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January 21, 2022

For a Time Such as This

Today, the March For Life will take place in Washington D.C. Every year on or near the anniversary of Roe versus Wade, thousands of people gather in our nation’s Capital to pray and make a stand for life. I am mentioning this in today’s post, not only to support the March, but also as a reminder to keep praying for the Supreme Court Justices as they prepare to vote regarding the abortion case before them. Even though the case was heard in December, they can change their votes up until the time the decision is announced.

We are well able to carry this prayer assignment through to completion. God does not put assignments in front of us that He has not prepared us to accomplish. The following insights and vision from Gina Gholston are wonderful reminders of this:

“I have always loved the story of Esther. I’m amazed by how calculated every move was that positioned her to be in the right place at the right time, enabling her to step into her destiny. This destiny not only changed Esther’s life, but was instrumental in saving her people from the wicked plots of Haman. As I was reading this account of Esther’s life a while back, God said to me, ‘It’s time to BE what you’ve been becoming!’ He continued, ‘The story of Esther is often preached from the perspective of the preparation process she went through. It was the process that positioned her, but there came a time when Esther had to step into the destiny for which I had prepared her.’

“We all go through a process to prepare us for things God intends to accomplish in and through our lives. This process takes place as we live life and walk with the Lord. However, our lives are not meant to be a perpetual preparation process. When we cross over into the timing of God—our ‘such a time as this’ moment—there is a thrust from Him that accelerates us into position. Then the revealing and release of the purposes of God through us can occur. We never come to the place where we stop growing and learning, but we do eventually come to those moments, as did Esther, which launch us into the position of BEING!

“Recently, the Lord spoke to me from Luke, chapter five, when Jesus boarded Peter’s boat and instructed him: ‘Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch,’ (verse 4).

“Peter was a professional fisherman. At that time, he was counting his losses from an overnight fishing expedition that had failed miserably. So, when Jesus said this, Peter’s response reveals that Christ’s suggestion seemed quite senseless. ‘Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing,’ (verse 5). However, at this moment Peter allowed his honor for the Lord to overcome his professional opinion. ‘Nevertheless, at Your word, I will let down the net,’ (verse 5). He unfurled the nets, dropped them deeper, and caught so many fish that his nets were breaking; Peter had to call others to help bring in the haul.

“That act of obedience on Peter’s part positioned him to be launched into his destiny and life’s calling: to be a fisher of men.

“These defining moments changed everything for Esther and for Peter. The timing of God unlocked a revelation of each one’s destiny and revealed that they possessed what was necessary to participate in what He was doing at that moment.

“God has placed in us what we need in order to partner with His current purposes. And when that which we carry becomes necessary in His plan, He moves us into a defining moment. Defining moments are critical points - strategically placed along our path by God - to propel us into His plans and our destiny. He then uses us to accomplish His will and intentions for that time in history. I believe, for many within the Church, we have entered one of those defining moments. The destiny of God in us has met the timing of God for us. Now, we must be willing to obey His leading, trusting that, by His Spirit, He has equipped us with all we need to effectively advance His purposes.

“I once had a powerful vision that made this truth very clear to me. In the vision, I saw myself standing in front of a wall with only a window in it. I was looking out the window, when the Lord spoke to me, ‘You’re standing in front of a window of opportunity right now.’ As I continued looking out, a hand came through the window and placed a key in mine. The Lord then said, ‘But the window of opportunity is about to become a door of access, and I have given you the key to open it.’

“Suddenly, the window turned into a door. In the vision, I used the key I had been given, and began opening the door. Immediately, however, a very strong wind blew in! I grabbed the door, trying to hold on with all my strength. The wind was so strong! I cried out, ‘Jesus, help me!’

“The Lord responded, ‘This wind is My Spirit; you must learn how to BE in it and how to walk in it.’

“The wind was taking my breath out of me. I said, ‘Jesus, I can’t even breathe!’

“He replied, ‘You must also learn how to breathe in My Spirit.’

“I said, ‘But, Lord, I can’t even move. How do I learn to walk in it when I can’t even let go of the door?’

“At that point in the vision, four angels came—one on each side of me, one behind me, and another in front. The Lord said, ‘You have to learn how to BE in My Spirit.

“In this vision, I suddenly realized that before I even went through the door, God had already transformed me into all I needed to BE, and had equipped me with all I needed to possess in order to walk in the Wind. Now, I needed to focus on Him—not on myself—and confidently utilize all He had made available to me.

“For many within the Body of Christ, the process is now giving way to the purpose. Our window of opportunity is about to become a door of access, and God has given us the key to open that door! What is the key? Faith in God! He has gone before us to provide everything we need to walk in the fullness of His purposes. So, move into this defining moment with confidence and courageous faith in God.

“It’s time for us to BE what we’ve been becoming. Take your place, step into the Wind and watch God launch you into the destiny He has been seeing for you all along.”

Pray with me:

Father, we recognize this is a “for such a time as this” moment. Your destiny in us has met Your timing for us, and we can access the door of this defining moment, yielding ourselves completely to You. At Your word, we will advance. We take our place in Your plan. We will trust Your leading, walk in Your Spirit, and BE what we have been becoming. We know that our obedience to You at this moment is not just about us, and it is not just about here and now. What You do in and through us now will impact others and even the future that is yet to unfold. So, we take our focus off ourselves, and we confidently utilize all that You have made available to us by Your Spirit. We say “Yes” to You. Launch us! Lead us, and we will follow as You accelerate us into position for the revealing and the release of Your purposes through us!

We stand against the spirit of death in our nation. We bind the actions of the spirit of Baal who is demanding blood sacrifices from our children through abortion. We ask You, Father, to turn the hearts of enough Justices to reverse the evil law enacted through Roe versus Wade. Turn this evil and heal our land. And we ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Our decree:

The process is giving way to purpose, and at His Word, we will boldly take our place in God’s plan. We will move into this defining moment with confidence and courageous faith in God, and we will see His Kingdom come and His will being done in us and through us.

Portions of this post were taken from Gina Gholston’s book “Dreams of Awakening.” You can find out more about Gina here.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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