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January 3, 2021

Why We Fight

I love America very much, but my love for her is comprised of two different types of love. One is natural; the other is spiritual. First, I have a natural love for the USA, which I believe every person should possess for their homeland. Where this type of love is concerned, America will always be number one for me. Yes, I am a flag-waving patriot, with nationalistic pride and love for the USA.

The word patriot comes from the Greek word pater, which means “father”. A patriot is one who honors and embraces the heritage, visions, and ideals of their father/s. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob honors this principle; so should we. True patriotism connects us to our roots: past ideals, creeds, purposes, and covenants made with God and others. This connection makes history relevant, giving us benchmarks and boundaries from which to measure our present and future. In a literal sense, for one to say he or she is a “patriotic” American and not embrace the principles of our Founders, which includes allegiance to and partnership with God, is a contradiction in terms.

I another type of love for America, a spiritually rooted love, placed in me by God. In the year 2000, I experienced an encounter with Him through which He imparted to me His heart for America. God loves America. Having said that, I am under no delusion that He loves America more than other nations. He does not. Americans are not more important than Nigerians, the British, the French, or any other people group. God loves them all the same. “For God so loved the world...”

This deep love Yahweh gave me for America, however, does not produce a self-centered love. It causes anything but a national arrogance or egocentric mindset. On the contrary, it is a love linked to God’s heart for other nations, as well. Our purpose as a nation was and is to take the gospel of the kingdom to all the nations of the earth. A large part of my patriotism and love for America is rooted in this purpose. It is certainly the primary reason I am so passionate about seeing her restored. My love, therefore, for our nation is a kingdom love, which supersedes the natural love I have for her.

This brings me to the prayer battle in which we are currently engaged. The spiritual war over the elections is all about our God-given national calling, not Donald Trump. Though of great importance, POTUS’s significance is due to the incredible influence he wields, which directly influences this calling. And the war is certainly not about political parties - please don’t let that muddy the waters. While it is true that, for the most part, I agree more often with the positions of Republicans than Democrats, this has nothing to do with loyalty to a political party. There are many swamp creatures with Republican affiliation. The real war we are fighting is for the spiritual soul and God-given destiny of our nation. This is why we fight!

Biden and those on the left do not want biblical principles, morals, and ideals controlling America. They reject our Christian roots, disagree with the standards and principles of scripture, and would find laughable my contention that God raised up America - and did so for the purpose I stated. They have completely dishonored and rejected him. Again, this is why we war over the elections - not for a man, but for God’s cause on the earth. As long as we keep this as our motivation, He will fight for us.

I should not limit my criticism only to those on the left, however. Many on the right - Republicans and conservatives - are unwilling to stand up and fight in this battle. They’re self-serving cowards. Having no understanding of or connection to God’s purpose for America, their governance ignores He/Him and His ways. Since they are not connected to/aligned with the God-given vision of our Founding Fathers they do not meet the true definition of a patriot. They’re self-serving, fearful politicians who dishonor the efforts and memory of the true patriots God used to establish America. Having traded patriotism for privilege and Christ’s cause for a career, they are unwilling to make a stand.

When Lewis Morris was faced with the monumental decision of whether or not to sign the Declaration of Independence, his brother vehemently warned him against it. The cost - life, fortune, perhaps family - would simply be too great. Morris’ response was one for the ages: “Damn the consequences, give me the pen.” Would that today’s members of the Supreme Court, members of Congress, Governors, Secretaries of State, and State Legislators had such unselfish, patriotic hearts. Some do, of course, but far too few. Perhaps others will one day discover the true American soul. For many, it is too late; they sold out to selfish ambition long ago.

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Give thanks for true patriots who gave us the freedoms and blessings we enjoy.

  • Reaffirm to the Lord that this battle is not about a person or a party; it is about Him.

  • Ask Him to change the hearts of government leaders who have been unwilling to get involved.

  • As always, pray for the President and those working with him to correct the injustices of this election.

  • Ask Holy Spirit to show you what He would have you pray for regarding this challenging week. Congress? The courts? State legislatures? The events coming up in Washington, DC?

A prayer you can pray:

Father, we thank You for this nation. We thank You for all of the blessings we enjoy. We thank You for raising up a people that established this nation, not only with their needs in mind, but also Your desires. Thank You for leading them. And thank You, Father, for the very great honor of representing You and the gospel of Your kingdom around the world.

We ask You to give us great breakthrough this week. We ask You for evidence to continue coming forth. Let it be so strong and overwhelming that no one can ignore it. We ask You to convict members of Congress, Judges, State Legislators, Governors, Secretaries of State, and other leaders who have refused to get involved. Deal with them at the heart level we pray.

And father, we ask You to give strength to our President and his team. We ask for wisdom and understanding to those dealing with the courts and in Congress. Also, please do this for those at the state level. We ask You to hover over this nation this week and give us great breakthrough on every level. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


We decree that the purposes of God will be accomplished in America.


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