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December 1, 2022

The Need for Righteous Anger

On Tuesday, November 30, 2022, 12 Republican Senators, along with 49 Democrats, voted to completely disregard and disrespect God and the Scriptures, stating by their actions that His clearly stated will regarding marriage means nothing. (Democrat Senator Warnock of Georgia didn’t vote; he was campaigning for his runoff election with Herschel Walker. Had he voted, he too would have voted against biblical marriage.) Some of these 61 Senators profess to be Christians, while still profaning the first and most important covenant relationship God established: the marriage of one man and one woman. I’m not sure how one can lord it over God and His Word, declare His will and standard to be wrong, and still profess to be a Christian. It doesn’t get more dishonest, arrogant, and hypocritical than that.

This law, along with the Obergefel decision of the Supreme Court in 2015, will go down in our history as two of America’s most disgraceful acts. Most Christians, including myself, have no hatred or animosity toward homosexuals. We wish them no harm, love and respect them as fellow humans, and recognize their rights as such. We simply refuse to acknowledge any and all humans’ the right to redefine God’s ordained covenant of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

What makes this more hypocritical is that with homosexual marriage already protected in all states by the Supreme Court’s ruling, this law was completely unnecessary. However, it will now undoubtedly pass in the House and be signed into law by Biden.

Dick Morris, in a Newsmax article, states:

“Its real purpose is to set up a statutory basis for prosecuting or persecuting anyone who dissents and won't personally cooperate with the new definition of marriage. It will go after bakers who won't do a cake for a gay couple and all those whose religious principles do not permit them to sanction marriage between two men or two women.

“The Democrats are jamming the bill through during the current lame duck session of Congress so that they can profit from the votes of about-to-be former Senators who did not have the courage to vote yes, but now that they are out of harm's way are willing to vote for this misguided law.

“It should not be called the Defense of Marriage Act but the Defense of Cowards Act. Retiring Sens. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Roy Blunt, R-Mo., are voting for the bill even though they know that were they seeking reelection, their voters in conservative states would never approve of their positions. Now, they are showing their true colors as social progressives too late for their constituents to punish them.

“Let hypocrisy reign supreme in the Washington swamp.”(1)

As mentioned, 9 more Republicans - a total of 12 - voted in favor of the same-sex marriage measure. The 12 were:

  • “Roy Blunt, R-Missouri

  • Richard Burr, R-North Carolina

  • Shelley Moore Capito, R-West Virginia

  • Susan Collins, R-Maine

  • Joni Ernst, R-Iowa

  • Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyoming

  • Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska

  • Rob Portman, R-Ohio

  • Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska

  • Mitt Romney, R-Utah

  • Thom Tillis, R-North Carolina

  • Todd Young, R-Indiana.”(2)

Three Senators (Lankford, Lee, and Rubio) tried to include amendments to the law that would have explicitly prohibited the harassment and prosecution of those who refuse to honor same-sex marriage but were unable to do so.

“In an impassioned floor speech delivered before the voting began on the amendments, Lankford asked, ‘Is today about respecting the rights of all, or about silencing some and respecting others?’”(3)

Senator Mike Lee, in attempting a compromise in order to get his amendment included, offered an impassioned appeal on the floor of the Senate. Here is his appeal, in part:

How we proceed today will do nothing to the status quo of same-sex marriage in this country. It’s legal and will remain legal regardless of the outcome of this legislation.

“It will, however, if enacted, have profound consequences for people of faith…

“My colleagues have yet to offer even a single example of a same-sex marriage threatened by any current or pending state legislation, not one, not a single one…

“Unfortunately, we are aware of case after case where individuals, charities, small businesses, religious schools, and religious institutions are being hauled into courts to defend themselves for living out their faith. These people are not committing hate crimes against their neighbors. No, they’re not abusing peers for their personal choices, either. No, they’re being hauled into courts across this country for serving the poor, the needy, and the refugee in compliance with their sincerely held religious beliefs.

“In Texas, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is currently being sued for operating in accordance with Catholic beliefs regarding marriage while providing foster homes for unaccompanied minor children. Now, proponents of this bill claim that these charities will be free to continue to operate. However, in that case, the question is whether, because the Conference of Catholic Bishops receives federal funding to help with its work, it might be operating under color of law. [A law regarding discrimination that could be unfairly applied to them.]

