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April 22, 2022

The Journey of Awakening (Part 3)

I have been discussing a dream Holy Spirit gave my friend, Greg Hood. The dream is profound and relates to past and future awakenings, symbolized by four wells. It is a sequel to a previous dream regarding reopening four other past wells of revival. We’ve looked at the first two wells of the most recent dream (Part 1 and Part 2); today we will look at the third well.


“Gabriel said, ‘There are two more wells that are primed and ready to open. Heaven has released the reopen order. This is also a part of “Operation Redeem All.” Before you reopen this well, you must know and prepare yourself for what will be released. This well has been guarded and hidden for many years.’

“Dutch said to Gabriel, ‘Where is this well and how do we get to it?’

“Gabriel then said to us, ‘It's just here, next to Frelinghuysen Well of His Rising Heat. Look into the thicket of overgrown brush. You will find it in there.’

“Dutch and I began to pull back a thick mass of overgrown briars and thorns to get to what was hidden within them. Our hands started to bleed some and we were spending more time pulling the thorns from our hands than we were uncovering this well. We took a step back and I said to Dutch, ‘We are going to need some help with this.’

“Dutch replied to me, ‘Yes, I am recognizing now what we are up against. This type of briar responds to SOUND, not hands.’ We turned to look back at Gabriel for some assistance and as we did, we could see that Jeremy Burk was approaching us with his guitar, and a few other people. Dutch said to Jeremy, ‘Son, it’s so good to see you. I was just about to ask Gabriel if he could assist us with a sound barrier breaker and you showed up. Take your guitar and your team, and remove these briars so we can get to this well.’

“Jeremy and his team started to worship. As they did, the briars began to wilt and disappear. The sound he released was like no other sound we have heard in worship or the church. It was a new sound. We were now able to see this old well. We only had to take a few steps to get to it after this new sound was released...”

My Thoughts

We’ll see the name of this well momentarily, but first I want to comment on Gabriel’s opening remarks and the process of finding/uncovering it. Gabriel stated that “Heaven has released the reopen order.” This statement lets us know that it IS time for past and present outpourings to merge, bringing us into The Third Great Awakening. Heaven has released the order!

Gabriel then told us to prepare ourselves for what was coming next. I questioned Greg about this statement, and what he was feeling in the dream when Gabriel spoke it. He said it seemed that we were being told to count the cost and be prepared to steward the magnitude of what is coming. I have felt for years that when this revival comes to the earth, stewarding it will be almost overwhelming. It will be glorious but challenging.

Then Gabriel said this well had been guarded and hidden for years. As we shall see, this well represented mantels and authority being given to all believers in all walks of life, not just leaders in the church. Some refer to this as marketplace ministry; Bishop Bill Hamon has referred to it as the Saints Movement, meaning a movement involving all believers, not just the five-fold ministry. Call it what you will, it is simply a revelation that all believers are called to minister, regardless of their vocation. As the dream states, this has been “hidden” by demonic doctrine and wrong teaching for “many years.”

Gabriel pointed out the well to us, which was surrounded, however, “guarded,” by briars and thorns. We tried but could not get the well uncovered or “revealed” by human strength and effort. This well could only be revealed through worship. Worship clears and opens the heavens, producing an atmosphere conducive to revelation.

New revivals and outpourings of Holy Spirit always produce new “sounds,” new levels of worship. This one will be no different. Revival produces fresh hunger and thirst for God, which draws believers into greater intimacy. This coming awakening will be no different.

THE DREAM (Cont’d)

“We were amazed at what this well looked like. It was simply a door on a frame standing by itself. Dutch approached the door and, like the others, there was an engraved plate on it. The plate was covered with mud as if someone had thrown a blob of mud at the door and it stuck to the plate. The mud was dried, not wet. [More defilement and hiding of this well.] Dutch reached up to the engraved plate and begin removing the mud with his hands. It became clear to us that the plate was gold. It too, had writing on it. Dutch said, ‘It reads, “Well of Addereth - Recover, Redeem, and Activate…”’”


Addereth is a Hebrew word meaning “glory, splendor, magnificence; mantle, cloak” (as worn by Old Testament prophets). Addereths were mantles that signified gifts and glory. This is why Elijah’s mantle was significant to Elisha - it represented his gift and Yahweh’s glory. In Greg’s dream, this was a well of mantles and gifts which needed to be “recovered, redeemed and activated!”

THE DREAM (cont’d)

“The Archangel Gabriel said to us, ‘Open the door and go inside.’ Dutch opened the door and we walked through it, entering a very large, previously unseen room. Gabriel walked us into a portion of this room which looked like an old-style cleaners. It had many rotating, moving mechanisms that held many coats, robes, capes, sportcoats, and jackets. These coats had all kinds of symbols on them and were in every color and size you could imagine. They were also arranged according to the seven spheres of influence.

“Gabriel said to us, ‘Examine them, look them over; you will know exactly how to recover, redeem, and activate them.’ As we began to look at the different types of coats, we could see that all of them had the number 142 handwritten inside their lapels. When we would touch a coat, this number would begin to illuminate as a light, going from bright to dim, then back to bright. Gabriel said to us, ‘Some of these coats have never been worn. Some have been abandoned and others have not been passed on to their rightful successor. Your assignment is to disburse them back into the Ekklesia. It’s time for the old and the new to merge and bring forth the full weight of Heaven on the earth.’


This is profound. These “addereths,” mantles, came in all colors, styles, and sizes. They also had different symbols and were arranged according to the seven spheres of influence in society (also called “pillars” and “mountains” by some). These spheres are generally seen as family, religion, government, business, education, arts and entertainment, and media. The point in the dream is that all believers, in all walks of life will be mantled in this coming awakening, as we stated above. This important truth will be rediscovered and reactivated, moving ministry from the church building to all of society: homes, schools, businesses, parks, street corners, everywhere! Salvation, deliverance, miracles and restoration will take place EVERYWHERE!

Those in positions of spiritual leadership will know how to mantle and release believers. No longer will the leaders attempt to do all the work of the ministry; it will be done by all in the body of Christ. This will be the biggest game-changer since the book of Acts.

Some of the mantles will have been received/imparted from past fathers and mothers in the faith - the dream says the old and new merge; others will be new gifts and anointings never before seen. Each coat label had the number 142 on it. The Hebrew word numbered “142” in Strong’s concordance is adar, meaning “great, glorious, honorable, noble or majestic.” These mantles, gifts, will be great and glorious, demonstrating the majestic nature of our King. There will no longer be a hierarchy of so-called “ministers” versus “laity” in the body of Christ. We will all be seen as “able ministers of the new covenant” (2 Corinthians 3:6). The dream states that this will bring forth the full weight of heaven to earth!


Pray with me:

Thank You, Father, for this dream. It is so filled with revelation for us. And it is so encouraging to know You are saying the time to re-open the wells of revival is here. We bring ourselves into submission and agreement with Your words and command these wells to open. We command the Rappahannock well of restoration to open and the Ekklesia to come forth as lions. We command the Frelinghuysen well of restored fire to open. And we command the Addereth well of glorious mantles to open. We bind every spirit that would suppress believers and inappropriately exalt leaders.

We thank You, Father, for the new sound that is coming. Take the church to new levels of worship and intimacy with You. Cause this worship to clear the debris in the atmosphere of our homes, cities, and nations, releasing a fresh flow of revelation into the earth. We call this forth in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that the body of Christ is moving into its highest level yet of revelation and maturity.

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