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January 11, 2020

Getting Ready for the Dragon-Lion War

“God is coming down in the midst of your familiar settings. He has a way to communicate to you. You are going to need to defamiliarize yourself with the atmosphere that is familiar to you in order to hear Him. What is around you now, even those who are around you now, may not realize the new identity God is moving you into.

“After Jesus was baptized, he went to the wilderness for 40 days and he came out different. He faced the best Satan had to throw at him. When you face all hell, you will become something different. When you come through something like that, those who know you may not realize that you are different. You will sense it. Everything around you may look the same, but you won’t relate to it the same way.

“We need to benefit from the trials we have faced, because this is an era where the war intensifies. It’s intensifying in America. Watch Israel, because what is going on there is a model for the other nations. We have entered a dragon-lion war season. Without the sound coming from God’s Ekklesia—you—the dragon will rise. He’s fire-breathing and he will singe what’s happening. If you do not know your identity and do not defamiliarize yourself with your surroundings, you won’t know how to move with the Lord against this dragon. If you don’t know your authority, the Word He’s given you to war with, or the place He’s leading you to war in, you won’t be effective in this war.” (Chuck Pierce)

“In that day, the Lord with his hard and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and he will slay the dragon that is in the sea.” (Isaiah 27:1; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Have you experienced a trial that you know changed you? Receive the revelation that God will use this changed you.

  2. Are you in any place of familiarity that has led to complacency in your life? Purpose to defamiliarize yourself with your surroundings. Ask the Lord to help you see your surroundings, your family, your community, and your church connections, differently. Why are you really in that line of work? Why are your children in that particular school. Look, and look again.

  3. God is putting the Church in the battle to defeat the dragon. Check yourself. Are you fully on His side? Where do you waver in your convictions?

  4. Do you understand the authority the Lord has graced you with as you have passed through various trials? The testing of your faith produces spiritual authority in you.

  5. Pray for Israel. Look at and see how Israel is in the news today.

  6. Pray, “Lord, I want to be effective in spiritual warfare with You. I am on the Lion’s side against the dragon.”

A prayer you can pray:

Father, life has been hard at times and I feel the trials I have been through have changed me. Sometimes I feel weary and I want my old self back. As I contemplate the changes that have come, the maturing and the wisdom, I can see that there are benefits to passing through the pain. Also, I can relate so much better to others who have suffered likewise. The devil is ruthless against humanity. You are on our side and I want to be fully on Yours. Let me really look at how familiar things around me have become. Let’s make some changes. Open my eyes to what I haven’t seen. Don’t let me be afraid to see. Open my heart to what I have tried not to feel. Defamiliarize me to my surroundings, Lord. I am in this world, but not of it. Let me not be too comfortable in it. As I watch Israel this year, show me how what they are going through is a sign to us. I want to be effective in spiritual warfare with You. I am on the Lion’s side against the dragon! I’m with You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s decree:

From the trials we face comes a new identity and grace. We must walk in it to defeat the enemy in the places God has put us.

Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.


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