“If accepting grants and licenses from the government makes you an actor under color of law, then many of our religious charities and schools will be threatened by this legislation, which relies on that un-narrowed, undefined phrase. Either the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops can cease operating according to its religious tenets or abandon its God-given mission to care for the refugee.

“In at least three other cases, religious child care service agencies deemed to be acting under color of law are being shut out of foster care and adoption. These religious ministries can either abandon and cease to act according to their convictions, their religious convictions about marriage, or they can abandon the orphan. This nation and our orphans rely on these charities…

“In recent years, the Obama administration, through the U.S. Department of Education, compiled a so-called shame list outlining more than 200 faith-based colleges and universities seeking religious exemptions from Title IX guidance on transgender and sex discrimination. It is highly likely that these organizations could also risk losing their 501(c)(3) status.

“...considering that we’re in the process of hiring 87,000 new agents within the Internal Revenue Service, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that some of these new IRS agents will be deployed specifically to review the tax-exempt status of some of these traditionally exempt religious schools. These colleges and universities can either cease operating according to their religious convictions or run the risk of losing their ability to provide quality education at reduced prices. We may well find that they will not be able to do both and that would be a tragedy...

“And we have the opportunity to [prevent this today], and we shouldn’t miss it. Unlike the hypothetical, but entirely nonexistent marriages being threatened or discriminated against, these religious organizations are currently, right now, in court fighting for their God-given and constitutionally-protected rights to live and operate according to their beliefs and conscience.

“They’re being targeted and harassed by those who would force them to abandon their convictions and embrace the convictions preferred by the government…

“The only outcome we can expect from this legislation is for religious individuals, businesses, and institutions to spend more time and more money defending their God-given rights in court...

“My amendment simply prohibits the federal government from discriminating against schools, businesses, and organizations based on their religious beliefs about same-sex marriage. That’s all it does.

“[It] prevents the Internal Revenue Service, among other things, from revoking the tax-exempt status of these charities and organizations simply because they act according to their beliefs about the divine purpose of marriage.

“It prevents the Department of Education from targeting schools with honor codes based on the fact that they’ve got provisions in their honor codes based on religious beliefs. It protects individuals from being denied business licenses or grants or other statuses based on their views about marriage. It protects Americans who wish to act according to their religious beliefs from being forced to abandon their God-given mandates to love, serve, and care for the poor, the orphan, and the refugee. If we allow the government to threaten their ability to do so, then the religious liberty of every American is in peril…

“...why wouldn’t anyone want to deny the federal government the authority to retaliate against individuals, nonprofits, and other entities based on their sincerely held religious beliefs? Think about that for a minute. Why wouldn’t they want to deny that very power from a government that may wield it in a way that is categorically abusive?”(4)

This is precisely why I wrote the post last week [11/23/2022] entitled One More Night With the Frogs. If you did not see that post, PLEASE take the time to read or listen to it. It spells out why I believe that though America will recover, the shaking of our nation will continue, and get worse before it gets better. Finally, it is okay to experience righteous anger regarding this (as I do); however, we must not waver in our faith. Though we lose some battles, we WILL win the spiritual and cultural war for the soul of our nation.


Pray with me:

Father, please continue to give our nation mercy, even as it mocks and rejects You. Were it not for Your mercy, we would have perished already. We believe that You will honor the prayers and repentance of a remnant and cleanse this nation. We believe You will restore America to her purpose and destiny. We will continue to partner with You in this, believing that as the all-wise God, You will prevail.

We ask You to judge the wicked acts that have taken place in our land. We ask You to judge evil laws and do whatever it takes to bring America to her knees. We ask You to remove from power those who promote and honor evil above Your righteous ways. Finish the work of breaking off of us the control of principalities and powers. Bring us back to You. We know this will require a revival of unprecedented proportions, but You have said this will occur and we stand fast in our faith for it. All this we pray in Christ’s name, amen.

Our decree:

We declare that the blood of Jesus is greater than all of our sins and that mercy will triumph over judgment.

(Beginning tomorrow, I’m going to do a few posts explaining what allowed America to devolve into the mess we are in.)

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