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January 29, 2021

A Surprise is Coming

In yesterday’s GH15 post (Thursday, 1/28/21) I said, “Like any good fighter, God sometimes allows the enemy to land a blow just to set him up for a knockout punch. I assure you that regarding His strategy for America, God is far ahead of satan. And now that the church is praying, the strategy will be unleashed.” Those who punch God don’t often factor in the law of sowing and reaping.

In Genesis 15:16, God tells Abraham it will be 400 years before the promise He made in the 12th chapter materializes, because “the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet complete.” Amazing! Though God knows the Amorite’s cup of iniquity will be full, in His justice He still will not give the land to Abraham until that occurs. Not only are there prayer bowls in heaven, where intercession is stored until the time is right to release its fruit (Revelation 5:8, 8:3-5), but iniquities are also measured and stored by God.

God does not render His judgments regarding sin or corruption when He “feels like it” or “finally decides” to do so. He releases them at the absolute right time. He is guided by justice, not emotion, and only He knows when the cup of iniquity is full. Rest assured, however, the Judge of all the earth will always do what’s right. When it seems that the wicked prospers without consequence, it is often that they are being allowed to top off their cup of iniquity.

Yes, God has waited for certain evil forces on earth to fill their iniquitous cups. They have done so; He will now move. You will begin to see two things happening simultaneously: the goodness of God will be poured out on multiplied millions of people, and the judgment of much wickedness will take place. Breakthroughs for which we have waited decades will now occur.

Some of the judgment will involve governments. I believe the greatest upheaval in the history of the U.S. government will occur, beginning this year and continuing for several more. I am not speaking of war with an invading nation or uprisings from within. I do not espouse any violent overthrow of our government or physical harm to individuals. I’m referring to cleansing in the form of removal from office and positions of power, as God and the American people deal with the iniquitous roots that have tried to strangle our righteous roots.

Ambition, lust for power, greed, and a desire to transform America have overtaken our political system. As I have stated before, God initiated the concept of government (He IS government - Isaiah 33:22), but He despises the political spirit. It divides, compromises, oppresses and controls people. In America, enemies of Christ have partnered with spirits of Baal and Jezebel (lust for wealth, power, and perversion), Leviathan (deception and twisting communication), and Witchcraft (mind control), to spin a 3-fold web. Government, education, and media have now trapped our nation in a web of humanism (man is the center, not God), secularism (God removed from all public life), and pluralism (many gods, or ways to God). This unholy trinity is entrenched - its roots are now deep in a generation of brainwashed Americans - and there is no human remedy.

These spirits believe they have won. Like the celebrative screeching of the hoards of hell for 3 days after the Cross, they are excited, thinking they’ve killed God and Christianity in America. But an ominous thunder is about to be heard, a terrifying earthquake felt, and the horrifying grating of stone on stone as the entrance to a tomb is rolled back. And celebrative screeches are about to become terrified screams.

The King is arising.

Another generation is about to experience His omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. Love and justice will be seen simultaneously with love taking the lead. Even God’s judgment of evil can be overcome by His mercy and love when there is repentance. Just ask Nineveh. But to those who repent and those who don’t, God’s all-consuming fire is coming. It will melt hearts and destroy demonic webs. People will be enlightened, freed, delivered, and reborn; others will perish. Governments will change, nations will be transformed.

When looking at America’s giants, what many fail to factor in is the coming revival...and “the appeal.” Don’t forget the appeal to Heaven - it has been rediscovered, and it still works. Our prayers will now release heaven’s greatest earthly campaign. And when God’s Spirit is poured out, He can do in a day what human methods can’t in decades. HE - not ideas, innovative thinking, great preaching, and certainly not religion - HE will save us.

So, take heart, intercessors. Be encouraged, disheartened Americans. Phase 1 is complete; Phase 2 now begins. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

“May everyone who knows Your mercy keep putting their trust in You, for they can count on You for help no matter what. O Lord, You will never, no never, neglect those who come to You.” (Psalm 9:10 TPT)

A prayer you can pray:

Father, in both Your justice and Your mercy, You are patient and longsuffering. We thank You for this. As You wait for cups of iniquity to fill, You are always working to bring people to repentance. Your mercy is greater than Your judgment.

You are saying bowls have been filled and are about to be poured out - bowls of iniquity and bowls of prayer. We ask for this. Forgive and redeem all who will receive Your love, while You remove iniquitous roots from America and other nations. Like You, we take no pleasure in the judgment of the wicked; yet we know, at times, You must do so. So please release Your fire. Fire to consume sin and fire to cleanse. We place ourselves on your altar of cleansing, also. Fill us with Your Spirit, send a fresh Pentecost.

Turn America around. You have promised this and You have begun the process. Now let things intensify. Conquer evil, restore destiny, heal that which is broken, and save millions. Let those who have been negatively impacted by the last 30 to 40 years of humanistic ideologies be delivered in a day. Cause the scales to fall off their eyes and the spirit of revelation to enlighten them. Deliver those in deception and bondage. Awaken this nation to her true heritage, purpose, and destiny. We know this is happening, and we thank You from the depths of our hearts. We pray these things in Christ’s name...Amen.


Lord, the process of Your victorious redemption has begun and Your gracious turnaround is coming.


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