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June 15, 2021

Releasing the Roar

In a recent dream sent to me by my friend, Greg Hood, he and I were at a lake, shaped like America, about to go fishing. An angel appeared and told us we could not fish just yet. He told us to travel to a certain place and partner on an important assignment with 2 leaders: a charismatic Baptist pastor and a Word of Faith teacher/prophet. Greg is a prophet/apostle. In the dream, we traveled on Radah Airlines, out of Gate 12.

When we arrived, one of the waiting leaders said to me, “This is serious. We have to hurry.” We walked onto a field containing 1000’s of creatures laying down. They were unusual beings with bodies of sheep and the heads of lions! He informed us that this was a rare breed of sheep that was bred so that at a certain age they would metamorphose into lions. He said to me, “They have been stuck in this form since November, 2020. They should be lions by now. They are dying. We are going to lose them all if we can’t get them through this process. What do we do?”

I said, “We have to get them on their feet. Lions must be on their feet.” Then I decreed, “LIONS, TO YOUR FEET!” Immediately angels appeared, assisting the sheep/lions to their feet. Once they stood I decreed, “WIND OF GOD BLOW UPON THESE LIONS AND BRING THEM INTO THE POWER OF THEIR TRUE IDENTITY!”

As soon as I decreed this, a wind began to blow, blowing the wool of the sheep in a way that we could see underneath it. As this happened, we could see thousands of ticks attached to each sheep; these ticks were hindering them from morphing into lions.

One of the leaders said, “I have what we need.” He pulled out from his bag a horn filled with oil and gave it to a different leader, who brought it to his lips and began to blow the oil from the horn. The wind caught the oil and blew it over the entire pride, covering all the lion/sheep. This wind-blown oil killed and removed all the ticks.

As this happened, the sheep bodies began to morph into the bodies of lions. It was rather quick. During this time, another leader was singing 2 Samuel 22:30-35 over them. As he did, a deafening roar arose from the lions that literally shook the ground.

Many of the lionesses were pregnant and immediately began giving birth. And they gave birth to sheep! The sheep, however, quickly began turning into lions! The young lions began to roar, also, and the other leader kept singing the 2 Samuel 22 scripture.

All of this continued for a while. Then the lions began making their way to the tarmac where many planes were waiting. They boarded the planes and were immediately flown throughout the nation.

As planes were departing, one of the leaders said to me, “I am so thankful you were not late. We are called to release lions, not raise sheep!”

At this point in the dream the angel walked up to me and handed me papers. They were the flight manifest. The angel said, “Seal this manifest with your ring. This will activate mission ‘RELEASE THE ROAR’ over America. This is part of Father’s promise of REDEEMING ALL.” I did as requested and we watched as the planes filled the sky taking these lions throughout the nation.

End of Dream.

There is more to the dream, which I will share soon in a podcast, but here are a few thoughts regarding this portion. The American-shaped lake in which we were about to fish refers to the coming harvest of souls in America. The sheep/lions obviously represent the church, which was adversely affected in the 2020 elections (“since November, 2020”). The maturing of many believers into the kingly anointing of Christ (the Lion of Judah), stopped at that point through the ensuing disappointment and hope deferred. The “ticks,” I believe, is a play on words - politics/ticks. The election process, influenced by the corruption, drained the life from many believers, causing them to disengage and give up (“lay down”). This is stunting their growth and development. If this isn’t checked, it will affect them permanently.

Greg and I traveled on Radah Airlines. Radah is the Hebrew word for “rule” or “dominion”. We left from Gate 12, which is a number representing government in scripture. God was saying we had the necessary dominion/authority to rule over the situation He was sending us to, releasing Christ’s governmental authority. He has all authority on earth (Matthew 28:18) and has delegated it to us, the Ekklesia (church). We traveled by air, which also pictured authority in “heavenly places/heavens,” (see Matthew 16: 19).

The sheep/lions had to “stand” to be healed; they needed to rise up and make a stand (Ephesians 6:13-14). I was led to decree over them, “Lions (notice I called them lions, not sheep), to your feet!” Angels helped them do so. Then, I decreed, “Wind of God (Holy Spirit), blow upon these lions and bring them into the power of their true identity!” And I say this now over YOU. Arise!! And release a roar from your spirit - a roar of triumph and victory!

The oil and wind obviously represent Holy Spirit. He must blow on these individuals, delivering and healing them from the blood sucking, political fiasco that occurred. This will be facilitated by different streams of the body of Christ working together, and by the different Ephesians 4 gifts of Christ - apostle, prophet, pastor and teacher - working together. The evangelism gift was released AFTER the healing.

We must pray and decree into this attack and reversing of development and momentum. We will do so all week here on Give Him 15. Please join me and thousands of others as we do so.

Pray with me:

Father, we refuse to allow hope-deferred and discouragement to cripple the growth of Your people into their true identity - the army You intend them to be. Yes, we are Your people, the sheep of Your pasture; but we are also to grow into a mighty Ekklesia, moving in the authority of Lion-King Jesus, releasing His roar. You said You would roar out of Zion! (see Joel 3:16)

We decree over the body of Christ, as You instructed in the dream, “LIONS, ON YOUR FEET! Rise up from confusion. Shake off discouragement. Trade your weariness for the strength He promised in Isaiah 40:31.” And Holy Spirit, we ask You to now blow upon Your people, delivering them from this draining of life and strength. Pour Your oil on them, killing and removing these hope-sucking/life-sucking ticks.

Father, bring the body of Christ together to release what is needed to accomplish this. Especially leaders. Then, we ask You to birth the harvest. Bring forth the evangelists...bold, faith-filled, Spirit empowered evangelists that will cover this entire nation. And do this in other nations, as well. We ask for all of this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Our Decree:

We decree that all effects of the 2020 election on the church, are now broken - in the powerful name of Jesus. The ekklesia will emerge as the triumphant army Christ intends them to be!

Find out more about Dr. Greg Hood here.


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