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August 24, 2021

Jezebel’s Influence in Government

Psalm 85:8 says: “I will hear what God the Lord will speak: for He will speak peace unto His people, and to His saints: but let them not turn again to folly.” (KJV)

The greatest revival in church history is beginning to unfold. It has been prophesied that revival is going to roll across this land and will be the catalyst of a true reformation. Jesus referred to reformation in Matthew 28:19, saying that His ekklesia would “disciple nations.” Much is said about revival and awakening, but not a lot has been said about the discipling of nations. Reformation, however, MUST accompany revival. We must fulfill the Lord’s command to disciple nations, teaching them His ways. A true ekklesia embraces and involves itself in both.

The coming revival, therefore, will include the church’s involvement with our culture and government, turning it back from “folly,” and reforming it to God’s word. Folly, in the above verse, is kislah in Hebrew, and means “silliness, foolishness or even stupidity.” It is the responsibility of the King’s ekklesia to stop foolishness by reforming culture and government. Without this Matthew 28 type reformation, revival is short-lived and incomplete. We must have a fully functioning New Testament church in America and the world, fulfilling all of Christ’s mandates. My brother, Tim Sheets, points this out through a look at one of the churches of Revelation.

“The directives given by King Jesus to the seven churches in the book of Revelation are important for us to heed. One in particular stands out to me as Holy Spirit has prompted me to study what the King said about the church in Thyatira: You allow Jezebel to seduce. (Revelation 2:20 NKJV). The Amplified Bible says, ‘You tolerate the woman Jezebel...she teaches and midleads…’ Jezebel is commonly defined as a fleshly, demonically influenced woman who undermines leadership in a church or ministry. This is often true but incomplete. Jezebel is a demonic spirit that uses both males and females to lead others astray, to gossip, often lie, and even prophesy by demonic unction. It’s goal is to hinder, confuse and harass the work of the Lord, often causing strife and division with people’s words or actions. This is commonly done by motivating a person to draw attention to his or herself rather than on what God is doing and saying. Jezebel-controlled individuals create division, seeking to drive a wedge between leadership and other individuals. According to this passage in Revelation, this spirit also causes immorality and compromise. It must not be tolerated.

“The original Jezebel in scriptures was a person, under the influence of this spirit. From that point on, spirits operating in these ways have been called by her name. It is important to remember, however, that Jezebel is a high-ranking demonic spirit (not a person), with other spirits working under it to perform its goals. Since the woman Jezebel was so controlled by this spirit, we can glean much from observing her. Queen Jezebel attacked God’s people, abused His leaders, led people away from Him and promoted an anti-God agenda. She worshipped Baal and helped organize, fund, and empower prophets of Baal. Jezebel was a government leader, a queen who co-led a nation and through her manipulation was the controlling force of the government. She was the daughter of Ethbaal (who placed Baal in his name), the king of Sidon, and was the wife of Ahab, an ungodly king of Israel. Influenced by her, Ahab chose to serve Baal rather than Yahweh, even though this religion was so despicable it demanded child sacrifice. Molech, often credited with child sacrifice, was a ‘god’ under Baal.

“As leaders of a nation, Ahab and Jezebel, of course, made laws. They established a new, idolatrous culture, predominantly immoral, in the land. Ahab and Jezebel also led an abusive government that had no qualms about stealing from people.

“In 1 Kings 21, Jezebel orchestrated the stealing of a vineyard, the God-given inheritance of a man named Naboth. Ahab coveted the vineyard that was part of Naboth’s family inheritance; Naboth rightly refused to sell it to him. Jezebel stepped in and conspired with other leaders, devising a plan to have men devoid of morals swear that Naboth was a blasphemer. After Naboth’s character was assassinated, they caused a riot and stoned him to death. After Jezebel’s plan had been executed, she proudly told Ahab to take possession of the vineyard.

“Jezebel hated Yahweh and His prophets, had no respect for His laws and ways, lied and abused her governing authority to get her way. Does this sound familiar? It should, because it is happening now in our nation. Oppression and control through government is a manifestation of the Jezebel spirit. Anti-God ideologies, control through government and political leverage, using authority for personal gain, killing babies - all are signs of Jezebel’s rule.

“There is only one entity that can stop this: Holy Spirit, through the true church of Jesus Christ. Through Him, we have the ability. Yet we have tolerated the activity of this spirit. God says today ‘I have something against Thyatira-type churches. Though your love and faith toward me is impressive and your service is persistent, you tolerate Jezebel in your region, state, nations and governments. This toleration is destroying people’s heritages and allowing demonic ways promoted by Jezebel-type politicians to become laws in the land. You permit the Jezebel spirit to oppress your nation, schools and children. You allow those controlled by it to make covenants with demons. You tolerate men and women in government stealing people’s heritage, their jobs and their businesses. You permit them to assassinate good people’s character. You allow the abuse of power and authority. You permit them to make laws against Me and My ways. You allow Jezebel to work in your government...while you say nothing.’

“There are many churches who refuse to get involved in government or culture, but the King says, ‘I have something against you, because I commissioned you and gave you authority, but you choose to tolerate this evil.’ Tolerate is the word eao, meaning ‘to leave alone.’ ‘Much of the body of Christ has chosen to ignore this spirit, leaving it alone.’

“It’s time to stop acting like God didn’t tell us to get involved. We need revival, but we also need reformation of our government. Jesus, the King, says we need both. We must take on the God-given assignments of dealing with Jezebel and discipling a nation. We must choose to get involved in the government and leadership of this nation. We must occupy all the mountains of the culture - government, education, media, arts and entertainment, business, religion, and family. Yes, we need to be revived, but then...we must go to war. Jezebel must come down.”

Pray with me:

Lord, I pray that greater revelation of Your word would come forth in the church. Revive Your people, and restore this nation to its covenant roots. We desire to see oppression in people’s lives end. We want to see the harassment of the church stop. You have said the coming revival will produce a strong church, an ekklesia, that will push against Jezebel activity.

Cause us to be those who release Your power into society to change it. Cause the church to raise her voice in this revival and cry out for reformation. May we be stirred to cry out for revival AND the discipling of our nation. We declare that Jesus is Lord over our lives AND this nation.

Help us to be Your voice to the lost AND to the culture. Make us voices similar to Elijah and John the Baptist, who will say to our Jezebel-controlled government, “Stop assassinating people’s character, stop stealing what isn’t yours, stop living above your privilege, stop lying, stop killing babies.” Grant that great boldness would come upon us to say what You say.

Give us the greatest revival in church history. A transformative revival of people’s lives and of nations. Put us on the cutting edge of this, Lord. It is a privilege to be a pioneer; help us make a path where there is none. Whatever it takes! Let the river of your Spirit flow so we can drink deeply, be refreshed and then go to war! Give us genuine miracles of reformation and revival: healings in people’s lives, the breaking of demonic bondage, freedom and deliverance from oppression, physical healings, signs and wonders. We want it all! Breathe revival on the ekklesia everywhere and bring reformation to our nation. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Our decree:

Fresh winds of revival are blowing. Nations and governments will be reformed. Jezebel is coming down.

Today’s post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about Tim here.

Click on the link below to watch the full prayer.


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