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July 5, 2023

“Painting” the States

I want to encourage you today that the foreword is being commanded, the borders of the states are being painted. The grassroots army of God is responding in unprecedented ways and numbers: flights to Mt. Denali, the highest mountain in America, with appeals made there; the Star Spangled Banner sung over Colorado; visits to capitals and places associated with our founding; prayer drives on vacations; prayer walks (one person/ministry The Halvorsens had already prayer WALKED the entire nation FOUR TIMES in the directions and to the points pictured by the angels with their cables in Gina Gholston’s dream!); national prayer networks - nameless, faceless people are securing America by declaring our foreword and anointing the borders of each state and the nation. Here are a few of the many outstanding reports we’ve received.

From the Carolinas:

“This week I went with my daughter and three grandsons, ages 5, 6, 9, on a short trip to the mountains of South Carolina and North Carolina. I had just listened to the Give Him 15 post on June 27 entitled, Partnering in the Assignment. For the final stop on our trip, we went to the Sassafras Mountain Lookout, on the border line between South Carolina and North Carolina. I explained to the kids that we were going to put anointing oil on the border and pray for our state, South Carolina, for our bordering state, North Carolina, and for the whole nation. The kids each got a little bit of anointing oil on their fingers and, hands on the border line, and prayed. I was so blessed to be able to participate in this assignment with my daughter and grandsons.”

From Alabama:

“I’m writing to tell of our time this morning painting the border on both sides of the Bay of the Holy Spirit in Mobile, Alabama and Point Clear, Alabama. A group was on the west side, another on the east side, and still another on the Alabama/Florida line near Perdido Bay. We each prayed specific prayers and read Scriptures the Lord had given us for our region.

“We read the Cape Henry decree. Oil from Israel was poured into the Bay and shofars blown for God to seal all of this. I promise, we got the job done!”

From Georgia:

“We are praying and painting the borders. The last couple of years my mom, my twin sister, and I have traveled across the U.S. praying over all of the states except 4. We haven’t done Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, or Nevada yet!

“I have been covering the borders of Hart County and Northeast Georgia since 2012.

“I am agreeing in prayer with all the saints as we pray the foreword. We’ve been studying our history and looking for prayers and prophecies to agree with in prayer for our beautiful state of Georgia.”

From Florida:

“I just had a procedure on my heart but felt I needed to get to the beach with a small bottle of olive oil. I live in Ferandina Beach. I poured it into the ocean and prayed that God would take it in the ocean streams around the state of Florida to protect our border, and send Holy Spirit revival arrows to our state. I spent 30 years as a business administrator in churches. Your Give Him 15 has given me another ministry. Thank you.”

And from Maine:

“My husband and I have been moved by the latest posts on GH15 to go to the 4 compass points in Maine with oil and prayer, including the Cape Henry prayer and declarations.

“We were blessed that God led our steps to visit Cape Henry just last month, on our way north from Florida. We are snowbirds, living in Florida in the winter and spring, Maine in the summer and usually traveling the country in the fall. We stopped on our way north to visit friends in Virginia Beach, who took us to see the Cross. Another couple was there who also watch Give Him 15 everyday, and are visiting states to pray. God’s timing!

“So when we heard your talks on GH15 recently about Robert Hunt’s words there, we knew we were being called to pray and declare over Maine this summer. I have roots here, strong roots, and want to see Maine and the country come to repentance and have divine protection.”

Westward Road Trip:

“After reading the post with Gina’s dream, I was immediately prompted to prepare a travel kit of olive oil and a brush for our 3-week road trip. Here we are, 10 days later, in Idaho. So far, my husband and I have stopped to pray, paint, and anoint 4 state lines signs. California, Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho. Next will be Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona as we head back home.”

From California:

“I am partnering with all who are reclaiming individual states back into the glory and blessing of our forewords.

“Please see the attached map of California. While at age 73, I am not able to travel to the four corners to anoint them, I have done so by using this picture. I placed my fingerprints in oil, anointed each corner of California and declared:

“We decree the reclaiming of California back to its foreword, the original purpose and dedication spoken in our 1849 Constitution.

“I hereby agree with the assignment to anoint the perimeters of California, securing them and releasing Holy Spirit’s fire. We now secure the territory and reclaim the borders of California back from all enemy activity, decreeing the angelic hosts into position. We declare Psalm 91’s protection over California. We release California’s government from the hands of darkness and back into the light of righteous leaders.

“As California shakes, releasing the hands of evil from this state, we, Your Ekklesia will be protected. We will not fear the shaking but look forward to the outpouring of Holy Spirit over this land.”

We recently heard from a lady who randomly had a “jug” of oil delivered to her house. She didn’t order it and the store it came from said they didn’t have a record of one being sent. She decided it was time to paint!

Thank you for these wonderful reports. Photos of your prayer journeys as well as testimonies are being emailed to our office daily, as well as being posted to our Facebook account. WE ARE NOW MAKING ANOTHER TOOL AVAILABLE TO YOU.

My office has added a tab to our website called “Paint Your State.” There you can find the prophetic dream from Gina Gholston, the posts I recently shared about the dream, a link to the message I shared at my brother Tim Sheets’, as well as encouragement to carry out this assignment. You will be able to click on your own state and leave a testimony regarding where you prayed in your state, as well as any personal information you’d like to share, including your email address. You’ll then be able to connect with others in your state who are doing the same.

Also, Clay Nash ( has a daily call on which thousands are joining him to pray for the nation. You can connect with his group and leave testimonies on his website, as well.

Rest assured God will respond to these prayers by doing what only He can do: using our prophetic/symbolic acts to release Holy Spirit geysers, and applying His literal anointing and power to seal and protect our land! The shaking will do what is needed, tearing down the evil and fortifying that which is Kingdom. He loves what we are doing! Keep it up!

Pray with me:

Father, thank You for Your promise to save America. We are also very grateful for those You are using to do so. You spoke in Psalm 110 of those who would be willing volunteers in the day of Your power. We are seeing this manifest before our eyes. Young, old, women, men - we are seeing Your power released through Your volunteer army, making Your enemies a footstool for Christ.

We pray now for an increase of revelation regarding how to “paint” our states with Your anointing. Let the creative ideas continue. Supply the necessary funds. Connect people to others. Reveal the prayers, decrees, and Scriptures You want released. And bless Your people as they obey You: heal their bodies as they declare Your Word; give them financial breakthroughs as they sow into the assignment; fill them afresh with Holy Spirit fire and anointing as they pray.

And for America we ask You to cause the geysers, seen in the “Command the Foreword” and other dreams, to gush forth. Let the eagles with the arrows of deliverance and salvation, dripping wet with revival water, be sent to all parts of the nation. Release war angels, messenger angels, and harvest angels to assist the Ekklesia. Re-open the wells of past revivals until water, oil and fire are flowing abundantly. And deliver America from evil. No longer allow Your enemies in our land to prosper. Break their hold, frustrate their plans, dry up their resources.

We pray all these things in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

Our decree:

We declare that as our land is being painted, the anointing of Christ is breaking every yoke of darkness.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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