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January 17, 2024

Watchman Prayer in Action

Our friends and prayer leaders, Hal and Cheryl Sacks in Arizona, sent me the following sobering information, affirming our concerns over America’s dams.

“The consequences of a terrorist attack on a United States dam could be catastrophic, even the small earthen dams. Multiple attacks on two or three of these structures could create mass casualties on a scale greater than September 11, 2001! The potential devastation, loss, and associated chaos make dams and waterways a prime target for terrorism.

“Take, for example, the Hoover Dam (Nevada/Arizona), the largest dam in the U.S. in terms of water capacity, which holds back 8.95 cubic miles of water at a time — a truly astonishing amount of weight. Hoover Dam is located on Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the U.S. when measured by water capacity.

“In the event of a terrorist attack, roughly 25 million people in Arizona, Nevada, California, and parts of Mexico would be without water for drinking, plumbing, and irrigation. At least 1.3 million people in those states would be left to find alternative electricity supplies. The agriculture community would come to a screeching halt. There would be fatalities resulting from flooding and a loss of clean water. A few million people could be forced to move to other cities or states.”(1)

I have received several communications from prophetic leaders around the country, stating that God has been talking to them about praying for America’s water supply, waterways, dams - and though I did not mention it in Monday’s post - ports. As we launch this week into praying for protection over these water supplies and facilities, I want to encourage you with a testimony from the incredible book INSPIRED STORIES: 50 Years of Answered Prayer, Volume 1, recently released by Intercessors For America. This book, containing 28 powerful testimonies of answers to prayer, is SO encouraging!!! Here is one regarding terrorism:

Terrorist Plans Thwarted

“In the years and months leading to July 4, 1976, Americans were planning a joyous celebration of the nation's bicentennial. At the same time, terrorist groups were planning to exploit the opportunity for purposes of their own. These terrorists were well organized and well armed, and their intentions were clear: to bomb, to burn, to destroy, and above all, to disrupt the July 4 bicentennial celebrations, the Democratic Convention in New York City (July 12-15, 1976), and the Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada (July 17-August 1, 1976).

“Dr. William Kintner, a University of Pennsylvania political science professor, testified before Congress on June 18, 1976, in hopes that making these serious terrorist threats public would deter the terrorists from acting. Kintner told Congress: ‘... [T]here is reason to be concerned that the terrorist elements in our society will find the bicentennial an irresistible attraction - not only because the eyes of the world will be focused on the bicentennial festivities, but also because they regard the celebration itself with consuming hostility since it stands for everything they are opposed to: freedom.’

“‘Extremist groups that hate this country and what it stands for,’ Kintner said, ‘have been talking in terms of disrupting, or spoiling, the bicentennial.’ He gave examples of radical rhetoric that implied and could thus incite violence: ‘turning the bicentennial upside down.’ [Another group said] ‘When they light the candles on the 200th birthday cake, we will be there to blow them out.’ [And still another] talked about ‘bringing the fireworks,’ and this slogan has been repeated by some of those in charge of a planned mass demonstration in Philadelphia.

"Radical domestic groups and communist leaders were identified as among those giving rise to the terror threat during the summer of 1976. 

“But God raised up His standard, and satan‘s plans were stopped cold. All three events went ahead, free from any terrorist interference. Prayer was the key here, and so the warfare that did take place was all in the spiritual realm. One example was Joy Dawson's prayer of intercession at a conference in Pittsburgh. As this leader of the Youth With A Mission ministry team began praying, thousands joined her in taking authority over the unseen forces in the heavenlies. Here are excerpts from that powerful prayer:

‘... [C]lothed in the armor of God now, we come to address satan, principalities, and demon powers, and we come to tell you, God the Holy Ghost has disclosed your plans for riots on July 4 in Philadelphia and on into Montreal. ... You will not win, and we come to do aggressive warfare against you in the name of the Lord Jesus and in the power of the Holy Ghost.

‘Tonight, I come and address the particular principalities that satan has allotted to be loosed on July 4. The Holy Ghost has named them to me.

They are the principality of lawlessness, the principality of anarchy, and the principality of rebellion — and I tell you right now, you will not do anything to discredit the work of the Living God. I bind you right now. I resist you right now. I command you three principalities, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus, to cease all plans right now. I command confusion in the committees of hell tonight through Jesus Christ. You will not work, you will not thwart the will of God, because it is written in the word of God: “I will work, says the Living God...”

‘And we now say to You, O God, as we take our place, having turned from the powers of darkness — we say thanks be unto God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ, for we are more than conquerors through Him who washed us in His own precious blood. We praise You now in faith. King God, we worship You and praise You tonight for the sheer privilege of being on the winning side. We worship You because You're the mighty conquering king, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. And we tell You tonight that it is a privilege to obey You. We will say “Yes, Sir!” to anything You ask us to do, and we thank You that Your truth is marching on because You are marching on. Hallelujah!’" (2)

Pray with me:

Father, we thank You for the watchmen You have raised up in our nation, those assigned to be sentries and guards and can sound the alarm when prayer is needed for a given situation. We thank You for the prophetic anointing, which brings discernment regarding the future, alerting us to the strategies of satan and his kingdom. You told us to “be alert” and pray at all kairos times (Ephesians 6:18), times of strategic, well-timed attacks from satan’s kingdom. We do so now.

Father, You have assigned us to pray for protection over America’s water supply, waterways, ports, and dams. (From the prayer and decree written for this assignment [on our websites]) Your Word tells us that unless You keep or guard a city, the efforts of watchmen are in vain (Psalm 127:1). Therefore, we look to You for protection - You are our refuge, a very present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1). When You are for us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31)? You save us from our enemies, men of bloodshed who do iniquity (Psalm 59:1-2). You are the Creator and Owner of the entire world - all of its inhabitants, as well as the seas and rivers. You are the King of glory, the Lord strong and mighty in battle, and the Lord of angel armies (Psalm 24:1,7,8,10). As a Master Workman, You set the boundaries for the seas and drew the tributaries of the earth (Proverbs 8:29-30), and still maintain ownership and authority over them.

Contend with those who contend with us (Isaiah 49:25), cause evil to “bow down before the good, and the wicked at the gates of the righteous” (Proverbs 14:19). We ask that Holy Spirit would hover over the dams, water supplies, waterways, and ports of our nation, just as He did the waters of the earth in Genesis 1:2, releasing life and blessing. Arise over us, God, and cause every enemy to be scattered (Psalm 68:1). In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Our decree:

We decree that the powerful and majestic voice of the Lord thunders upon America’s waters, blessing them with peace (Psalm 29:3-4,11).

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  2. Dave Kubal and John D. Beckett, Inspired Stories - 50 Years of Answered Prayer, Vol. 1, (Plymouth: MA, Proclamation House Publishing), pp. 32-36.


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