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August 31, 2018

A Prophetic Warning From Our President

“Our movement of Christians is so scattered, fragmented and siloed off  through ambition and the autonomy of Christian leaders. We are so concerned about our mailing lists and our donor base, that we don’t have a mechanism for coherent communication and messaging like our opponents do. We have got to change this.” President Trump held a dinner for evangelical leaders at the White House this last Monday night. “President Trump was not saying he was a Christian, like us. After he asked the press to leave the room, he said, ‘The (upcoming) elections are a referendum on your religion.’” “He is saying, like a Cyrus, ‘I am here to protect you. I am here to help you. I believe in you. I believe what you are saying is good for the country. This is going to be a dangerous time. A persecution is dangerously on the horizon for you Christians. It is not a question of like or dislike, the opposition is going to turn over everything we have done. They are going to do it quickly and violently.’ You see, he knows the rage, the animus, and the hatred that is trying to destroy him and his family. He said, ‘There is a level of hatred that is just unbelievable.’” (Lance Wallnau)1

“As they serve between the porch and the altar, let the priests and ministers of the LORD weep and pray: ‘Spare your people, Lord, and do not make your heritage a disgrace so that nations ridicule them. Why should they say among the people, “Where is their God?””” (Joel 2:17; ISV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Ask the Lord to pour His zeal out on you and His Church.

  2. Pray for harvest—of souls, votes, influence, persuasion, and spiritual authority.

  3. Call for the release of the angels to help us! Ask the Lord to send them to wherever spiritual harvest is ready.

  4. Ask for angelic assistance where the Body of Christ needs to wake up and war for the future of their state and this nation.

  5. Say, “The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Bride of Christ!”

A prayer you can pray:

“Lord, we ask for the zeal of the Lord of Hosts to touch the hearts of the Body of Christ. Create a wineskin out of us, a net, that will be able to let division and differences pass through, but which will capture our hearts. We need a harvest of hearts, a harvest of votes, a harvest of influence, a harvest of persuasion. Give us a harvest of spiritual authority that commands angels to assist us. Give us an authority that rends the veil that is over the mind of America. Tear off that veil! Loose angels that will move in every single congressional district in every single state that is a battleground state. I say that the battle will shift in the heavens over those states! The footsteps of the Believers there are going to be thundering and echoing in the corridors of hell. Raise up a people that are not going to be asleep in the garden as the disciples were. In Jesus’ name, amen.” (Lance Wallnau)2

Today’s decree:

The Body of Christ will link arms in unity, so the battle for the nation can be won!

1,2 Learn more about Lance Wallnau here.


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