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July 18, 2020

The Finishing Anointing in the New Era – Part 3

[We began a very encouraging series 7/16 from a message Chuck Pierce released on Sunday, 7/12.]

“Look at Luke 14, verses 26-28, He says, ‘Whoever does not carry his own cross [expressing a willingness to endure whatever may come] and follow after Me [believing in Me, conforming to My example in living and, if need be, suffering or perhaps dying because of faith in Me] cannot be My disciple. For which one of you, when he wants to build a watchtower [for his guards], does not first sit down and calculate the cost, to see if he has enough to finish it?That’s the finishing anointing.

“So, in other words He is saying, ‘When I ask you to do something, will you count the cost to get to the end of what I am asking you to do?’ You have to know when the Lord says, ‘Well done My good and faithful servant. Take a break.’ We want to be able to get to the place we can take a break!

“Let me share a testimony of how messed up you can get. I once had a 2 year assignment in a place. At the end of that 2 year assignment, I heard the Lord say that the season had ended. We went to a church in Houston and we went there one night for a big gala. It was the one winter where Houston had a freeze. When we got back to the house, all of our pipes had burst and all of the ceilings were down. It verified to me what God had said before we left for the gala – our season there had ended.

“We spent the next three months getting that house more beautiful than it had been. As the remodel portion finished, I reminded Pam that God had said our season there had ended. We also knew our next assignment. So, when it got time to redecorate the house, I felt like we should leave it for the next owners [without our personal touches on it]. Doesn’t that sound logical? Except that a year later, we were still there. We had no decorations or expression of who we were in that home.

“So, I went out on the back patio and sought the Lord and said, ‘Lord, on this day last year, you said our season here was finished.’ He said, ‘It did finish. But you haven’t finished. You are still hanging onto and controlling the last season. When you complete the redo of that house, you’ll see how I move you forward.’ I went back inside and told Pam, ‘Look, we have to redecorate this house completely. It has to be better than it was the last time. We have to buy what is necessary.’ She said, ‘Okay.’ Two weeks later, we hung the last mirror and it looked beautiful. I immediately got a call from the place of my next assignment.

“Sometimes we are not entering into the new because we are controlling the new from the last season. Until we let go, we can’t enter in.”

“I take joy in doing Your will, O God, for Your instructions are written on My heart.” (Psalm 40:8; NLT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Read Luke 14:26-28.

  2. Talk to the Lord about where you are on your own discipleship journey. Let Him show you where you might be stuck and unable to finish your current season.

  3. Are you weary in well-doing? Maybe it’s because you can’t rest, because you haven’t finished your last assignment. Repent and believe God will show you how to move forward.

  4. Declare, “I take joy in doing Your will, O God, for Your instructions are written on my heart.”

  5. Determine to do what He is asking you to do.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, thank You for Your Word. Thank You for spelling out for us how to walk with You and how to finish a season well. We want to be able to finish an old season so we can move into any new assignments You have for us. We also want to get finished, so we can rest! We can see that we will war unnecessarily when we try to control our movement forward when You have told us what to do. As we sit before You, make clear to us what we have missed. We want to carry out Your will. We want to be quick to repent and get done what we have missed, purposely or accidentally.

It is so human to want to decide how to carry out Your will. You give the release or assignment and then we just take over the process. If we could only learn to trust You completely for the fullness of the process completely! Help us to seek You more. Help us to hear You more clearly. Teach us Your ways, so we might not sin against You, Lord. We know You know this about us. You are not angry with us, but You don’t want us to have to suffer needlessly. You are holding blessings in the wings that we will see when we get aligned with You. There is rest for us on our journey, as well! We say, “We will take joy in doing Your will, O God, for Your instructions are written on our hearts.” Thank You, patient Jesus, Lord of our lives! Amen.

Today’s decree:

We are letting go of the old season, so we can move into the all God has for us!

Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.


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