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August 23, 2016

Loosed and Declared!

Yesterday, we bound some things. We forbid doctrines of demons and foreign gods to rule over this nation. But, Matthew 16:18-19 does not stop there.  We must put something in place to replace what we have stopped, forbidden and removed. So today, we will use those keys to establish Jesus as King over America and we will loose all of those things that go with His Kingship.

“This is why I have called you Peter (rock): for on this rock I will build My church. The church will reign triumphant even at the gates of hell. Peter, I give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 16:18-19; VOICE)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Got those keys of authority in your hands again? Repent for not doing this sooner and for not using them more. Ask the Lord for fresh revelation on this concept if you are not sure about it.

  2. Loose favor and grace on those the Lord would choose as the next governmental leaders over America that they might rule in righteousness and justice, which are the foundations of His throne. (See Psalm 89:14.)

  3. See the enemy standing amongst all of his false-god manifestations and those he has given false human authority to. See the Ekklesia, the Church, rising with you and declaring as one voice, “We have no king, but Jesus and we will serve only Him!”

A prayer you can pray:

We declare in the Name of King Jesus the loosing of favor and great grace upon those who would rule us in righteousness, who would rule us in justice, who would stand on Your side King Jesus. We now make a declaration in the Name of our King, in the face of infidels, in the face of humanists and of those who declare that there is another god or many gods. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Ekklesia arises and declares, “We have no king, but Jesus Christ! We will serve Him only!!”

Today’s decree:

We will have no other King but Jesus, and Him only will we serve!


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