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December 31, 2020

I invite you to join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. You can join me here as we Appeal to Heaven for America.

End 2020 Well and Keep Fighting

The year 2020 is finally over. Today we stand on the precipice of entering a brand new year, a new beginning. Many of us consider this the time to evaluate how we spent our life this past year, in order to make new commitments and set goals for the upcoming new year. However, much of what happened in 2020 was beyond our control - someone else was deciding what life would look like for us. But we are Americans. We know how to roll with the punches and make the necessary adjustments in order to protect our families, our homes, our businesses, and our very lives.

As I continue to pray for the 2020 Presidential election, I have not wavered in my faith. I believe God’s plan is not for socialism to take over America, but for President Trump to continue leading our nation out of darkness and into continued blessings. God desires for America to be a solid republic with strong capitalism, a country where adoption is celebrated and abortion is nonexistent, where we help our neighbors, support our policemen, have a strong military, worship without fear, and embrace the freedoms we all hold dear.

This is the reason I went with a team to Washington D.C. this week. We went there to pray, to put our feet on the ground in that city and decree what we believe is the word of the Lord for our nation. We visited Lincoln’s Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Memorial to release the prophetic word that came through a dream earlier this week (Wednesday’s post). We prayed near the White House, declaring God’s word, purpose, and desire regarding who would live there for the next 4 years. We prayed that God would send His warring angels to battle for us, pushing back darkness so His will can be done.

Giving up is much easier than holding on, and there are plenty who have done just that. Some have even apologized for standing up for President Trump. However, until God tells me differently, I choose to believe the prophetic words He sends my way and the dreams that come almost nightly giving us direction and declarations to make are effectual. The faith I have to believe God is on our side causes me to hold on. Like so many of you, I choose to dig my heels in deeper and fight for what I believe is right. This great country we call America and its partnership with God is worth fighting for.

So I say hold on! Keep praying and believing the word of the Lord, keep making declarations and decrees. Keep partnering with God and saying what He says about His plans for our nation. He alone is America’s King, her Lawmaker, and Judge.

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Things are happening behind the scenes. Stay firm in your faith and continue to pray for everything hidden to come to light.

  • This is an important week - continue to ask the Lord for HIS great breakthrough.

  • Intercede for all of Trump’s election attorneys. As they work in the civil arena, determine to come alongside in the spiritual realm, praying for them.

  • The spiritual realm is important, not just the natural. Be relentless in your prayers and continue to decree the word of the Lord.

  • Trust that God will move quickly on our behalf, uncovering and flipping over what is trying to remain covered up.

  • Pray that all evil will be exposed - no matter where it is or who it involves. It’s time for everything in darkness to come into the light!

  • Pray for the ekklesia to arise with boldness, strength, and a new resolve.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, we are grateful You are with us and are on our side in this battle. As we approach the end of this year and start the beginning of a new one, we recommit our lives to You and resolve to represent You well. You are the Giver of life, the One who sustains and strengthens us. You are not fickle, changing from day to day. You are the Almighty, the Beginning and the End, the Sustainer of life, the Creator of all.

We thank You for the United States of America and this free land that You planned, purposed, and ordained so that Your gospel could go from here unto all the nations of the earth. We believe that part of that purpose is for Donald Trump to remain as president of our land. We ask that You refresh our president and his family. Encourage their hearts and help them to find strength and hope in You. We ask You to visit President Trump in his dreams, send Your Holy Spirit to him - envelope him in Your love and Your divine presence. Cause him to see and be confident that he is part of Your plan, and submit 100 percent to You.

Come, Holy Spirit, and encourage each person who is listening and praying with me today. I ask that they be infused with hope, strength, peace, clarity of thought, and the supernatural ability to hear You clearly. We choose to look to You, Jesus, the One who sustains us and gives us peace that passes all understanding.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.


We declare that the will of God will be established for America!

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