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January 12, 2018

The Impossible is Inevitable

“February 22nd is George Washington’s birthday. It also happens to be the first day of The Turnaround Conference we are holding in Washington, D.C. George faced a giant in his day. The breaking away from England and the founding of the United States of America likely seemed impossible during his lifetime. Nevertheless, he believed and fought for it anyway. If God promised it to you, what seems to be impossible, unsure, and improbable becomes inevitable. The enemy says, “Who do you think you are?” We are those who are coming together to exercise our kingly and priestly anointing to see God’s purposes come to pass in America. We will be a sign and a wonder. Our nation is seeing signs and wonders, like Trump stating Israel’s capital is Jerusalem and the Supreme Court is making decisions we thought would be impossible. We say that a favorable attitude toward the church is coming on this nation, as more and more come to know Him.” (An anonymous intercessor)

“You see that Abraham’s faith and what he did worked together. His faith was shown to be genuine by what he did.” (James 2:22; GWT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. God loves His people to be filled with faith! Do you have a really big personal faith-challenge? Rejoice! Declare that God will meet your need in Christ Jesus.

  2. Pray for the Turnaround Conference to please God in the faithful intercession of the saints that will be there. Pray for every detail to be just as He wants it to be. Intercede for a significant shift in the nation, even while we are meeting there.

  3. The U.S.A. is in a season of huge challenges. Name one of them and decree the purposes of God into it—the need of revival in the land, dealing with North Korea, answers for DACA, placing of righteous judges, ending of abortion, healing between races, gender confusion, etc.

  4. Thank God for the sign and wonder of President Trump promoting Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and his determination to move the US embassy there. Let it encourage your faith.

  5. Call the harvest of souls in!

A prayer you can pray:

God, You love us! We are Your holy people, set apart for the works You have planned for us to accomplish before the foundations of time. You planned for us to be successful, not to walk the earth as failures. (Name your biggest faith-challenge.) I declare that this challenge as big as a mountain that I am facing will move out of the way! I decree that it must bow to Jesus’ name. My nation’s challenges are just like my personal ones. Together with other people of faith, I decree that the challenges this nation faces are going to fall before our great and mighty God! Lord, You have given us a sign and a wonder in President Trump’s moving of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. What boldness! We know He was prompted by You to do that. We look for many miracles for America just like that one. The biggest thing we want is a great harvest of souls! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today’s decree:

We will pray and decree in faith believing, and will work with God to see His plans come to pass in this nation!


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