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July 26, 2022

A Force To Be Reckoned With

God is actively preparing for the great coming harvest. He is fiercely determined. Some would have us believe He is finished moving on the earth, that the end of His activity on earth is here. This is not true. My brother, Tim, preached a powerful message recently declaring over and over a word from the Lord: “I’m not finished!” You can hear the entire message by using the link we have provided. Here is a portion of that message.

“The Apostle James was the brother of Jesus. He was the lead apostle of the first Ekklesia during the church’s first spiritual war season. James led the church through Herod’s government tyranny. He was a steady voice to all the other apostles throughout the book of Acts. James also led the Ekklesia in its first great revival, a move of God that changed the world.

“In the Book of the Bible that bears his name, James made a statement that gives us a vital key to the success of the church then and now. Holy Spirit has said we’ve entered a season of spiritual war that will be very fierce, all the way through the midterm elections. The Ekklesia must engage in this by presenting themselves before the Lord in prayer, decrees and worship warfare.

“James 5:16 (NKJV) says, ‘The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.’ He is very clear and succinct. In order to avail much, there must be increased prayer. To win spiritual battles there has to be an engagement in prayer. In the Amplified Translation, Classic Edition, a portion of this verse says: [Prayer] ‘makes tremendous power available and is dynamic in its working.’ The Message Bible says the prayer of a person right with God because of the blood of Jesus is ‘something powerful to be reckoned with. To see victorious results in this war season, we must pray with a force that hell will have to reckon with.

“When the church prays, God promises He will engage with us. His entire Kingdom, including angel armies, will do so, releasing tremendous power. This is a power that binds hell’s princes and stops government tyranny, a power that raises people to seats of authority while removing others. Psalm 75:7 says, ‘He takes power from one and will give it to another.’ This is a part of what this war season is about - God taking power from those who have mocked and opposed Him. When the church prays, seats of power and authority change. God intends to give governing authority to those who will rule justly. Part of this war season also includes unseating demonic powers in the spiritual realm. As this occurs, the governmental landscapes will change. God has spoken prophetically that He is now going to hasten His word to perform it. We will see the dreams of our hearts - for ourselves, family and nation - come to pass.

“Saint Augustine said, ‘Without God, we cannot. Without us, God cannot.’(1) We are in a special season in which we must partner with the living God through prayer.

“Much is being said in today’s world that opposes God and His ways. In light of these current situations, it is vital that we hear from Him. I have been crying out to Holy Spirit, ‘Tell me what You’re saying!’ In response, a word the Lord gave me several years ago began rising up in me. The words burned like fire inside of me. I knew the Lord was declaring them into this current season of spiritual war. I believe this word is going to resound through Washington, DC, rattling the demonic babbling of his enemies. Settled law isn’t settled when God says otherwise. Here is what I heard Him say:

“‘I said “It is finished,” not “I am finished.” I am NOT finished. I completed redemption for sins on the Cross, but I am not finished building My church. Its relevance will surely be seen, shutting the mouths of the naysayers. My church will be glorious, without spot or wrinkle, reigning in My Name. It will not be intimidated, scared, confused, bewildered, tepid or spineless. I have much to finish and I WILL finish it.

“‘I’ve saved the best wine for your times, and I will now finish the release of outpouring. My power and anointing will be revealed in My manifest presence. The world will see My true power manifesting through My triumphant remnant. My glory will become demonstrably real in your times, from glory to glory to glory, just as I said.

“‘I’m not finished! I’m not finished healing blind eyes, opening deaf ears, restoring damaged limbs, reaping the harvest, saving the lost, setting the oppressed free and delivering captives. I’m not finished saving Muslims and Hindus, penetrating the nations with My gospel, and delivering adulterers, alcoholics, and those addicted to drugs. I’m not finished healing those with gender confusion. And I’m not finished with abortion. I’m far from finished.

“‘I’m not finished with America, with aligning the nations, and establishing My Kingdom on this earth…which means you’re not finished. My church, My Ekklesia, is not finished binding hell’s plans, standing for My Word and confronting demon doctrines, rebel governments, kings, dictators, presidents, judges and evil dignitaries that mock Me. My reigning church is not finished prevailing over the gates of hell. It’s not finished preaching the word of truth and prevailing over principalities, powers, mights and dominions. It’s not finished being salt and light, lighting up darkness, reversing evil laws, treading on demons, preaching hope and deliverance to captives, reaping My harvest of lost individuals, and discipling nations.

“‘The activities of My church don’t stop when governments, presidents, governors, the Supreme Court, the IRS, media, professors or hireling shepherds say they must stop. They stop when I say they stop. And I say to My church, “You’re not done.”

“‘You’re not finished and I’m not finished! Occupy until I come. Take care of My Kingdom business until I say you’re finished. Overcoming church, you are My reigning ones, called to these times. Rise in authority, rise in My power and rule in the midst of your enemies. Yes, redemption is finished, but I’m not finished. Salvation is finished, but you’re not finished. Focus on what I say and let that settle the issue.’”

Tim then says, “In this war season, it is imperative to stay focused on what God says. We have to know what Holy Spirit is saying to the church, rather than focusing on what we see occurring around us. God’s Word WILL prevail and dynamic power WILL be activated as we pray what He says.

“We must release what James called a force to be reckoned with. There must be a realization and determination in the Ekklesia that God isn’t finished. He will accomplish what He has said, and we are going to faithfully and determinedly pray it through.”

Pray with me:

Lord, let the voice of Your Ekklesia be clear and strong. Give us insight, strategy and wisdom to declare into this moment. Continue inspiring us to partner with You. The battle for America is not over! You are about to give us great victories. You are going to unseat demonic powers; they will not rule our nation. You are about to answer long-standing prayers and fulfill prophetic words. You are about to open the windows of heaven, releasing power to change things in ways we have never seen before. Holy Spirit, inspire our hearts to be engaged with You. We are warriors declaring Your truths and promises. We ask and declare these things in Jesus’ Name, amen.

Our decree:

God is not finished with the Ekklesia. We will be a force to be reckoned with.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim here.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.




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