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December 19, 2022

I will be leading us in Communion today. If possible, pause your recording and/or reading and get some juice/wine and bread ready so you can join me. Communion is more than remembering and honoring; it is a declaration of, the release of, and celebration of victory!

Hello! Thank you so much for participating with me in prayer each day!

Ceci and I are going to slow down just a little during these last couple of weeks of 2022. I do so each year, taking time to focus on the coming year and listening to Holy Spirit’s words, insights, and assignments.

However, with the critical assignment on the final quarter of 2022, I feel we must continue the communion and prayers aimed at ending Baal’s voice in America. Therefore, I have asked trusted leaders and friends to write prayers; I’ll read one each day, December 19-30, and also lead in Communion. Though there won’t be a teaching, PLEASE join me daily for these strategic times of prayer. We must not let up - let’s finish well!

My friend, Clay Nash, sent the following strong prayer, laced with prophetic insights and decrees. The title is:

Activated and Reconstituted

“Father God, we are so thankful for our ability to interact with you through prayer, communion, and by the presence of Holy Spirit in our lives. We thank You for the authority granted to us, as your children, to make declarations and decrees according to Your will. May the awakening Ekklesia become increasingly more proficient in using our priestly anointing to know Your will. May we, as the early disciples and apostles, exercise our kingly authority to decree Heaven’s will into the earthly realm. May Heaven’s will be established.

“We declare that the awakening we need is growing. We stand focused to see our nation return to Your original intent and design. We declare a unanimous decree in response to Luke 18:8 that as the Son of Man comes, He will certainly find faith in the earth. We declare that our faith will not be found dead, but will be found activated and being fulfilled by our obedient acts.

“Father God, we thank You that those obedient acts will render the evil work of Baal null and void. We are in agreement that the Church is being reconstituted and matured to obtain victory by warring from Your promises and not just for the promises. We stand in faith and as we do we will see greater and greater offensive advancements. May great grace increase on every member of Your body to live in response to Holy Spirit and faithfully guard against reacting to any and all works of Baal, the devil, and people being influenced by spirits of darkness. Father, as we take the bread now, remind us that our weapons are not fleshly but divinely powerful for the destruction of Baal’s fortresses. (Eat the bread)

“Father God, through our victorious covenant with You we are destroying speculations and lofty and prideful things raised up against our knowledge of You. Our dependency upon You empowers us to take captive every thought and we look forward to punishing all disobedience as the obedience of the Ekklesia is completed (2 Corinthians 10:3-6).. Yeshua, as we obey You, taking of your table, we do so in remembrance of You and Your words, ‘It is Finished.’” (Drink the cup)

Today’s prayer was contributed by Clay Nash. You can find out more about Clay at

Click on the link below to watch the full video.


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