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December 27, 2022

I will be leading us in Communion today. If possible, pause your recording and/or reading and get some juice/wine and bread ready so you can join me. Communion is more than remembering and honoring; it is a declaration of, the release of, and celebration of victory!

Hello! Thank you so much for participating with me in prayer each day!

Ceci and I are slowing down a little during these last couple of weeks of 2022. I do so each year, taking time to focus on the coming year and listening to Holy Spirit’s words, insights, and assignments.

However, with the critical assignment on the final quarter of 2022, I feel we must continue the communion and prayers aimed at ending Baal’s voice in America. Therefore, I have asked trusted leaders and friends to write prayers; I’ll read one each day and also lead in Communion. Though there won’t be a teaching, PLEASE join me daily for these strategic times of prayer. We must not let up - let’s finish well!

Our friend, Greg Hood, sent the following strong prayer. The title is:


We Will Hit the Mark!

“Father, thank You for who You are to us individually and as a nation. We thank You for the call that You have on our lives individually, and also corporately as a nation. During this trying season, we believe You are moving America back into her assignment, back into what You have in Your heart for her today. We are thankful that You love America, and You love Your Ekklesia, Your Church.

“As we step into things that are unknown, we know You’ve been there before we get there, and we will rest in that. Thank You, Father, for Your goodness in our life. Thank You that Your Church is maturing and growing, and we are not stepping back, but we're stepping forward into the fullness of who You've called us to be. Your sons and daughters are stepping into the power of their true identity. We are thankful for Your Kingdom, for Your goodness, for Your glory.

“We will stand strong amid the trials and tribulations that face us on this journey. We will rest our faith in You and You alone. Father, You are our source of strength, You are our source of hope, You are our source of comfort, and You are our source of empowerment. We stand firm in our partnership with You today. We stand firm in that partnership against your enemies, enemies that desire to move America away from her calling and assignment.

“Father, we thank You for the Communion which You have entered into with us. Through this Communion, we will silence your enemy, Baal-zephan. His voice and his Influence are being removed from our culture.

“Today, we declare that through this time of Communion, Your Ekklesia will hit the mark. WE WILL NOT MISS THE MARK - WE WILL HIT THE MARK. Today, we lean into Holy Spirit for the Ephesians 1:17 power that is needed, Your wisdom and Your revelation. Father, we won't be driven back or paralyzed by intimidation or fear of the enemy. Strengthen us! We will move forward with Your wisdom and Your revelation. (Take the bread)

“Through the power of Christ’s shed blood, let Your enemies feel the weight of this mighty covenant between You and Your Ekklesia, Your sons and daughters. And Father, let Your light shine brighter than ever before through Your Ekklesia in these dark times. Your light will surely dispel all darkness.

“We declare through this prayer today: Kingdom of God come, will of God be done in America, as it is in heaven.

“In Yeshua's name we pray, amen!” (Take the cup)

You can find out more about Greg at

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