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December 26, 2022

I will be leading us in Communion today. If possible, pause your recording and/or reading and get some juice/wine and bread ready so you can join me. Communion is more than remembering and honoring; it is a declaration of, the release of, and celebration of victory!

Hello! Thank you so much for participating with me in prayer each day!

Ceci and I are slowing down a little during these last couple of weeks of 2022. I do so each year, taking time to focus on the coming year and listening to Holy Spirit’s words, insights, and assignments.

However, with the critical assignment on the final quarter of 2022, I feel we must continue the communion and prayers aimed at ending Baal’s voice in America. Therefore, I have asked trusted leaders and friends to write prayers; I’ll read one each day and also lead in Communion. Though there won’t be a teaching, PLEASE join me daily for these strategic times of prayer. We must not let up - let’s finish well!

Our friend, Kelsey Bohlender, sent the following strong prayer. The title is:


We Remember

“Father, today we appeal to Your covenant of grace, sealed by the blood of Christ. We are grateful that Your word declares that by covenant You set us free! We remember the covenant, and ask, like the Psalmist (Psalm 74) that You would arise and extend Your hand to remove evil from our land. God, we plead the all-powerful blood of Jesus and appeal to heaven for the removal of Baal, the evil one that has set itself against covenant and infringed upon the power structures of our nation.

“We decree that Baal will not maintain his rule and Leviathan’s hold will end. You will come with Your swift storm to destroy the evil one. You sit in the heavens and laugh, knowing Your son will stretch out His scepter and break the bonds of the enemy (Psalm 2). Your Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom and You will reign forever and ever.

“Jesus, as You instructed, together we remember You as we take the bread that represents our covenant with you (Take the bread).

And as we drink the cup, we proclaim Your death until You come. We plead the better blood of the Lamb over our families, our churches, and our nation. We remember all You have done, and with faith we believe in all You are going to do! (Drink the cup)

“God, in these times of encroaching darkness, give us wisdom as the body of Christ to shine like stars and turn many to righteousness (Daniel 12). In the mighty name of Jesus we pray.”

You can find out more about Kelsey Bohlender at

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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