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February 6, 2023

Patton and Prayer

We are in a “winner take all” spiritual war for the soul of America. The Left certainly knows this and has pulled out all the stops. They no longer even attempt to masquerade their attempts at taking over our nation. Winning by persuasion and numbers alone is no longer their plan; they also use force, laws, lies, and intimidation. The fruit of allowing humanistic ideals to control our nation is now in complete manifestation: God is “allowed” only in homes and churches; education has devolved into leftist indoctrination and recruitment; amorality prevails (which is what humanism teaches); the Bible is not recognized as the infallible Word of God, and its principles are considered antiquated; America - at its roots - is considered bad/evil, socialism is good; the media cannot be trusted; law enforcement is evil and violence is to be tolerated; truth no longer matters, lying to advance an agenda is perfectly acceptable. The average American, even those who do not profess to be Christians, shakes her or his head in wonder asking, “How did we get to this point?”

The strongholds which now exist will never be fully overcome only in the legislative chambers, courtrooms, and classrooms of America. A Third Great Awakening MUST occur to reawaken the conscience of millions in America. Yes, much else must be done, but without an awakening, there is no solution. The awakening has begun and is being produced by the preaching of the Gospel of Christ, declaring God’s word, prayer, fasting, spiritual warfare, and obedience to God and His Word. All of these activities release spiritual power.

One of the people I learned the most about regarding prayer, Gordon Lindsay, said the following about spiritual warfare: “I pray at least one violent prayer every day.” He was referring, obviously, to Matthew 11:12: “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”

This verse is not speaking of physical violence. It is referring to the release of spiritual power/violence, in the spiritual realm, to tear down spiritual strongholds. Lindsay took literally Christ’s statement that we would use His authority to bind and loose demonic powers. (Matthew 16:18-19) He did so daily, and the fruit of his prayers is immeasurable. The world is different today because of the ministry and life of Gordon Lindsay.

Our amazing friend, Quin Sherrer, wrote the following regarding prayer and the spiritual battle we are in, highlighting General George Patton. Quin quotes him as saying:

‘“I am a soldier. I fight where I am told. I win where I fight.’ That quote by General George S. Patton is displayed at the museum honoring him at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

“An intercessor friend who saw it during a visit there commented: ‘That should be our attitude when fighting God’s enemy through prayer and spiritual warfare, especially with what’s happening in our nation. God needs Christians with a warrior’s spirit,’ she said.

“‘Patton attended the Virginia Military Institute and the United States Military Academy at West Point. He studied fencing and designed the M1913 Cavalry Saber, more commonly known as the Patton Saber. He also competed in the modern pentathlon in the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.’(1) As a U. S. Army general, Patton’s leadership was strategic in winning battles.

“‘George Smith Patton Jr. (1885–1945) was a general who commanded the Seventh United States Army in the Mediterranean theater of World War II, and the Third United States Army in France and Germany after the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944.

‘“Patton conducted a highly successful rapid armored drive across France. Under his decisive leadership, the Third Army took the lead in relieving beleaguered American troops at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, after which his forces drove deep into Nazi Germany by the end of the war.’(2)

“Some of Patton’s language to his troops was laced with words that ladies at afternoon tea would not approve, he once admitted. But he said his men did. ‘Patton's philosophy of leading from the front, and his ability to inspire troops was usually favorably received by them…[His] colorful image, hard-driving personality, and success as a commander were at times overshadowed by his controversial public statements.’(3)

“Biographers say Patton believed in prayer. Here is one of his statements for his troops:

“General Patton once told his men, ‘You must acquire the warrior’s soul.’ Here is another strong quote of his:

‘There are three ways that men get what they want; by planning, by working, and by praying. Any great military operation takes careful planning or thinking. Then you must have well-trained troops to carry it out: that's the working. But between the plan and the operation, there is always an unknown. That unknown spells defeat or victory, success or failure. It is the reaction of the actors to the ordeal when it actually comes. Some people call that getting the breaks; I call it God. God has His part or margin in everything, that's where prayer comes in.’(5)

“Prayer and spiritual warfare must be used when God’s enemies and ours, satan and his demonic forces, attempt to wreak havoc in our families, communities, and nations. We battle the enemy to break his assignment, using the weapons God has provided for us: His Word, the name and blood of Jesus, Holy Spirit’s power.

“Paul instructs Christians that their struggle is not with flesh and blood but with invisible principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness. He says to resist the ‘wiles of the devil’ - the enemy’s evil schemes - by putting on the whole armor of God, taking a stand, praying in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests, and staying alert. (Ephesians 6:18 NIV).

“Of course, Christ’s victory over satan is complete. Yet, we have a role in enforcing that victory. God is looking for those with a ‘warrior spirit’ to see corruption unveiled and truth prevail in our nation.”

‘How does this warrior spirit translate into action today against the spiritual giants of our land? Obviously, it begins with prayer - spiritual warfare. But there is more. Standing for truth, voting out of office individuals with unbiblical ideals, giving to righteous causes, speaking out against all that oppose the rule of God, loving our enemies - overcoming evil with good - all are ways by which we war.(6)

Jesus won, we are enforcing His victory, and we will see the full manifestation in our lives and nation.

Pray with me:

Father, as we stand in the gap for our nation, cities, and families, we declare that the power of the blood of Jesus breaks every chain of bondage. Let every scheme of evil be exposed and thwarted before they can be carried out. We declare that no weapon formed against our nation shall prosper. Every tongue that would rise up against us in judgment will be exposed and cast down.

We pray for the manifold wisdom of God to rest upon all who are in authority over our country. May truth and discernment guide every decision they make in their public and private lives. May unrighteous officials currently in office be replaced by those who will serve with integrity. We cry for justice and mercy, truth and righteousness to be established.

We decree that the enemy’s tactics and assignments aligned against our citizens and country will be exposed and demolished. Justice will prevail. Christians across this land with a warrior’s spirit will continue to cry out and stand in the gap, ushering in the next Great Awakening with a great harvest of souls. We thank You in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that we are more than conquerors through Christ!

Portions of today’s post were contributed by our dear friend, author, and seasoned intercessor, Quin Sherrer. You can find out more about Quin at

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