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June 21, 2019


Tuesday evening Pastor Paula White prayed for President Trump. Let’s pray that prayer together today:

Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus, and first and foremost, I give You thanks for our great United States. I give You thanks for our president, and for Your blessings, and Your goodness. Your Word declares in Psalms chapter 34 and verse 1 that I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall continually be in my mouth. So, we thank You and we bless You, God, for Your goodness, for Your grace, for Your mercy. I pray for the Spirit of the Lord to rest upon our president. Let Your favor cause his horn, his power, to be exalted according to Psalms chapter 89 and verse 17. Lord, Your Word says in Psalms chapter 2, verses 1 through 4, “Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth rise up and rulers ban together against the Lord and against His anointed, saying, ‘Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.’ The One enthroned in the heavens laughs. The Lord scoffs at them.”

Lord, You have raised President Trump up for such a time as this. You are a God that reveals secrets, so reveal the secrets and the deep things to President Trump, according to Daniel 2, verse 22. Make known unto Him the mystery of Your Will. I declare that skillful and godly wisdom have entered into the heart of our President and knowledge is pleasant to him. Father, we ask You to compass him with men and women, and make their heart and ears attentive to godly counsel, to do that which is right in Your sight.

Let every evil veil of deception be removed from people’s eyes in the name, which is above every name, the name of Jesus Christ. For You said in Your Word in Ephesians 6, verse 12, that we’re not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. So right now, let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of President Trump, let it be broken. Let it be torn down in the name of Jesus. Let the counsel of the wicked be spoiled right now, according to Job chapter 12, verse 17. I declare that President Trump will overcome every strategy from hell and every strategy from the enemy. Every strategy. He will fulfill his calling and his destiny. Destroy and divide their tongues, O Lord, according to Psalms chapter 55, verse 9. Give President Trump strength to bring forth his destiny according to Isaiah chapter 66, verse 9. Let the secret council of wickedness be turned to foolishness, right now, in Jesus’ name. I declare that no weapon formed against him, his family, his calling, his purpose, this council, will be able to be formed.

Now, I declare that You will surround him and protect him from all destruction, Let the angel of the Lord encamp all about him, and around his family in accordance with Psalms chapter 34, verse 7. Establish him in righteousness, and let oppression be far from him, according to Isaiah 54:14. I deploy the hand of God to work for him in the name of Jesus. I secure his calling. I secure his purpose. I secure his family. And, we secure victory in the name which is above every name, the name that has never failed for this nation, the name of Jesus Christ. Everybody said, amen!

Watch the video here.

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