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March 16, 2021

God Is Moving in Tennessee High Schools

When awakening and revival come, the young ones will be affected. Many times, they are the first to see and experience it. When the Jesus Movement of the 1970s came, high schools and colleges were swept with a supernatural visitation of the love of Jesus and an awareness of sin. My wife and I both experienced salvation and rededication of our faith during those years. However, many in leadership were not ready for the dirty hippies attending their churches, and many new believers found themselves judged instead of discipled.

In 1995, the Brownsville Revival came to the panhandle of Florida. Nightly services were held for almost 5 years. People would stand in line for many hours just to get a seat. This was a revival of the miraculous as well as hundreds of thousands of salvations. There are many stories of children who would go back to their schools after attending nights of the revival, carrying the revival anointing with them. The Spirit of the Lord would sweep across classrooms, with teachers not knowing quite what to do. This is similar to what happened during the Jesus Movement of the 70s.

I have had two open visions in my life. Both have been about the coming revival, and both have shown me it will begin with the younger folks and then spread to the adults. In our Give Him15s we have prayed several times for the youth and young adults of our nation, asking Holy Spirit to begin this great outpouring. In today’s post I want to share a testimony from two High School students in Tennessee, informing us of what God is doing there. God is hearing and answering our prayers.

Here are testimonies from two high school students in Tennessee. They also wrote the prayer for today as well as our decree:

[KATHRYN - a junior at Franklin High School, Franklin, TN]

“‘Lukewarm.’ When I think of Williamson County students, this is the first word that comes to mind. Of course, when some who are lukewarm hear this word, their first reaction is ‘at least we somewhat believe in God.’ To be completely honest, for a long time I was one of those students. Jesus says that He would rather us be all in, rather than just halfway. Being a Christian, and truly changing your life to glorify Jesus, is the most amazing thing you can do. The whole reason we are on this earth is to live for Him and bring others to that understanding. Investing your life for eternity is way more rewarding than spending your life just for yourself.

“However, in the past two months I’ve grown. Also, I’ve watched as Jesus has used my testimony, and the hope He offered me, to reach people - not only in Williamson County, not only within the United States, but even some in other nations.

“I’m here to say that Jesus is moving. It has been so inspiring to watch the Holy Spirit flood the halls of our schools and the hearts of students, some who didn’t even know who Jesus was just a few months ago. The reformation happening among us has been caused by: understanding and emphasizing that Jesus meets us where we are; that He is a God who lends His hand to us and is near to the brokenhearted; that there is nothing He won’t forgive us for; and that His love provides us so much peace and faith.

[How did this start?]

“About a month ago, a recurring vision led me to sit and think for a while. Jesus was telling me that teens needed to come together and just worship. This led to us becoming a community and family, connected by our common pursuit of faith. I envisioned thousands of people in Nashville coming together to learn about Jesus, worshipping, and hearing each other’s testimonies. At the same time, my friend Josh felt God calling him to unite the churches and spread His word. Together, along with the help of Devers, who already had a huge Bible Study group forming, we started ‘United As One.’ Our goal is to reach as many people as possible, not only in Tennessee, but throughout the nation. We’ve given it all to Jesus and it is in His hands. He has already provided in big ways. We are so excited to see what the Lord will continue to do.


“My name is Regan and I am a senior at Page High School in Williamson County, TN. Currently, we are thankful to be experiencing a massive spread of hunger for the Lord. This student-led movement we’re calling ‘As One’ started with just 20 students and has grown to around 330 in only a couple of weeks.

“What is special about what’s happening is the kids’ desire to learn more about God and grow their faith. Students from all over our county have been meeting 3-4 times each week. We meet on Zoom and at various homes for Bible Studies. We’ve gathered at churches to support one another and out in public spaces like our community Rec. Center. Recently we met for worship at the landmark Natchez Trace Bridge, where several people tragically take their lives each year.

“Kids are hungry to meet together, share their testimonies, and fellowship. We are learning and growing in the word, and it's really exciting to see us already becoming a big family. This has been such a hard season for so many kids; with online schooling and quarantines, a sense of isolation is very real to our classmates. Christian and non-Christian kids alike are struggling with some of the same things and are able to talk with one another openly. We are praying for each other, and seeking what God has to say about the things we are facing. Kids are getting saved and growing together. Our prayer is that this is only just the beginning. Something special is happening and it is AWESOME to see!

“It is really cool because we have all had our own separate relationships and walks with the Lord; but it helps when we can connect as a group - to encourage each other and be salt and light in our schools and community. It is our desire to see this grow and expand in our schools, throughout our state, and across the nation; and that this will be something those of us who are seniors will take with us to our college campuses. We don’t want it to be just a short-lived spark. Our desire is to see this become a sustainable fire, for all to experience God’s loving presence and His redeeming sense of hope.

Pray with me:

“Lord, we pray for the students in our schools, counties, and our nation. So many are lonely, hurting, and in so much pain. Many look happy on the outside; on the inside, however, they’re struggling, with hearts full of despair that only You are fully aware of.

“We pray for them to feel Your love. We pray for them to encounter You and Your presence - fill them, change them. We pray for an awakening that breaks out among students in our nation’s elementary, middle & high schools, and college campuses. We thank You for bringing divine purpose out of many terrible tragedies and ask You to touch, not only students, but also their families. And use this spark to become a beautiful fire of hope and redemption to our nation, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our decree:

Lord, we declare there is no problem we face, that You have not already created a solution for. Let us, as a nation, make You bigger than every obstacle we face.”


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