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August 4, 2022

Stay Focused

I want to share some thoughts today regarding Tuesday’s vote in Kansas. I am doing so today rather than yesterday, simply because all GH15 posts must be written and recorded the day before they are released. Therefore, yesterday’s post was recorded Tuesday afternoon, before Tuesday’s vote was finished.

Of course, I am deeply disappointed with the outcome of the vote in Kansas. Yet, we must remember that when dealing with the free wills of people, we are never given the authority to control them, only to influence them. Given that fact, we don’t always experience the results we want, just as God Himself doesn’t. For example, it is not His will that any perish spiritually, yet many do (see Matthew 18:14).

I am quite sure that in response to our prayers, God did everything He could to change the will and thinking of many voters. He simply cannot always do so. Jesus could not change the heart of Judas, even after living and traveling with him for three years. Christ wept over Jerusalem because of their blindness and impending judgment (see Luke 19:41). He had tried to reach them, but could not.

Does this mean time spent praying for those who will not change is wasted? Does it mean we were wrong to conduct prayer gatherings and encourage people to pray for Kansas? Of course not. This is no different than preaching the gospel to a person or people, only to have them reject it. We are required to do what is just and right, even while knowing we will not always see the desired outcome. And God is faithful to give people a choice. Though we did not see the results we wanted, we can be sure God has stored up our prayers for Kansas and will still use them at the right time (see Revelation 5:8).

To the people in Kansas and around the nation who fought for the babies, I simply say, “You did well and must continue to fight for them.” After the reversing of Roe, this ongoing battle for life was to be expected. As insane as it is, one of the greatest battles of our time is for the lives of unborn babies. And even after experiencing setbacks, we must continue to fight spiritually and legislatively - just as we continue to preach the gospel, even though some reject it.

It is often stated that elections have consequences. They do, and those results sometimes have far-ranging effects, not just short-term consequences, lasting for a short election cycle of 2 to 4 years. When God’s influence is removed from a people/nation, systems of evil and sin begin to be built. Over time, the fruit of this accrues and multiples. Educators are given positions of influence, minds are molded, unrighteous laws are written that can be difficult to change, and more. Cycles of sin then perpetuate, bringing greater deception and destructive fruit; strongholds are strengthened. In our nation, unrighteous and ungodly decisions began being made decades ago. We are now seeing the horrible fruit of this. And I am not speaking only of abortion.

In America, God is showing us the fruit of rejecting Him. In Scripture, He calls those who do so, “fools.” Indeed. The greatest country on earth now has babbling, cognitively deficient people leading us; men who think they are women serving in cabinet positions; individuals creating national policy who contend that men can become pregnant (and attempting to punish those who disagree); Supreme Court Justices who can’t define what a woman is; educational leaders who contend that we should teach kindergartners they can change their genders; military leaders who believe “wokism” defines preparedness for war, and we could go on.

The rejection of God creates insanity.

My advice to those in the church - and frankly, to all well-meaning Americans - who have bought into the progressive liberalism of our day is, “For the sake of your children and grandchildren, wake up.”

To Christians in America who think the church should not be overly involved in political issues and elections, I would simply ask, “How do you think we got into this current mess?” Answer: by allowing unrighteous and ungodly people, who don’t honor God and His ways to be elected into government.

To the praying church (and others working to see America restored in various ways), “Do not give up!” Sixty years of godless evil cannot be reversed in a year or two. We are making progress. And when the great awakening God has spoken of comes in full force, it will be the game-changer. The change of heart caused by millions of people being born again will truly offset the godless, humanistic thinking of a generation. Then, and only then, will they genuinely care what God and the Bible say. Remember that we are creating this now through our prayers and by placing people into positions of authority and influence.

We must not grow weary in our efforts. God can do this! He has said, “America shall be saved.” Not many believed America could win her independence, but she appealed to heaven and prevailed. Very few believed Roe would ever be overturned, but it was. No one believed Ninevah could experience revival, but it did. No one in Israel believed Saul of Tarsus could become an apostle of God and writer of Scripture. I’m sure no one would have even considered anything as ludicrous as slave trader John Newton one day pastoring the greatest abolitionist in history, William Wilberforce…let alone writing history’s most sung ballad of all time, Amazing Grace. Don’t underestimate God’s ability to redeem.

Let God deal with the people, states, and governments that oppose Him. He will have His way with unrighteous governments and systems. Shakings will continue and intensify. Kansan believers, remain faithful, and keep standing for life. All Americans (and elsewhere) who labor and pray, stay focused. Stay in faith. Keep listening to Holy Spirit, not the circumstances around us. God will prevail.

Pray with me:

Father, comfort those who worked, sowed time and resources, and interceded for the passing of Value Them Both. Encourage them. Strengthen also those who worked for this in government. Let them know their labors were not in vain. You were watching and listening! Give legislators brilliant and creative legal ideas with which to approach this issue again.

We also ask that another opportunity be given for Kansas to end their covenant with death and enter into covenant with You. Do whatever is necessary for this to occur. We ask this as well for all states that are now in agreement with the spirit of death. Use the coming revival to awaken them - please bring it quickly!

And we pray for strength and encouragement to the overall prayer movement in America. Through intimacy with You, may those who pray for America find encouragement, strength, great faith, and endurance. We ask that our Helper, Holy Spirit, move on each intercessor, bringing refreshing and renewing. We pray that the accuser, our adversary who tries to wear down the saints (Daniel 7:25), fails in his attempt to do so. We declare our faith: we will NOT waver, we will NOT relent, and we will NOT fail.

Our decree:

We declare that though we are afflicted, we’re not crushed; when perplexed, we do not despair; and when we are struck down, we are not destroyed. (2 Corinthians 4:8-9) We will never quit!

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