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August 27, 2020

A Current Day Normandy for America!

[Today’s post is long. I make no apologies for that. It is one of the most important I have ever written! On August 5th, I asked you to pray for the Supreme Court. My friend, Ken Malone, had shared his dream about Admiral Farragut’s quote, “Damn the torpedoes. Tell him we’re coming!” Go back and read it here if you missed it. Then, read today’s post and be compelled to intercession. And you MUST vote November 3rd!]

The war for our America’s health and destiny has reached its Normandy. Either we storm the beach and experience one of our greatest breakthroughs ever, or we falter and endure one of our greatest defeats. We are in a rare and perilous time when a stalemate is not possible; there will be a winner. The war of which I speak is over the direction of the Supreme Court.

Far left, activist judges have controlled the High Court for 60 years. And please believe me when I say, no entity has opened the door to more devastation and destruction in America than the Supreme Court: sixty million aborted babies (did you get that—60 million?!); the removal of Yahweh’s influence from government and schools; the redefining of God’s most sacred institution, marriage; girls must now share showers with boys at school; and so much more. If the insanity isn’t stopped soon, polygamy will be next, followed by people marrying animals. The violence, crime, poverty, disease, family decay, addiction, deception and other evils we have reaped from their decisions are devastating beyond belief. One governor recently announced that it is okay to kill babies surviving abortions—after “making them comfortable,” of course. Your tax dollars and mine still fund an organization that murders babies, then sells their body parts. Members of Congress defend, laud and support these heinous behaviors. 

It seems that much of America has gone mad! And the Supreme Court opened the door to this hell. However, after decades of work and prayer, we have finally reached a point where the Court can be turned, and reversals can begin! Holy Spirit’s word to us while in D. C. was very clear: we can now “roll back time,” reverse demonic gains and “damn torpedoes” fired by Satan! This IS the season in which a divine reset is possible.

I am appealing to you, please pray faithfully, fervently, and boldly for the continued shifting of the Court. This branch of our government now hangs in a precarious 5/4 balance—sometimes tilting to the left, sometimes the right. The next President will end this seesaw. He will appoint—and the Senate will confirm—1 to 3 new Justices. This means that whoever wins this presidential election will determine the direction of the Court for the next 30-40 years. 

This election will either move us fully once more into an anti-Christian, anti-biblical, Constitution-dishonoring, majority on the bench; or will finally shift the Court to a pro-Constitutional, God-honoring solid majority. It cannot be overstated: WE MUST HAVE A PRESIDENT FOR FOUR MORE YEARS WHO WILL APPOINT CONSERVATIVE JUDGES! No decision made in our lifetimes will be more consequential than who we elect as president this November. Please pray for God’s will to be done in the upcoming elections and pray for the Supreme Court to fully shift.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important to the healing and restoration of America. In the last election, 52 million evangelical Christians stayed home. Heaven must weep over facts such as this. If we all showed up and voted our biblical values, we could turn America around overnight. Pray that God awakens the sleeping giant, the Church!

Don’t grow weary now, praying Christian. This can be our finest hour. Let’s seize the moment!

“He appointed judges in the land, in each of the fortified cities of Judah. He told them, ‘Consider carefully what you do, because you are not judging for mere mortals but for the Lord, who is with you whenever you give a verdict. Now let the fear of the Lord be on you. Judge carefully, for with the Lord our God there is no injustice or partiality or bribery.’” (2 Chronicles 19:5-7; NIV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Declare, “The Ekklesia will intercede for the Supreme Court of America, we will vote, and we will experience one of our greatest victories ever.”

  • After reading the appeal above, pray as the Holy Spirit leads you for the Supreme Court as related to the elections.

  • Ask the Lord to give us judges at all federal levels who are conservative and will interpret the law by the U. S. Constitution. 

  • Say, “We, the Ekklesia, reject every judge appointed to the Federal bench who judges by their own personal opinion and what they believe is right in their own eyes.”

  • Break the curses those types of past judicial decisions have brought on America.

  • Call for the Church to consider this issue when they vote November 3rd and declare, “The Church will vote righteously, considering the generations to follow us!”

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, we are convinced that one of the key issues in this upcoming election, if not the defining issue, is who will serve as the judiciary of the United States of America in our generation. The laws they allow to stand will affect our country for generations to come. Some will make decisions through their own interpretation of the law, even considering current social demands and political climate. Some, however, will judge righteously, looking to the U. S. Constitution. We would welcome them even more if they seek You in their decisions, because our nation was founded by You on a framework of covenant with You and Your biblical principles. These righteous judges will be those that understand the slippery slope of personal interpretation. We reject those who will judge according to their own standard. 

We, Your Ekklesia, will intercede for the Supreme Court of America, we will vote, and we will experience one of our greatest victories ever. We, the Ekklesia, reject every judge appointed to the Federal bench who judges by their own personal opinion and what they believe is right in their own eyes. We repent of the sins of past ungodly judicial decisions and break every curse off America that may have come upon us as a result. We say, “The Church will vote righteously on November 3rd, considering the generations to follow us!” We thank You for Your mercy, Lord Jesus, amen.

Today’s decree:

America will choose a president in November that will appoint conservative judges!


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