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December 30, 2020

I invite you to join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. You can join me here as we Appeal to Heaven for America.

The Eagles Are Rising

I was in Washington D.C. yesterday praying at several key locations. Some of what we prayed - and where we did so - was due to the following dream given Saturday night to my friend, Dr. Don Lynch. This amazing dream contained six scenes, 5 of which I am sharing in this post.


“A convocation of eagles was in Washington D.C. There were many flying in the air, some soaring to heights where they appeared merely as dots; others were sitting in a cherry tree, while still others were at various monuments. None were on the ground.

“The word ‘convocation’ derived from the Greek word ‘ekklesia,’ which is also the word for ‘church.’ It does not mean a building or congregation; it literally means a legislature or government. This is what Jesus was referring to when He said, ‘I will build my ekklesia.’ Convocation is also the word for a group of eagles, as in this dream. The eagles in the dream are definitely speaking of the ekklesia. The fact that none of them were on the ground pictures spiritual warfare in the heavenlies.

“The convocation was very active, connected, and in constant communication with one another from the positions they had taken. It was strategic, ‘on a mission’ behavior. I knew they intended to carry out orders in unison.


“I see three monuments at the same time. Eagles were located at each monument:

  • One eagle sat on the very top of the Washington Monument, as if this vantage point gave him complete visibility/line of sight for the entire situation. I had a sense this was for coordination and orchestration.

  • Five eagles sat on the lap and knees of Lincoln’s statue in the Lincoln Memorial.

  • At the Jefferson Memorial, eagles were sitting on the floor, one between each of the 54 pillars, facing outward.

“The eagle on top of the Washington Monument represents wisdom, sight, and leadership of the kind Washington provided. ‘One’ could mean we have only one option for success: Appeal to Heaven, just as George Washington, the flag’s creator, understood. It speaks of our one and only reference point - prayer - from which all we must do can be seen and assessed.

“‘Five eagles on Lincoln’s lap at the Lincoln Memorial means grace (the number’s biblical meaning) has landed in our laps and strengthened our knees, even while, in repose, we ponder taking the nation through ‘civil war.’ Like Lincoln, President Trump has no choice but to press on, carrying this heavy burden. His actions may cause difficult times, but this course of action is right before God. The ‘eagles’ on the lap of Lincoln represent the prayers of the ekklesia releasing the grace and strength needed to finish the task, in spite of the difficulties ahead.

“The Jefferson Memorial speaks of the documents Jefferson penned, including the principles and presuppositions of liberty our founders asked him to communicate in the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson included an appeal to heaven in the Declaration of Independence: ‘appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world...’

“Pillars represent ‘support or foundation.’ The eagles between every pillar, facing out, represent the ekklesia’s prayers and decrees protecting the foundations/pillars of our nation. These prayers and decrees release the ‘Divine Providence’ spoken of in the Declaration of Independence: ‘with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.’

“None of the eagles were on the ground, each remaining in a position of air superiority. Even when touching the monuments, they were up above the ground. This means we stay in spiritual warfare mode, while the President carries out the civil government strategies.


“I see in the dream a carnival duck hunt booth with stuffed animals on the walls. President Trump had been shooting at the ducks with little success and had just thrown down the toy gun in disgust. The President says, ‘I am tired of playing games in this carnival.’

“There is really no interpretation needed. The President has had it with the ‘games’ played by the DC ‘carnival’ and is now bringing out the true weapons.


“The President is holding a Benelli Super Black Eagle shotgun and reloading it with shells. Twenty-one ducks lay on the ground; seven ducks are in a line walking toward him.

“The President says, ‘Finally, I have my ducks in a row.’ This, of course, speaks of things coming together or being set up for success.


“Suddenly, I am in front of the Trump Hotel, standing next to what had been a Benjamin Franklin statue. However (in the dream) Franklin is now alive, and he is the size of the statue! (The Trump Hotel in DC is the original Washington Post Office. Ben Franklin was the founder of America’s Postal Service. This is why his statue is there.)

“Benjamin Franklin says, ‘I would never allow the post office to be used to subvert this nation I love.’ He actually used the word ‘subvert;’ I did not supply the verb to communicate a message.

“His face was both angry and teary-eyed with rage. He was shaking with fury as he clenched his fists. His eyes were on fire. I remember thinking that I could go to war with Benjamin Franklin.

“Then, he repeated his famous phrase, ‘We have a Republic, if we can keep it.’ He reached out to shake my hand and looked me in the eye as if to say, ‘Let's make sure we keep it.’

“Franklin’s comment about subverting the election is a confirmation that the mail-in voting was corrupt. And his oft-repeated quote regarding the republic is an admonition and warning to the ekklesia to keep fighting. Perhaps his large size in the dream could be emphasizing how important this statement is right now.”

This dream is filled with so much revelation it is mind-boggling. The underlying themes, however, are:

  1. God needs his ekklesia to rise in this hour, in order that He might use her to save America.

  2. President Trump is making very, very difficult decisions at this time. He needs our prayers in order to make the right choices.

  3. He is tired of the political games and circus atmosphere of Washington D.C. and is now deciding to engage them with the weapons at his disposal.

  4. We are warned at the end of the dream that we could lose our Republic if we don’t fight the corruption.

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Pray for the church to arise in this hour with boldness and resolve.

  • Pray that we, like Washington’s army, make our appeal until heaven has given us our victory.

  • Pray for the President as he makes incredibly difficult decisions. Pray for his legal team as they wade through these decisions with him. Pray for others who are involved, as well.

  • Pray that our President and others involved use all of the “weapons” needed to save our Republic.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, we ask you to give us great insight in this hour. May we, your ekklesia, rise to the level required in order to save our nation. We pray for coordination, long-range vision, perseverance, and warrior hearts.

We pray for our President and his team. We ask You for wisdom, understanding, brilliant strategy, and a hardened resolve to do what is best for this nation and its future generations. We pray for backbones of steel.

And we pray against the corruption in our government. A government that no longer serves its people, but rapes them at every opportunity, including when they’re supposed to be giving them relief from a pandemic. Many of them know no shame. We pray that You would expose and remove them. We pray that those who should go to prison do so. Bring integrity back to our nation’s government. Deliver us from this evil. And yes, use President Trump to do so. We pray a blessing over he and his family. We ask these things in the authority of Jesus. Amen.


We decree that the eagles are rising and will prevail!

Find out more about Dr. Don Lynch here.


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