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February 3, 2019

An Open Letter to President Trump

“Dear President Trump,

Thank you for your service to the people of America. Mindful of your compassion for the ‘soul of America,’ we are writing with an urgent request.

While we fully understand your concern for the safety and security of the American people, as well as compassionate consideration for innocent immigrants, we are requesting that you also consider addressing another American crisis by declaring that the abortion of a child in the womb—notably deemed by science and philosophy as a living human byproduct—is a crime against humanity.

While considering a barrier or a wall to protect the people of America and to assist the innocent immigrants who desire to come to our country, we pray that you will also remember the babies in the womb, according to God, science, and philosophy, are human beings waiting to be born.

The scourge of the abortion of human beings in the womb is an American crisis. Please declare that abortion of pre-born human beings is a national crisis.” (See the full letter here. Sign the letter here.)

“Do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, or the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place.” (Jeremiah 22:3c; AMP)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Intercede for God-answers to the immigration dilemma in America. There are no easy or simple answers.

  2. Pray for the innocent ones who are coming to America’s southern borders with valid desires for entry. Pray that their needs are able to be met in some way.

  3. Pray for solutions for the families with children among the immigrants.

  4. Intercede for children traveling with those who are not their parents or other relatives. Command trafficking to be exposed.

  5. Ask God to highlight and arrest those among the immigrants who are coming with impure motives, and may already be causing harm to those they are traveling with.

  6. Pray for the ending of abortion in America. The unborn among us are in as critical a need, or more so, as the immigrants at the southern border.

  7. Ask God to convict every abortionist’s heart. Say, “Jesus, open their eyes to see what they are doing! Bring them to repentance and salvation.”

A prayer you can pray:

God, we come to you in an attitude of repentance. We act like we know exactly what is needed to protect our borders, when we really have no idea of the complexity of the problem. Many national experts bicker back and forth, but have yet to come up with a full solution to this complicated problem. Help! Drop Your solution in the minds of those in government who are seeking You. Let the prophets speak to the governing. Let the agencies work together. You care so much about the people yearning to come into this nation. You know the innocent ones and the hardened criminals among them. You know who can connive their way in and who cannot help themselves. Give our nation solutions for the families with children. Separate any children from captors or those hired to bring them to us. Show our nation the best way to meet their many needs. Now, this immigration problem pales in comparison to the abortion issue. These pre-born ones are being killed on a daily basis. Lives that You placed tenderly and safely in mothers’ wombs are being torn from them by those who do not seem to care. We care! We will stand for the unborn! We ask You to end abortion in this nation, Lord. Give us God-solutions for their care, too. Open hearts to embrace them. Open abortionists’ eyes to exactly what they are doing! Bring conviction and repentance and salvation. Save our nation’s children, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s decree:

America chooses Life for our unborn!


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