these boomerang strategies upon goat nations, cities and governments. Divine reversals are now being released. Release the angels with your decrees, says the Lord. There will be reversals of powers, influence and authority. Arrogant leaders anointed by hell will experience My supernatural reversals of their plans. Dictators anointed by hell will see their empires reversed. Billionaires anointed by hell to finance iniquity will experience humiliating reversals of their wealth. Their evil, the Lord says, will boomerang on them.

“Those who initiated systems of evil to oppose Me will experience this boomerang. A boomeranging effect is proclaimed by Me upon media propaganda systems. Their reversal is planned and in process, says the Lord. A boomeranging is declared against humanistic education systems, lawless ideologies, and their underground systems. I see their plans clearly and a reversal is planned. My angels are deployed to defeat them. Release My angels with your decrees.

“You will see visible, public displays of undeniable reversals. My heirs will rejoice, as what was meant to harm them turns for good. I can, I have and I will stand for them. I can, I have, I will cause My Ekklesia to prevail. I can, I have, I will anoint history makers. I can, I have, I will anoint new leaders. I can, I have, I will change history. I can, I have, I will pour out My Spirit and shake hell. Reversals are now being released and hell will not stop this.’

“There is much that needs to change in our nation and God keeps promising that He is going to change it. As I pondered this, Holy Spirit reminded me of another vision I received a while back, which I believe is connecting to its divine moment; it also confirms this dream. In this vision, I was traveling an interstate highway named The American Way. I had the sense that it was a well known, well-traveled highway. This highway led to Washington D.C., but did not continue through it, ending outside the city at a bypass which encircled it. The American Way highway ended at and connected to this bypass. I then noticed big green signs common to all interstates; all of them read the same: ‘U-turn This Exit.’ This interstate highway was obviously built to include many u-turn possibilities.

“I then heard Holy Spirit say, ‘U-turns have been planned and are coming to the American way. New routes to destinations will now appear, rerouting people through “freedom states.” My highways will be followed to places of reset. My Kingdom government is entering certain states, influencing and reconnecting them to covenants. The covenant resets now entering these freedom states will cause u-turns in the national government.’

“As I contemplated and prayed about this vision, the Lord said, ‘U-turns are occuring and freedom states will produce change in D.C. I am shaking in order to bring change and reset covenants. Government and policies on Capitol Hill will turn; leaders will flip to My ways. I will turn some of their hearts as I did Saul of Tarsus. Yes, there are some “Sauls” in D.C. and in state capitals; they will become “Pauls.” U-turns are coming to systematic deep state corruption; leaders in their ranks will flip and stand against illegal shadow government. U-turns are coming to the education system. Systematic indoctrinations of evil will be shaken and destroyed. You will see u-turns at the Supreme Court. U-turns will come to long-standing laws that oppose Mine and, yes, a Saul will become a Paul at the Supreme Court.

“The American Way will turn. Exit ramps of turnaround are in place. I am providing ways to turn around, just as My heirs have requested. This will cause turnarounds in other nations also, as covenant roots reconnect. The time has come, My plan is accelerating. U-turns have now begun; stand for their completion.’”

Pray with me:

Lord, we pray for this vision to come to pass. Let this highway of freedom and turnaround begin to roll through the states and surround Washington, D.C. “Bypass” the arrogant and those with evil agendas. “Bypass” those who choose not to go Your way. Through “freedom states,” activate Your plan. May it be activated throughout our nation. Give us u-turns on “the American way.” Shake everything that needs to be shaken. Accelerate the dreams, visions and plans You have provided for us. We pray that visible u-turns would be seen throughout the world. Turn Sauls into Pauls. We pray that activities will be changed by Your power. We come into agreement with heaven. We declare reversal to battle schemes coming back on the schemers. Overturn evil governments and demonized dictators. Release angels to throw the boomerangs. May they be thrown at cities, governments, and nations. Cause rebellious individuals to turn and reverse into alignment with Your will. Reverse evil plans, plots and schemes, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Our decree:

Reversals are now being released. Spiritual u-turns are coming.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim here.


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