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March 1, 2021

Who Will Write the Next Chapter

God wants to fully restore America’s spiritual purpose and destiny. Our purpose as a nation is to partner with Christ, just as Israel did, shining as a light to the nations. Our divine calling is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ from these shores to the ends of the earth; and also, to be an example of what Yahweh will do for a nation “whose God is the Lord” (Psalms 33:12).

With America’s deterioration of the past 40-50 years, this calling has been in jeopardy. Rather than exporting the gospel, we are now the leading exporter of pornography, as well as other forms of depravity through film and music. America is literally trafficking in filth! Portions of the shocking history we are writing today will one day shame us.

We experiment on aborted babies and sell their body parts without shame, referring to them as “fetal tissue.” Transferring babies from the womb to the organ bank or dumpster is now a deplorable shocking part of American history. The madness must stop! We’re writing a nauseating history, one over which our children and grandchildren will weep.

Jesus said to Jerusalem, “You did not recognize the time of your visitation” (Luke 19:44). Unfortunately, the word “visitation” does not clearly communicate what Christ had offered them. He was not simply referencing a “visit.” The Greek word is episcope, from which we get the words “bishop,” “overseer,” and “superintendent.” Jesus was actually saying to Jerusalem, “I came to cover you, to be your Shepherd and Protector. I wanted to take you as a mother hen would her chicks and hide you under My wings, covering and protecting you. But you did not recognize this” (see Luke 13:34).

We in America are currently receiving the same offer Christ initially made to Jerusalem. God is giving us an opportunity to return to Him and the blessing of His loving care. His desire is to demonstrate that righteousness - not money, power, or pleasure - exalts a nation (see Proverbs 14:34). Jesus is knocking at America’s door, asking, “Will you receive Me back into this nation as your Shepherd and Bishop, allowing Me to cover, protect, and lead you? Will you once more become a nation under God?”

Ultimately, it will be the Church that answers those questions. “If my people,” has always been the deciding factor regarding whether or not a nation is healed and blessed (see 2 Chronicles 7:14). We, the Church, must refuse to surrender this nation to humanists, atheists, liberal politicians, and individuals who want the influence of God and the Bible removed from America. Though much ground has been lost to these ungodly forces, it is not too late. All the earth belongs to God (see Psalm 24:1), and we must appeal to Him for change. Of course, we must always walk in tolerance and love. But to love people doesn’t equate to giving them everything they want, nor should tolerance be confused with abdication.

The giants of sin and godlessness in our nation can absolutely be conquered and the hearts of people can most certainly be won. Though the taunting titans may mock us in the name of their gods, just as Goliath did Israel’s army, we can daily and fervently decree biblical promises such as, “Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound,” (Romans 5:20, KJV). And the great promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 is still true today, “If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.” I believe this with all of my heart, and live for this hope.

We in America are not at the mercy of spiritual giants. Though the past several years have been devastating, we can write a new and glorious chapter for our nation. Let’s do it! Let’s humble ourselves, call upon God, and go on the offense through prayer. If we do so, confessing the sins of America and appealing to God for mercy, He will answer our prayers and pour out His Spirit on this land once again.

The giants wrote America’s last chapter; let us - the praying church - write the next one.

Pray with me:

Father, we are acutely aware of our demise as a nation. We have accepted a culture of death; we kill our babies and sell their body parts; we have become very immoral, and we accept corruption and lack of integrity at the highest levels of our government. You are insulted every day in our schools, mocked in our media, and Your ways are rejected in our culture.

And yet, who is like You in Your mercy? Your grace and love are amazing. Your redemption is greater than our sin. So, we are asking You for another visitation. Not a short visit, but as You meant in Luke 19, a reconnection with You as our overseer, our caretaker, and our covering. Come and shepherd this nation again, please. Pour out your Spirit, and let it happen very soon.

And Lord, please expel those who continue to oppose You. Pull them down from their places of authority and give us righteous leaders. Do this in the courts, Congress, and the White House. Do it at the state level, and the city level. We bind the plans and activities of the powers of darkness as they attempt to destroy our nation. We pray as You said, let Your kingdom come and Your will be done in this nation. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the great Shepherd is coming to rescue America!

Portions of today’s post were taken from my book Giants Will Fall.


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