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August 21, 2020

Do Not Give Up Your Freedom to Worship

[Mike and Cindy Jacobs recently had a discussion with Chuck Pierce on their Prophetic Dateline program. They were talking about God and government in the current environment.]


God wants us to know Him and to know the times we are in and to see Him in the midst of it all. He wants us to watch Him as He is moving in the earth with us. The enemy wants to wear us out by manipulating our times and laws. One of the ways he works is through trying to change the times and change the laws. We are seeing that happen right now. Satan is trying to wear down the Church.

In the midst of this, I see the Body of Christ doing some good things. I see us pulling aside to be with Him more. I see us communicating better than ever before. I see us pressing forward to get further ahead of what the enemy is trying to do. He wants to put unlawful boundaries on God’s expression through the Church. 

We do have some victories in this area. Passover was restored to the Church in this season. That is a good example, because it was removed from the Church under Constantine. It became illegal at that time for anyone to celebrate the Passover. The Church’s ability to meet freely was legalized. It could exist without persecution. But there was a political compromise that happened and much of our heritage was lost. The cry of the original Passover was, “Let us go that we might worship Him.” Now, the Church in our day is experiencing what the Israelites did. We want to be free to go and worship Him as we desire. 

The Lord is developing a new way to worship. Do not give up your freedom to worship. Whether you are in your home or whether you can gather together corporately. We do have to be cautious for the protection of all. But we want to keep worshipping and expressing the breath of God in the earth.  

“But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.” (John 4:23; ESV)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  • Find a way to purposefully and intensely worship Him today! Know that He is watching and the enemy is watching. What are you going to do?

  • Let new forms of worship rise up from you. Do something different. Raise your hands or move your feet or shout, but let a new well of worship rise up in you.

  • Pray for the Church in America and ask God to have mercy on us. Ask Him to reveal Himself in new ways and remove all fear and doubt from our brothers and sisters in Christ.

  • Intercede for pastors, worship leaders, and other church leaders. Ask the Lord to give them a holy boldness and a strength beyond their natural strength. They need the ability to stand strong for the needs of their congregations to meet together as commanded in the Bible.

  • Tell the enemy that we, the Ekklesia of God, will oppose his attempts to shift our times and laws. Declare, “Our times and laws belong to the Lord!”

A prayer you can pray:

Father, we will worship You today with everything that is in us. We will clap and shout and jump and lay down. We will worship You in new ways! We will worship You with our whole selves! We will sing songs of exaltation and we will sing songs of deliverance! We will say, “Let all that is in us praise the Lord! You are worthy of our praise! Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!” 

Lord, the Church in America has become used to certain forms and patterns. It’s time to break free of them. You know how we hate change, but it’s time to change. Some old, even ancient, things must be restored now, such as Passover was in the Spring. Have mercy on us for our historical dismissal of what You said were to be eternal times of remembrance of You. Reveal Yourself to us in these old ways made new. 

We do not want to compromise this time in order to maintain our freedom. Raise up prophets and apostles to lead us with boldness. Remove all of our fear, doubt, and unbelief. Help us to see from history the long-term effects of compromise. We lose revelation of You when we “save our own skin”. May it not be so in our generation, Lord. Fight for us! Fight for us as we worship You in unity, in Spirit, and in truth! Let us stand against the enemy’s plans to shift times and seasons. Our times and laws belong to You! We choose You, Jesus! Amen.

Today’s decree:

We will not stop worshiping the Lord in Spirit and in truth!


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