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June 18, 2020

Crying Out for Change Springing From Injustice

I feel that the way the protests began, peacefully and with impassioned speeches, they could have made a positive difference in our nation. They could have brought positive change and I pray they still do. Many people, like myself, will still come alongside and help the grieving black community and the families directly affected. We will support anything that will move our nation to another point of stopping things like this. I also believe many mayors, city council members, and police chiefs will be moved to take another look at how violence and racism creeps into law enforcement.

We have made progress over the years in the ending of racism, and it is continuing and it will continue. However, the voice of the bitter and the voice of the angry and the voice of the Antifa-type of groups that want to change America have entered the mix. When the violence and the looting began to mix in with the peaceful protests, things changed. There are always evil people out there that try to take advantage of a situation. They did and they caused an injustice in the harming and looting and even killing of innocent people. There was a destroying of innocent peoples’ livelihoods. All of that is evil. Rather than unity, that creates a type of division. They have sadly succeeded to a point. What could have brought us together has now been used by those individuals and groups to try to separate us. 

Most people, black or white or other races, are not racist and we should not judge each other by the actions of a few. I personally refuse to judge the hurting and the grieving by the actions of a few. I want to ask my black brothers and sisters to do the same. We can get through this. We will get through this. We can make this nation better out of these unjust situations.

“He has told you, O man, what is good—and what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8; MEV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Intercede for an atmosphere of love, kindness, mercy, and unity to permeate this nation.

  2. Intercede for the reformation of this nation.

  3. Bind the wicked and evil strongman of division that seeks to use hatred and violence to divide us and stop God’s plans for America. We are meant to be a melting pot of many nations, tongues and tribes.

  4. Say to that spirit, “You will not continue to rule America. You will be brought down. In the mighty name of Jesus, you will be brought down.”

  5. Bless all the people of this nation. Bless them with love, justice, healing of their hearts, and emotions. Pray for physical, emotional, physical and spiritual needs to be met in Christ Jesus.

  6. Say, “Heal us, Lord, and heal our nation.”

A prayer you can pray:

Father, awaken the conscience of a nation. Baptize us in love and kindness and mercy. One toward another, everyone, may we find ourselves preferring one another. Let us give to the poor. Let us not just help them in their poverty, but help them out of their poverty. Bring us together through a revival in a way that we can reach the lost, but also reform a nation.

We bind the strongman. We bind the spirit of hatred, evil, racism, and division, over our nation. We say, “You will not continue to rule America. You will be brought down. In the mighty name of Jesus, you will be brought down.”

Lord, I pray a blessing over all those that are hurting right now. I pray they would be comforted in this time. I pray for those that have lost businesses, livelihoods, through the violence and through the virus. Encourage them, comfort them, and turn things around for them. I pray for those that have experienced racism and been targeted senselessly in ways that were humiliating. Heal them, Jesus. Help them to be able to forgive and release those that have harmed them. Help them to do this based on truth, not feelings. May they be able to leave the pain with You. Grant them grace to do this in Jesus name. May we all find strength in this hour to remain strong in You. Heal us, Lord, and heal our nation. Amen.

Today’s decree:

May the righteous rise up and do justice, show kindness, and heal this land.


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