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July 14, 2021

Living on a Mission

Paul told his spiritual son, Timothy, “Be instant in season and out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2). The words “season” come from the Greek word ukairos, which means “convenient or opportune time.” In other words, always be ready, whether the timing is convenient or not! The context is regarding preaching. However, if appropriate for preaching, surely it is applicable to all of our service for Christ. Ephesians 5:16 tells us to “redeem the time.” The same root word that is used for “season” is used here for “time”- kairos. “Redeem” is exagorazo, which means “to buy” The verse is telling us to spend whatever time, energy, money,` that is necessary to buy the opportunities that come your way. My great friend, Tom Hamon, shares about this readiness in a challenging exhortation regarding soldiers.

“With all that has been happening the last year and a half we all are being challenged in new ways. It feels as though the enemy is working overtime to get the church to back down. In response to this, God has been saturating the church with the powerful revelation of being Christ’s ekklesia, called to operate in supernatural power and authority. This is a true paradigm shift for many Christians. It is requiring us to move from a comfortable, casual, civilian mentality to a singular focused soldier’s mindset. This responsibility is mandating that Christians become more strategic in their thinking, a mindset I call, ‘Living on a Mission.’

“Our ministry base in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, is in a military community surrounded by 3 very strategic military bases: Hurlburt, Tyndall, and Eglin Air Force bases. Within these bases is housed a very significant contingent of special ops forces. Interestingly, if you were to meet these elite men and women in the community, they would not look much different than anyone else you might encounter. And their day to day lives aren’t much different, either. They have families, homes, financial endeavors and other stresses, just like everyone else.

“They ARE different, however. These soldiers live with an understanding that their life could be interrupted at a moment’s notice if called upon to fulfill a mission for their nation. When that call comes, they immediately kick into mission mode. Normal life is set aside and they focus fully on the mission at hand. They ‘live on a mission.’

“Having committed themselves to answering the call, these warriors have devoted themselves to being prepared:

  • They have given themselves fully to preparation and training.

  • They’ve purposed and learned how to work as a team.

  • They have devoted themselves to skillfully mastering their weapons and equipment.

  • They know and understand the winning strategies of warfare.

  • They’ve learned the strategies of the enemy they are confronting.

“When called, these warriors focus keenly on one thing and one thing only: accomplishing the mission! They are willing to fully engage their hearts, gifts, and energies to accomplish the mission they have been given, even unto death.

“Isaiah 28:5-6 speaks of such a calling: ‘In that day the Lord of hosts will be for a crown of glory and a diadem of beauty to the remnant of His people; a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment, and a strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.’

“Notice that God gives a special strength to the spiritual special forces willing to battle at the gates. Gates are entry points, places of influence in societies, including gates of government, education, business, media, family, religion, arts and entertainment. The battle for these gates of culture - and ultimately our nation - is always occurring at these gates. And God is looking for Isaiah 28:6 type warriors who will run to the battle when He calls. . .and shift the battle at the gates of influence! He is looking for those who will ‘live on a mission.’

“Moving from living with a civilian mentality to that of a ready soldier will require:

  • A willingness to respond quickly, at any time, to the alert from the watchmen

  • Remaining diligent, watching and praying

  • Total submission to Christ - always saying ‘Yes Sir,’ or ‘Yes, Lord’

  • Training and equipping - put on your spiritual uniform/armor

  • Learning to walk in unity with others

  • A willingness to employ your spiritual weapons of war

  • Listening closely to the commander’s voice, especially in the midst of the battle

  • Engaging tirelessly with all your heart to see that the battle is won

“One of satan’s deterrents to this call of shifting culture at the gates can be seen metaphorically in the verses following verse 6, mentioned above. ‘Moreover, the prophets and priests are drunk. They stagger because of wine and stumble around because of strong drink. They are confused with wine, stumbling because of strong drink. They’re too drunk to understand their prophetic visions. They’re too drunk to render right decisions in judgment. All of their banqueting tables are covered with filthy vomit; vomit is everywhere!’ (Isaiah 28:7-8 TPT)

“The indictment given by Isaiah to his generation is valid for us today: if we become ‘intoxicated’ on the world’s opinions, principles, and system, we will lose our influence and opportunity to advance the kingdom of God. Unfortunately, many people work hard to rise to a position in the ‘gate’ of government, education, entertainment, or others, only to become enticed and seduced by the spirit of the world. Sadly, they don’t use their position of influence to bring the change God is looking for. They may compromise, lose their way, fall asleep at their post, err in their vision, stumble in their judgment on issues, or give way to an unclean spirit.

“Like Joseph, we WILL be tempted at the gate in which God has called us to serve. If we have become drunk on the world’s ways and conform to the culture around us, one who was meant to be a great force for good (and God) can end up being one who defames the name of the Lord. God is looking for a purposeful, powerful, holy ekklesia that knows what to do when they’re positioned to battle for kingdom influence and advancement at the gates of culture. He is looking for those who ‘live on a mission.’”

Pray with me:

Father, You commended the Issachar tribe of Israel for understanding the times and, therefore, knowing what to do (1 Chronicles 12:32). The passage says they were “among the mighty men who helped [David] in war,” (verse 1). They were elsewhere referred to as “mighty men,” and “men of war” (verse 38). They “lived on a mission.” Make us like them!

You also commended the church at Thessalonica as those who understood the times (1 Thessalonians 5:1), and rebuked the Pharisees for not being able to discern the time, (Matthew 16:3). Clearly, this discerning of the kairos times is needed in order for us to be effective. Give us this discernment!

And God, we ask that in the darkness pervading our times, You would cause a righteous remnant to arise, who’ll be willing to battle at the gates to bring kingdom transformation in their generation! Keep us focused on the kingdom’s cause and founded in the precepts of Your Word. Keep us pure, clean, and unpolluted from the world’s influence. Most of all, God, cause us to know that we are called each day to live on a mission for You, to make a difference when our Commander calls!

Our decree:

We decree. . . that God will bring a shift toward righteousness in our culture, that a nameless, faceless generation is choosing to go to the gates of culture and fight for what is right! We decree that You will raise up an army of special operators with the strength, discernment, and strategy to open gates for the King of Glory. You will enter those gates gloriously and victoriously, in our generation! Amen!

Portions of today’s post were contributed by Tom Hamon. Find out more about Tom here.

Click on the link below to watch the prayer.

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