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June 29, 2022

Join us at 7PM ET, this Friday evening (7/1/2022) for Flashpoint Live. I will be joining Mario Murillo, Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau, Gene Bailey and other guests at the Gas South Arena in Atlanta, GA. You can go to to register (it is a free event but they would like to know you are coming). This is going to be a tremendous gathering of believers as we TAKE BACK AMERICA!

Taking Territory for Christ

It is well worth considering that events in Scripture did not always happen as quickly as it appears they did. Though the book of Joshua can be read in a couple of hours, the conquest of Canaan under Joshua’s leadership took about seven years. The entire book covers a period of approximately 25 years. And at that point, all the tribes of Israel still had not fully conquered all of their territories (see Judges 1:27-36). At a later season in Israel’s history, after a grand and glorious beginning in the rebuilding of the Temple, they experienced a sixteen-year delay (see Ezra 3-4). Through the ministry of the prophet Haggai, courage and faith to continue were reborn.

Delays, setbacks, and long-term campaigns are not uncommon in the Kingdom of God. Though Holy Spirit has facilitated an acceleration in the pace of world evangelization, endurance and patience are still key factors. Consider the following example:

In the 1970s, Almolonga, Guatemala, was idolatrous and economically depressed. Alcoholism was rampant, poverty, and violence the norm. Families suffered terribly due to the depravity that ruled. The Gospel did not prosper; persecution of Christian leaders was common.

In 1974, a series of five-hour prayer vigils began, and shortly thereafter, God began to move. Deliverance and healings began to break forth, even resurrections from the dead. Conversions began to take place at such a rate that 90 percent of the 19,000 people in Almolonga became evangelical Christians.

The revival impacted every area of life: families, businesses, and even the produce of the land. Nicknamed “America’s Vegetable Garden,” the fields produced three harvests per year, with five-pound beets, carrots bigger than a man’s arm, and cabbages the size of basketballs.

Crime disappeared so much that, in 1994, the last of the four jails closed. Aftershocks of the revival in Almolonga continued for years.

There is hope for your city and mine. There is hope for America. We are not at the mercy of sin, sinners, politicians, satan, or demons. Refuse to place control of our destiny in any of these! Choose to believe God is wiser than the devil. If Yahweh wants to bring revival to America, and He does, then we can have revival. We, the Church, hold the keys. We are Christ’s body - His hands, feet, voice - and what He does, He will do through us. We are Plan A; there is no Plan B.

No one said it would be easy. To the contrary, words such as persecution, tribulation, fight, warfare, wrestle, endurance, and others like them are all applied to believers in Scripture. But the words victory, faith, overcomer, conqueror, power authority, harvest, and miracle are also applied to us.

I boldly declare: If we are willing to fully obey God, walk in faith and never give up, we can have anything God wants us to have. And that absolutely includes revival.

Holy Spirit gave me the following instruction in 1988 which is linked to the process of revival: Study the watchman concept again.

“I already understand the concept of watchmen,” was my humble response.

I know more than you do, was Holy Spirit’s quick and confident answer. Study the concept of the watchman again!

He was right, as usual. It was then that I discovered there was more to the concept of a watchman than just a defensive or protective meaning. There is also an offensive or aggressive aspect of watchman prayer. The Hebrew words for “watchman” are also translated as “to besiege,”(1) “spy,”(2) and “ambush”(3) (See Judges 1:24; 2 Samuel 11:16: Isaiah 1:8; Jeremiah 4:17; Psalm 56:6; 71:10). This is due to the fact that all of these activities involve watching.

Then I heard Holy Spirit say: I am going to release a fresh anointing to the Church that will enable My people to take individuals, cities, regions, and nations for Me. New strategies will emerge, fresh concepts of discerning satan’s strongholds will be released (i.e., spying), and sieges will begin. This strategy will eventually break satan’s hold over people and places.

This will be a broad work, with strategies coming from many different sources. I will reveal one part of My plan to one person, another part to others. This will take place simultaneously, and often one ministry or person will not even realize they are part of a larger plan. But as each does their part, I will be cutting off satan’s strength from different directions as My people obey Me.

This was several years ago before terms such as prayer walking, prayer journeys, spiritual mapping, identificational repentance, reconciliation ceremonies, Ekklesia, and others were being used. They may have existed in some people’s thinking, but most of the Body of Christ had never heard them. And I am relatively certain some of these phrases did not exist at all.

Since that time, literally millions of believers around the world have not only understood and embraced these concepts but have put them into practice! Of course, we have not “arrived” in our understanding, but we are progressing at an amazing pace. Twenty-five years ago, you had to look long and hard to find a ministry existing solely for the purpose of prayer. Now there are many. Several major denominations actually have entire departments committed to facilitating prayer in their churches.

Much of the praying taking place falls under this category of watchman prayer. “Spying” has taken place as the enemy’s strongholds and plans have been uncovered, discerned, and understood. “Sieges” are underway through persistent prayer all over the world. I am so confident heaven’s strategies will not fail that I have a bold prediction: During the next several decades, testimonies like those of Almolonga will become common. Let’s pray into this.

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for the privilege of partnering with You to save the world. Thank You for bringing us into Your family and giving us the joy of expanding it. You want billions of kids and You will have them.

Father, we know Holy Spirit has been on an incredible campaign to bring revelation to us of what it means to be the church. We are, indeed, Christ’s Ekklesia - His governing body on earth. We thank You, Jesus, for sharing Your authority with us. And Holy Spirit, thank You for the revelation, teaching, training, and maturity You have produced in us. We believe we are now moving into the application and fruit stage.

You have orchestrated divine sieges through our prayer efforts, Lord. You are doing this all over the world. You have been cutting off supply lines to the enemy through repentance, discernment, intercession, and decrees. We ask You to now give us the fruit of all this. May the greatest campaign of world evangelization and kingdom expansion in history go to a new level this summer.

Bring the body of Christ together in new ways. Merge the different streams on assignments. Use our distinctive gifts and understandings, maximize our strengths. Hover over the Flashpoint gathering in Atlanta this week. May the heavens literally shift as we gather for this meeting. Lead many believers to join us, both in person and through media. We are thrilled at what You are doing as You bring Your people together.

We know that we will receive the answer to this prayer because we are praying according to Your will, and doing so in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We declare that the prayer siege of the last 25 years will produce abundant and amazing fruit.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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