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January 4, 2024

2024: Year of the Open Door

I should have said this earlier in the week but neglected to do so. Thank you for making 2023 a strong year for Give Him 15. We had 30 million views/reads of the posts. That equals 30 million prayers of agreement for worldwide revival and harvest, and other important causes. And that is just in America. I have good reason to believe four or five times that number participate around the world. Only heaven knows how much we have accomplished. We are also growing in our understanding of God and His ways, me from having to press in diligently for each day's teaching - I have written over 800 posts in the past three years - and many of you from reading them.

I also want to thank you for your gifts - both in monetary support and of items -  and for the many cards, notes, and letters. Some write to ask for prayer; others share insights they’re hearing from the Lord; still others simply offer words of encouragement. It is all appreciated! Here is an excerpt and example from a recent thank you:

“…I think the biggest thing that has helped us from allowing 'hope deferred' was keeping ourselves involved in prayer and the Word on a daily basis. Your posts have kept us informed of what God is saying. We made a decision not to listen to everyone out there but only the ones the Lord was directing us to. So we kept praying and decreeing, believing that our great God has a plan and we are part of it.

“This is what He has been teaching me:

1. Keep my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith.

2. Cast all my cares on Him, for He cares for me.

3. Lean not on my own understanding, but trust in God.

4. Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee.

5. Rejoice in EVERYTHING, again I say rejoice.

“When I continually do these things, then He can help me, protect me, strengthen me, and I am able to receive His joy and peace; and then I am able to hear Him. It is wonderful, and I am hooked!”

We are grateful for responses such as these and try to respond with acknowledgements and “Thank You’s” to all of the correspondence and gifts. If by chance you did not receive a response, please forgive us. There are many of them, and unfortunately, at times, I’m sure one or two fall through the cracks. Mostly, thank you so much for your prayers directed our way. We would not be able to do what we do without the prayers for us personally: prayers of protection, health, provision, and insight. The staff, Ceci, and I thank you.

More About 2024

I received strong confirmation as I read the release from ACPE (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders) of what numerous prophetic leaders from several nations and ethnicities are sensing for 2024 (click here to read). I had not read it before I posted yesterday’s GH15. In summary, they state (in my words):

  • shakings will continue

  • tumultuous times will continue internationally, led by Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea

  • watchmen must continue to be raised up to pray against WW3; Asia will have a strong mantle for this; worship will be a key to protecting borders

  • future wars will be very technological, with “war technology,” including “robotic soldiers,” advancing with lightning speed

  • Matthew 24 is a key chapter for this year

  • Psalm 24 is a key chapter, as well

  • lawlessness will continue

  • economic shaking will continue; currencies will one day go digital (not necessarily in 2024); “solutionists” like Joseph will arise to steer people and nations through economic difficulties

  • The 2024 U.S. elections are critical, not only for America, but the entire   world

  • the Kingdom of God, not just the church, will be emphasized more and  more, as will the Ekklesia; discipling nations will also be emphasized

  • revival will increase, revivalists will be raised up; signs and wonders, including creative miracles, will take place

  • spirits of offense and division will diligently seek to sow discord and division

  • the grassroots movement of women arising to protect their families will increase; the family will be a major focus

  • 2024 will be a year of open doors - doors of opportunity, higher authority, influence, and revelation.

As I have prayed regarding 2024, I have been sensing most of this, as well. I cannot say I’ve seen all of what was brought forth or even some of the details, but we all see and know in part. Overall, however, it was very confirming.

In praying about which, if any, of these insights from ACPE to highlight further in today’s post, I feel to emphasize the warning given against division and discord. I mentioned it in my post yesterday, calling it “a year of coming together, a year of great separation.” Unfortunately, until the Lord’s return, there will always be division on earth, including within the church. Though we cannot stop it all, we can refuse to participate in words and actions that fuel it.

Human nature, with its propensity to pick up offenses, creates much strife. The secret to not falling prey to this is walking in forgiveness. I have three chapters on this subject in my recently released devotional, Give Him 15, An Appeal to Heaven, Volume II. Regardless of what was done to us, we can forgive. And when we do, it frees us from the pain and scars.

However, things other than offenses are used to divide us; one of them is religion. Sadly, religion is one of the most dividing forces on earth. It crucified Jesus! And I’m not just referring to people being divided over different faiths, as in Christianity and Islam. People within the same faiths argue and oppose brothers and sisters over doctrines and interpretations of Scripture. This is sad but rampant. And the problem is not as bad with believers in general as it is with leaders!

Jesus’ prayer in John 17 should have tipped us off that this might be a problem. He said His followers becoming one would be the biggest thing in convincing the world of His message (John 17: 20-23). 

People in the church fight over eschatology, the structure of worship services, what type of songs to sing, the role of elders and deacons, their interpretations of the five grace gifts/ministries Christ gave the church, the gifts of the Spirit, which Bible translation can be used, what women can and can’t do, numerous doctrines, and how we should pray.

You would think all true believers would be excited that 30 to 100 million prayers of agreement are offered on Give Him 15 every year. But some believers, including many leaders, don’t like the way we pray, so they attack instead.

  • They don’t like our interpretation of the Ekklesia.

  • Or they don’t like that we believe in all five ministry gifts of Christ; some who do believe in them don’t like our particular interpretation.

  • Some don’t like that we make decrees.

  • Others don’t like binding and loosing.

  • They don’t like our prayers for government, the seven mountains of society, and influencing them with kingdom principles.

  • They don’t like our teachings on authority.

  • Many don’t like my love for America, some don’t like the Appeal to Heaven flag.

If you can believe it, I read an article recently criticizing our belief in a billion-soul harvest. Nor do they like our talk about revival and reformation. I’ve heard those things before, by the way. I’ve asked some of them, “But you do hope I’m right and you’re wrong on this one, don’t you? You’ll rejoice if I’m right, won’t you?” I haven’t received a yes answer yet.

The sad truth is that some people are just contentious. Others believe they are called to police, judge, and correct the rest of the body of Christ. And they would rather criticize and tear down than love and build up. Heaven must weep.

Don’t participate in this nonsense. If you can’t speak well of true brothers or sisters, the way they pray or worship, some of their beliefs, etc., then don’t say anything about them at all. Better still would be to love and affirm them in any way you can.

Pray with me:

Father, these are challenging times; yet we were born for such a time as this. We’ve put our hands to the plow and will not turn back. You have called and equipped us to preach the gospel of Your Kingdom to all, be lights in every arena, and speak truth to all of society. You have called us to represent You - not just Your love but also Your authority and victory…Your Kingdom. We will not waver.

We pray against division and strife, and bind demons causing this. Thwart their plans. Convict believers who partner with them. Motivate Your people to love one another unconditionally, to disagree with one another in kindness and humility, to stop cursing one another and partnering with satan, the accuser of the brethren.

And move us fully into the great harvest You have planned. Surely, this is cause enough to stand together. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our decree:

We declare that the greatest of all spiritual traits is love, and that we will honor Your command to love one another in word and deed.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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