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February 12, 2017

Originist or Revisionist?

Over the past few decades, we have seen much “overreach” of power as branches of our government attempt to meddle in areas they shouldn’t. This is where we need to understand what an “originist” is. From a constitutional standpoint, an originist is a person who believes that the Constitution should be interpreted with the views of the original authors. Simply put, our Constitution should be interpreted as our Founding Fathers viewed the issues. It is not to be reinterpreted according to the whims of the prevailing culture. In other words, the Constitution is not meant to be a “living document.” (Dave Kubal)1

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” (Romans 3:23-24; NIV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Intercede that our government leaders would understand the fallen nature of man and how that influences legislation.

  2. Ask the Father to bless the people of the United States with an understanding of our founding documents and the importance of them, as written. Pray for a supernatural curiosity to arise about them.

  3. Pray that teachers would teach about them at every level of education.

  4. Pray that media would highlight them.

  5. Pray that the Constitution would be honored by all three branches of the government, but especially by the judiciary.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, it is the season for our government leaders to understand the true nature of man—as fallen and in need of a Savior. Only then can legislation be written that is able to set a standard that lines up with the God’s Word and our Constitution. Otherwise, the tendency will be to write, judge and execute laws that fluctuate with the moral climate of the times. Cause a supernatural curiosity about our founding documents, especially the Constitution of the United States, to rise up in the hearts of our citizens. In schools, in media and in other venues, may they come to the forefront and be honored as they are written. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

God is highlighting the Constitution and will raise up those who will honor it and establish it in future legislation.

Learn more about Dave Kubal here.

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