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December 22, 2020

I invite you to join me each day as we pray for our nation until the election crisis has resolved. I’ll be reading the daily Give Him 15, making comments, and then we will pray together. You can join me here as we Appeal to Heaven for America.

The Lion of Judah Will Triumph

I feel I’m to do another prayer post on China. My friend, Greg Hood, had the following dream a few days ago:

“I dreamed this afternoon of a fight between a Lion and dragon. The dragon came into the ring first - he was the challenger. In the dragon’s corner I could see Chinese men, an Arab man, and a man I knew was from North Korea, though he had a Russian flag tattooed on his forehead.

“When the Lion came into the ring Dutch, Ken Malone, and I were carrying trophies of the Lion’s past victories. The fight was to the death. The fight started; it just erupted and it was loud! At that moment, Dutch turned to a VIP area roped off in the stands and shouted “NOW, START NOW!” I saw many faces of the team members who have been traveling on the prayer tour with Dutch. They began to prophesy and decree, releasing prophetic insight from their dreams. Everything everyone said, the Lion did.

“I could see, just below the dragon’s corner, men dressed in old Chinese attire pulling handles on what appeared to be slot machines. These slot machines were to give the dragon points for the win. Every time they pulled the handle, its point system calculations gave the number they were hoping for, but didn’t affect the fight as they had hoped.

“The dragon and the Lion shuffled around. The dragon tried to stay away from the Lion as much as possible, and it was as if for the first few minutes the Lion was offering the dragon mercy, giving him the opportunity to yield (this was said in the decrees and prophetic words), but the dragon would not.

“Suddenly, without warning, the Lion leaped forward with a powerful thrust, caught the dragon by the neck, and ripped his neck and head from his body. The fight was over quickly. The Lion began walking toward the White House. As he arrived at the White House, Dutch and I noticed that every step the Lion made left a paw print with a different state flag in each one. There were 50 steps for the Lion and 50 State flags left behind tracing his steps.

“When reaching the White House the Lion walked through a set of double doors and went to the Oval Office. President Trump and General Washington were standing and praying while facing a painting of the Appeal to Heaven flag. (I knew in the dream that Washington was there as a General, not a president.)

“When the doors opened and we entered they both turned around. The Lion dropped the dragon’s head and neck on the President’s desk, then spoke to President Trump and said, ‘Sign it, make it official,’ speaking of the dragon’s head and neck. Turning to Dutch the Lion said, ‘Dutch, you sign it too. I never want this dragon to live again.’

President Trump said, ‘Does anyone have a pen?’ General Washington said, ‘Here, use mine.’ He pulled from his coat pocket an old feather pen with a small bottle of ink and said, ‘This is the pen I took from Cornwallis at his surrender.’” End of Dream.

Obviously, in this dream, the Lion is the Lord himself, and the dragon is China. Let me clearly state that the dragon represents the evil communist government of China, not the people. God loves the people and wants to free them from their oppression and bring them into His family.

It is also obvious that this battle is regarding America, and the timing is now (50 States, White House, President Trump). I believe the slot machine’s attempt to cheat, giving points to the dragon, refers to China’s involvement in the election. Ken, Greg, and I represent the role of prayer. We, too, had to sign the dragon’s head. The appearance of General Washington is a reference to the beginning, the roots of our nation - our purpose and destiny when God birthed us. The surrender of Cornwallis - whose pen Washington offered - took place at Yorktown, the final land battle and essentially the end of our war for independence.

The dream is saying God is going to defeat the dragon but will use the prayers of the Ekklesia, the church, to do so. China will not succeed in destroying America or in taking out President Trump. God will keep America’s destiny of partnering with Christ alive and well.

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Remind Yourself of Who God is—His greatness; His majesty.

  • Thank the Lord for guarding our nation and preserving our destiny.

  • Thank Him for raising up intercessors to watch and build His Kingdom in this nation together with Him.

  • Command the removal of China’s governmental presence and influence from America. Pray against the globalism, communism, and Marxism they bring with them. Determine that we will have no Sovereign over us but the Lord Himself.

  • Pray for the Chinese people. Pray for a mighty harvest in this hour.

A prayer you can pray:

Father, we agree today with You: China, globalism, communism, and Marxism are not winning. They are being subdued by You. You are the Mighty God. You are the Lion of Judah. You are the Prince of peace, shalom. Jesus, the government of the nations is upon Your shoulders. We acknowledge that You are guarding our nation. We pray also that intercessors and our government will work together to guard our nation so that Your purpose prevails.

We know, Lord, it is Your hand that is delivering us. We are working, but more importantly, You are working. You always succeed in Your purpose and Your plan. Therefore, we thank You in advance for victory. We choose to trust You and rest in the knowledge that Your ways are always right. They are higher than our ways. Undo all the works of the dragon in this land. Remove all of their government’s tentacles, even if it costs us, Lord. Bring a great revival to China. Save millions of them in this coming revival.

And Lord, we bless our President. We ask for you to bless him with grace, strength, and wisdom, and for his legal team. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

China’s infiltration is being brought into the light and they will be turned back from our shores.

You can find out more about Greg Hood here.


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