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April 2, 2020

Conversation With Chuck Pierce About the Coronavirus – Part 6

[Recently, I sat down with Chuck Pierce to talk about what God is saying regarding the coronavirus COVID-19. Go back and read the prior posts on Give Him 15, beginning March 28th, so we can pray these things into the Church and the national situation. Make sure as you pray through the conversation over the next few days that you do not allow fear to enter into your heart, but rather, let faith arise in you.]

CHUCK: God is watching to see how the nation will receive a move of the Spirit in a new way in this season. The Lord says, “How a nation chooses to enter into a new move of my Spirit is how I will stop the destruction that’s coming against it.” I don’t think God created the destruction. We live in a fallen world and a lot of stuff just happens. What I do know is that God can stop it. “If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and pray, God can stop it.”

I believe this Passover becomes the greatest turning point in history for the next move of God. The virus will start shifting after Passover. You will start seeing nations rearranged and how they’re aligned with each other.

I want to say this next thing prophetically. What the Lord has showed me leading to 2022 is that if China made this shift this year without God’s people rising up and praying, China would have full economic domination by 2022. He went on to say that if the Church allowed this to happen, then America would end up looking like China by 2026.

Now, listen! We have a shot to have America be what it’s supposed to be starting this Passover.

“Why are the nations so angry? Why do they waste their time with futile plans? The kings of the earth prepare for battle; the rulers plot together against the Lord and against his anointed one. ‘Let us break their chains,’ they cry, ‘and free ourselves from slavery to God.’ But the one who rules in heaven laughs. The Lord scoffs at them. Then in anger he rebukes them, terrifying them with his fierce fury. For the Lord declares, ‘I have placed my chosen king on the throne in Jerusalem, on my holy mountain.’” (Psalm 2:1-6; NLT)

Give Him 15 minutes in prayer:

  1. Pay attention! Let us hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church!

  2. Tuck in close to the Lord and get your Bibles out. We need to get directions for prayer.

  3. God is separating sheep and goat nations. Sheep nations are those that honor Him as best they can with laws that follow His biblical guidelines. A significant portion of the populace honors Him openly and the government does not stop it. There are efforts made to choose life. They also honor Israel. No nation is perfect, but pray for the nations to choose Him.

  4. Ask the Lord how to pray through Passover. Consider fasting or taking communion more often, even daily through this season. We are standing in the gap for a historical shift.

  5. Pray through the discussion above about China. Intercede for the way America is aligned with China. Shut the mouth of the dragon!

  6. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel.

A prayer you can pray:

Lord, we are on the alert! Everything of the watchman is at attention reading the Word of the prophet above. Holy Spirit, speak to us. Speak to those we are in spiritual relationship with. Speak to the leaders of Your Church. Speak to the intercessors, the Ekklesia. Speak, and let us hear You clearly, Holy Spirit. Thank You for the prophet, Chuck Pierce, alerting us to what You told him long ago that the enemy was going to try to do through China. Satan is trying to move things out of Your timing. He wants to kill, steal, and destroy, but You want to give us life and that abundantly. We need to wake up and take this seriously! 

We say that the United States of America shall be numbered among the sheep nations. You have been resetting our course and we say, “China and the dragon, shall not remove our future and our hope!” We will take a strong stand against China attempting to steal our nation’s future. Give us scripture to use as a sword of the Spirit, and we will humble ourselves and pray it. We will declare it. We will proclaim it and see the salvation of our God. We will honor Israel and intercede for their peace, too. We will partner with You and see China turned back. We will not become like them, by the grace of God. Save us, Lord and we shall be saved in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today’s decree:

We declare Jesus is the chosen King over America. We will have no King, but Jesus!

Learn more about Chuck Pierce here.


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