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February 17, 2022

The Rainbow Trout

During the 2020 election battle, I went with a team of 20 intercessors to Coudersport, PA, to pray at the headwaters of the Allegheny River. This location was chosen based on a series of dreams given to different individuals. Pennsylvania was our nation’s birthplace, and we felt that Holy Spirit was highlighting this location to confirm that a new birth is coming to America. While there, He gave Clay Nash another significant dream. I mentioned this dream in yesterday's post. Today I want to share the entire dream with you, along with some of the insights gleaned from it. It is encouraging. Clay says:

“I dreamed the morning of Nov 16 [2020], while in Coudersport, PA, that Dutch and I were fly fishing in the Allegheny River.

“There were people along the bank of the Allegheny kneeling and praying. Each person, after a time of prayer, would rise and walk away very focused, very intentional, and very fast-paced, as if they had received an assignment. Dutch, on the other hand, was very intensely focused on the fly fishing.

“People began coming to Dutch and shouting, ‘Come on out of the water, we need you with us.’ It irritated me and I was about to intervene in their disruptions when Dutch told me to ‘stay focused on the fly fishing; God is about to reveal Himself.’

“We remained diligent in casting our flies upon the water. At almost the exact same moment we both caught trout. Both trout had beautiful rainbows on them, so bright it was amazing. Dutch, being a distance from me shouted, ‘Come here, you must see this.’

“As I sought to remove the fly from my trout’s mouth, in it I discovered a gold coin that had the word, ‘Mercy’ on it. I shouted back to Dutch, ‘You must see THIS!’ I moved quickly to show him. Many people were still kneeling and praying. They began to arise and they, too, had ‘Mercy Coins.’ Each one threw a gold ‘Mercy Coin’ into the river.

“When I arrived where Dutch was, he showed me the gold ‘Mercy Coin’ he had retrieved from his trout’s mouth. He then held the trout up to look at the rainbow on its side. On the right side of the trout, over the rainbow, was the word, ‘Reset.’ Over the rainbow on the left side it said, ‘America shall be saved.’

“About this time a raft came floating down the river with George Washington and other people in it, some of them being First Nations people. They were holding up the Appeal to Heaven flag. The flag, however, had additional wording on the bottom: ‘No Surrender.’”

End of dream.

First, there were many people on the banks of the river, praying. The dream was about appealing to heaven. Clay and I were fishing for rainbow trout and each of us caught one. In scripture the rainbow represents covenant. (Genesis 9:1-17) On my trout, over the rainbow on each side, were the words “reset” and “America shall be saved.” I realize there is a reset movement being conducted by globalists, but don’t be confused by this. God is doing His reset, also. But America’s reset and salvation can only occur as we honor covenant. First and foremost, we must honor the covenant we have with God through the blood of Jesus. But Holy Spirit has also been telling us that America must honor, and we believers must decree, the power of the covenant we have with God as a nation. It is very significant to me that I have been writing a good bit about that in recent GH15 posts and now Holy Spirit has reminded me of this dream. I had not thought of it in a year; Clay mentioned it to me on Monday of this week.

In the mouth of “covenant”, we found “mercy” - the coins. This was and remains very significant to me because in 2016 God began speaking to me about His mercy being offered to America. In three separate instances - one in front of the White House, a dream given to an intercessor, and a vision given to a pastor - He showed me that mercy would be granted to our nation. The vision was given to a pastor and friend of mine, Kingsley Walker, while he was praying with us during the Reset Conference I hosted just before the 2016 elections. In his vision, the sky began raining U.S. coins. This became a deluge until we were eventually standing ankle-deep in the coins. They were exact replicas of U.S. silver dollars, except that each one had the word MERCY across the top. In the vision, I picked up some of the coins, looked at Kingsley and said, “Mercy is our new currency.”

I encouraged Kingsley to have silver coins made that looked exactly like the Mercy Coins from the vision. He did so and they are beautiful. God has used these as prayer momentos all over the world now. A friend of his and mine just gave seven of these coins to several heads of nations, telling them that God desires to give mercy to their nation as well. People have given them to their members of Congress, governors, pastors, and friends. I buried one in the soil at the headwaters of the Allegheny River during one of my prayer journeys there. If you are interested in owning one of these beautiful Mercy Coins or giving one to a friend, we have provided a link to the non-profit Mercy Coin ministry for you here. DSM does not make a penny off of this; it is just something I believe in tremendously. (Please do not contact us about purchasing the coins as we do not sell them.)

It will not be America’s good works or righteousness that purchases/earns restoration. Our salvation will be purchased only with God’s mercy, bought for us by the blood of Christ. God was confirming this to me again in 2020, reminding me that we will obtain mercy through our covenant with Him. This alone will save and reset America.

I mentioned yesterday that George Washington, along with others, then floated down the river holding an Appeal To Heaven flag. Washington, “the Father of our nation,” was the person who had this flag designed and made. He flew it over the naval vessels and many battlefields in the Revolutionary War, reminding the colonists that appealing to heaven for help was our only hope of freedom. I did not mention yesterday the First Nations people in the boat, intentionally waiting until today.

Their presence is very significant. It was never God’s heart and plan that we “take” this land from the First Nations people. It was His intent that we partner with them and live in peace, just as William Penn did with the First Nations people of what is now Pennsylvania. Penn was “given” the land by the king of England. He knew, however, it was not the king’s land to give, so he purchased it from the native people, and entered into a sacred covenant with them, which he never broke.

I have known for years that the next great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in America would include the First Nations people. God loves them dearly and will not allow them to be forgotten. I will say more about this tomorrow, sharing a report of what is happening among one of the tribes. But in the dream, they were in the boat with us. How much clearer could Holy Spirit make this? We must have the First Nations people in the boat! They have an incredible role to play in what God wants to do in our nation, and I believe He is coming to visit the reservations and native people all across this land with a great revival. Let’s pray regarding this.

Pray with me:

Father, we honor the shed blood of Jesus Christ and our covenant with You through Him. Our hope is built on nothing else. Through this blood, we have access to Your mercy seat. We come to You now in His name asking for mercy to our nation. We ask that You reset America, bringing us back to Your plan and purpose. We ask that You restore faith and a love for You, through the greatest revival America has ever experienced. We ask for this same outpouring to all the nations of the earth.

We will not surrender, we will continue to appeal and we will do so in faith. We believe in Your goodness and love. We believe in Your heart of grace, mercy, and compassion. We call on that now. We pray especially for our First Nations friends all across this nation. We ask for an incredible, supernatural, earthshaking revival to come to the First Nations people of this land. We believe we will see this.

And we ask for Your continued work of cleansing in America. Give us righteous government once again. Overturn Roe versus Wade. Heal our land, Father. We ask all of this in the name of Christ. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that mercy, through the blood of Jesus, is our currency in heaven.

Click on the link below to watch the full video.

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